Monday, July 04, 2011

Road Trip to Ground Zero: Get on Board

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the most famous fictional detective of all time, himself expert in the science of criminology, wrote:
"When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!"
With respect to the crime of 911, it is past time to eliminate the impossible, i.e, the Bush 'theory' of 911, often called the 'official conspiracy theory of 911'.

Following is my short list --not of mere improbabilities --but fatal impossibilities any one of which destroys the Bush 'official conspiracy theory of 911'! All impossibilities listed may be verified against the laws of physics, logic and empirical observation. If the official conspiracy theory of 911 is impossible, then it is a lie and a deliberate one!

Some are obvious but somehow ignored by the media. For example, Hani Hanjour is said to have boarded and then high jacked Flight 77. But the Washington Post reported that Hani Hanjour could not have gotten on board because he did not have a ticket. Nor is his name on the only official, admissible shred of evidence to have survived Bush's orders to destroy evidence and that is the official autopsy report released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request.

More recently, NTSB records revealed that the cockpit door on Flight 77 was never opened during the fight. Ergo: the Bush official conspiracy theory of 911 cannot even explain how it was possible to have hijacked a flight of which there is no record, no evidence, no autopsy report to prove that any alleged hijacker ever got on board to begin with.

Bushco cannot place the 'suspects' at the scene of the crime.

Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 is utterly impossible; there is not a shred evidence of any sort to support it.
  1. There are no arabs on the only admissible scrap of evidence related to the crash at the Pentagon, that is, the official autopsy report released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request. No arabs. A mere list of passengers which anyone can type up is NOT evidence admissible in court. And there is no evidence that anyone but Pentagon employees are buried at Arlington National Cemetary.
  2. Official NTSB data indicates that on Flight 77, the cockpit door was never opened during the flight! So --not ony is there no evidence that Hani Hanjour was ever on board, he could not have hijacked the airliner had he been on board. Unless --of course --he could walk through a closed door! Perhaps he was inspired by David Copperfield who 'walked' through the Great Wall of China!
  3. 3) No wreckage traceable to a 757 was ever recovered from the Pentagon. A single engine rotor that was photographed on the Pentagon lawn is about 1/3 the size of each of two much, much larger rotors (of Titanium/Steel alloy) that would have been found had a 757 crashed into the Pentagon. No --the wreckage did not vaporize. And, unless the laws of physics are repealed, the total weight of wreckage will equal the weight of the un-crashed aircraft.

    There is a photo (and video, as I recall) of some four to six white-shirtered, presumably Pentagon employees, hauling off 'debris' on a cart that they carried on their shoulder. This was NOT 757 debris. Unless The Bush administration repealed the laws of physics, specifcially the laws of the conservation of matter and energy, the total weight of the debris would have been equal to the weight of the uncrashed 757 minus the weight of spent fuel.
  4. None of the crashes in New York were the flights that were alleged to have struck the towers. AA records indicate the the alleged flights had been mothballed for several months. In fact, the 757 has often found itself in service to the U.S. government. The United States Air Force fitted four 757-200s for VIP transport duties (C-32A). The USAF also operates two 757-200 aircraft (C-32B) for use by the U.S. State Department Foreign Emergency Support Team. These aircraft are painted solid white with only a small American flag and the USAF serial number on the fuselage.
  5. 911 is a crime like any other!
Anyone who would solve 911 must place the suspect at the scene of the crime. Candidates not having method, motive, and opportunity must be eliminated. That applies to Bushco's scapegoats --some 14 Arab hijackers who cannot be placed the scene of the crime, specifically NONE of them can be placed on any hijacked flight at any time! Until the BBC tracked down some of the alleged hijackers and interviewed them AFTER they were said to have died on 911, I might have been inclined to believe that they had not even existed. But --in any case --a living hijacker in a post-911 world disproves the Bush theory.

5) 127,520 --that's the weight in pounds of a typically outfitted 757. The wreckage on the Pentagon lawn was carried off atop a crate carried aloft by four or five skinny office dudes in white shirts and ties. There is NO WAY that over 50 TONS of wreckage was carried off on the shoulders of wimps! There is NO WAY that some 50 tons of airliner wreckage was ever recovered at any time at the Pentagon. The laws of the conservation of matter and energy were NOT repealed though Bushco might have wanted to.

Bottom line: the Bush administration --primarily Bush Jr himself, Dick Cheney who supervised, Don Rumsfeld (who almost gave the game away when he referred to the 'MISSILE that struck this building (the Pentagon), Condo Rice et al are the most obvious suspects. They had 1) method 2) motive, and 3) a golden opportunity, much like the opportunity A. Hitler had as a result of the Reichstag Fire. [See: William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich]

Conan Doyle was right. 911 is simple when you eliminate the impossible. Next: eliminate the smokescreen, the irrelevant BS, the flack that was thrown up, the distractions, the rabbit trails, the diversions, the misdirection.

At its heart:
  • the Bush Administration committed acts of mass murder and high treason'
  • the Bush administration lied about it, ordered the destruction of evidence that might have PROVEN them guilty beyond any reasonable doubt'
  • the Bush administration dared to question the patriotism of good and loyal Americans;
  • the Bush administration tried to blackmale and, in other ways, intimidate good, loyal, patriotic Americans who have a DUTY to question elected leaders, public servants and anyone taking an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.
It is significant that Bush lied about 911, in fact, never told anything resembling the truth with respect to 911. All were lies except the fact that 'something' terrible', something everlastingly evil happened that day. I covered numerous high profile murder trials in both Odessa, TX and Houston, TX, trials that featured legendary attorneys like Percy Foreman, Dick DeGuerin and Warren Burnett, whom the media called the 'heir apparent' to Clarence Darrow. As a result of my observations inside high profile murder trials, I concluded that 1) those who are innnocent of a crime DO NOT lie about them and, in fact, it is against their interests, counter-productive to do so; 2) only the GUILTY lie about crimes and only the guilty are motivated to do so!

It is therefore relevant and highly revealing that Bush and Bushco lied consistently and repeatedly about 911! It was an elaborate and well-coordinated 'full-court press' to commit numerous crimes and cover them up! It was --in fact and by law --a conspiracy! As a result, nothing said by Bush or Bushco is verifiable in any way --scientifically, causually, legally! And that is only so because they are guilty! Bush lied, thousands of Americans died! The act of mass murder called 911 was and remains an act of murderous high treason!
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