Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Really Stupid People Threaten the World

An entire class of people have mistaken machismo for manliness, murder for war, mindless obeisance for intellect. These people are called NEOCONS. They existed as a mentality long before before Wolfowitz, Cheney, Kristol et al would appropriate the acronym. NEOCONS can be found in any cult which celebrates mindless nationalism for patriotism, self-deception for loyalty, nukes for courage. NEOCONS will never change course, will never learn from mistakes, especially those of the Bush regime for whom they puke up an endless string of excuses. NEOCONS will never change their strategy, their billigerant tone, their hard on for the world outside US bounderies. They will never adapt but we must always hope they fail. Their vision of success is much too horrific to contemplate or endure.

Idiots do not learn from their mistakes. Morons repeat failed strategies hoping for different results. Being stupid means never having to say you're sorry. Some specific "cons" come to mind. Newt Gingrich, FOX News, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, and a gaggle of run of the mill conservatives who lack a fancy label to distinguish their own idiocy.

What are "they" wrong about this time? This is too easy. I could just pick a topic at random. However, I have in the mind the recent capture and release of British sailors. Why was I surprised that FOX News shill, William Kristol, would wring his hands about "U. S. passivity"? Kristol wanted to bomb Tehran. Like bombing Baghdad did any good. Like bombing has historically had any effect other than the wanton murder of civilians. Perhaps, Kristol had managed to convince himself that Hitler won World War II by bombing London. Perhaps the US really won Viet Nam by bombing Hanoi. Perhaps the US won Iraq because we bombed hell out of Baghdad several years ago. NEOCONS have an unhappy relationship with reality. Perhaps the American right wing has become the wrong wing:

Nor am I surprised to learn that the slimy Newt Gingrich would outline nothing less than war with Iran. On an equally deluded, right-wing talk radio show, Newt called for the bombing destruction of Iranian oil refineries and a blockade of the Persian Gulf. Nevermind that that would have hardened the Iranian position. Nevermind that it would have doubled the price of oil. Nevermind that it would have thrown the world economy into recession. Gingrich said it: “Show the planet that you’re tiny and we’re not.” Newt's comments are merely psychosis parading as commentary. Newt's commentary is symptomatic of increasing US impotence born of its dependance on foreign oil.

For the rest of us, the outcome was a good one. No one got killed or murdered. Neither side budged with regard to where the sailors had been captured. The sailors went home with some goodies. They had NOT been tortured. It was a good thing, therefore, that they had not been captured in US territorials waters by American perverts and torture advocates.

Ahmadinejad is a loudmouthed jerk even by American standards. Sure --he used the incident to score propaganda points. So what? What is important is that amid howls from the dogs of war, Iran didn't do a lot of things that the US might have done had it been in the same position. Iran did not torture the British soldiers. None of them were stripped naked. None were waterboarded. None were stacked in pyramids. None were attacked by rabid dogs.

But, for right wing perverts and paid shills, it was coitus interruptus. They didn't get to feel virile. They didn't get off. They didn't get the screamin' big "O" that only comes with the vaporization of Tehran.

Pogo said it best. We have met the enemy and it is us. As Keith Olbermann and law expert Jonathan Turley explain in the following video, the Bush regime has turned out to be subversive of American ideals, indeed, our very founding. Nothing stands between any US citizen and torture at GITMO but the sanity of the President of the United States. We are sooo screwed.

Tragically, the US helped Europe defeat a Nazi foe only to become one under the illegitimate regime of George W. Bush.

Why Conservatives Hate America

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