Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Bush Legacy: One Nation Destroyed; Another Betrayed

A war that many thought would last but a few weeks is now in its fifth year. In that time two nations have been laid waste to. Iraq from without. The US from within. The people of the US, meanwhile, are under attack by their own "President", an ambitious mediocrity obsessed with "religio-psychotic" visions of vainglorious conquest for Jesus and Exxon-Mobil.

When the war began, Iraq was a dictatorship and because of the US occupation it has since descended into Chaos. The US, meanwhile, had been a free republic but now falls victim to tyranny. This is a tale of two cities --Baghdad and Washington. It is a tale of two guilty dictators. One hanged by a Kangaroo court, the other suspended between our disbelief of his every lie and hell itself. It is a tale of two nations: a small nation rich with oil. The other -a super power in danger of becoming a failed state.

A quick victory on the ground might have kept the architects of Bush's crimes against humanity off the gallows. There is now no hope of victory, only a rising chorus threatening official villains with justice and truth.

There is no single article or documentary capable of putting all these pieces together. Among many excellent efforts, PBS Frontline: The Lost Year in Iraq must be commended. It is an exhaustive history of a single, pivotal year in which bunglers of Bush became the butchers of Baghdad.
The following videos are best viewed in order. Three videos made up what was originally broadcast on PBS Frontline in the US. However, since posting this article, someone complained and DailyMotion "pulled" an episode. I wonder which part of Bush's nefarious administration had been offended by the truth? Since that time, I have found a good selection of excerpts of the entire documentary with which to lead. I really don't know if these excerpts replace the offending portion of episode number one.

The videos are best viewed in order.

Of course, the Bush administration manipulated the media. But the degree to which mainstream media fell for the catnip is a disgusting story of complicity and lies.

Any search for accurate war reporting, however, must include Bill Moyers who typifies the clear thinking required of a professional journalist.

Dick Cheney's office, meanwhile, proved itself capable of committing treason to protect the cover story.

Once again, George W. Bush gives the rule of law a poke in the eye, commuting I. Scooter Libby's "sentence" in connection with the "outing" of Valerie Plame, a patriotic agent betrayed by this lawless administration for having done her job. In the 19th century traitors were hanged. Today, under Bush, they walk!

For some time now, Europeans have regarded the US as the single biggest threat to world peace. A new poll by Harris Research for the Financial Times reports that 32 per cent in five European countries consider the US a bigger threat than any other country.

In the US itself, only the youngest respondents share the European view of the danger posed by the US under Bush's incompetent and belligerent leadership. European concern about the US has remained level over the last year. We have this very worst regime in American history to thank for that sorry outcome.

The US failed in Iraq because the Bush administration is ideological, not pragmatic. They went to war upon a pack of lies, conclusions in search of premises. When things didn't work according to preconceived notions, Bush vowed to stay a course already failed. Vainly hoping for success but never capable of defining it, Bush fell victim to his own inflexibility, right-wing ideology and visions of vainglorious conquest.

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