Monday, May 14, 2007

How Do You Live With It When Your Country Becomes the Fourth Reich!?

You impeach and try the criminal bastards who did it, that's what! A first year law student can make the capital crimes case against George W. Bush now. So - why is the Congress afraid to impeach a prima facie criminal for whom a capital crimes case would be a cake walk?

What the MSM Won't Tell You: US Troops are ordered to kill Iraqi civilians indiscriminately. I won't live with that. Will you? How much longer will American citizens tolerate and by tolerating, enabling the most evil regime since Adolph Hitler. Will you be complicit in mass murder?

Through the general fog of censorship, official bullshit and one-sided reporting, revelations about US-led forces killing Iraqi civilians just keep coming. It's all verifiable. Much of it is admissable in court. Bush is the new "Fuhrer" and US troops are routinely ordered to commit war crimes. If you are in the armed forces and reading this, I suggest that you sober up, grow up and consider the implications of what you have been ordered to do.

We are not talking about renegade units. We are talking about US policy.

If you look, you can find the truth of it. As early as July 2005, reports were beginning to surface about a US policy that included the indiscriminate murder of Iraqi civilians. What was called a "stream of charges" were leveled at US commando units. Specifically, US marines were accused of the murder of the 21-year-old cousin of Samir al-Sumaidaie, the Iraqi government’s ambassador to the UN. It was called at the time a "counterinsurgency operation" and took place in Al Anbar province.

Need I recount the abominable war crime that US forces unleased upon the city of Fallujah.

It was laid waste by the American military and any idiot could make the case - at the international war crimes tribunal - that it was deliberate and it was ordered by higher ups. Possibly the White House itself?

Similarly, the provincial capital, Ramadi, was hit by repeated "sweeps", a euphemism for mass murder. It is said that they are "locating and destroying guerilla cells". I don't believe that. I no longer believe ANY official statement made by "my" government.

At last - I never gave a damn what the Bushies thought about Michael Moore. I still don't. Bush is the lying scum of the earth. His opinion is of less importance to me than a scarab's cargo. There was a time when Michael Moore was among a tiny minority who had the balls to speak up. He is still paying a price for having done so. It is time that we supported Michael Moore. In that spirit, I offer this reprise of the concluding scene of Fahrenheit 9/11.

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