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The Truth About US Imperial Oil Wars Is Even Worse Than You Suspected

Germans now call Bush America's Hitler and they should know. Iran, meanwhile, has officially labeled the US army a "terrorist" organization.
Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has consistently led the way in telling the story of what's really going on in Iraq and Iran. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke to him about America's Hitler, Bush's Vietnam, and how the US press failed the First Amendment. Bush is accused of accepting 'Ethnic Cleansing'it's been underestimated how much the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) knows. If you follow what
(IAEA head Mohamed) El Baradei (more...) and the various reports have been saying, the Iranians have claimed to be enriching uranium to higher than a 4 percent purity, which is the amount you need to run a peaceful nuclear reactor. But the IAEA's best guess is that they are at 3.67 percent or something. The Iranians are not even doing what they claim to be doing. The IAEA has been saying all along that they've been making progress but basically, Iran is nowhere. Of course the US and Israel are going to say you have to look at the worst case scenario, but there isn't enough evidence to justify a bombing raid.

--Spiegel Online International

Read the entire article for another eye opener from Seymour Hersh. However unpopular George Bush, the American people are still largely in denial. Multiple choice opinion polls don't have a check box for just how bad things have become.

The sorry state of America did not happen overnight. It's a case study of the arrogance of power, how power corrupts and maintains itself, how power compromises its opposition with assassinations, bribes, and paid mercenaries.

Iran/Contra almost gave the game away. Ronald Reagan, playing stupid and senile, beat a high treason rap. Nevertheless, Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh believed Reagan himself complicit in a treasonous scheme to sell arms to Iran while laundering and funneling the proceeds to a right wing terrorist organization in Nicaragua.
The underlying facts of Iran/Contra are that, regardless of criminality, President Reagan, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, and the director of central intelligence and their necessary assistants committed themselves, however reluctantly, to two programs contrary to congressional policy and contrary to national policy. They skirted the law, some of them broke the law, and almost all of them tried to cover up the President's willful activities.

-- Concluding Observations, Investigations and Prosecutions, Lawrence E. Walsh, Independent Counsel, Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters

If that's not a description of high treason, I don't know what is. Yet --Ronald Reagan got off with that scolding paragraph at the end of a lengthy report. May the traitor rest in peace! In the meantime, a POX on the GOP and every Democratic sellout will do nicely.

Former CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern says, of course, it's about oil. It is so much about oil that the US government has consistently subverted legitimate regimes in order to get control of their oil and, hence, control over the price of oil on the spot markets and the price of gasoline at the pump.
So why the pressure for a wider war in which any victory will be Pyrrhic-for Israel and for the US? The short answer is arrogant stupidity; the longer answer-what the Chinese used to call "great power chauvinism"-and oil.

--Ray McGovern, CIA Analyst, Bush, Oil and Moral Bankruptcy

The issue has grown critical with the ever-growing US dependence on foreign oil. US "problems" with other countries are always with oil producing countries. East Timor barely got a headline in the US. But if Saddam Hussein so much as sneezed, he was likened unto Hitler by folk who actually helped Hitler. Bush's grandfather, in fact, financed Hitler, traded with Nazi-owned companies and plotted a treasonous fascist takeover of the US government. Treason, it seems, runs in the family.

The Bush family, sill supported by the Skull and Bones Society, the CIA, and members of the CIA in Skull and Bones forged an alliance with the US oil industry. That's why these Connecticut Yankees are not in King Arthur's court, but in a hell hole called Texas. To be fair to Texas, it was less a hell hole before the arrival of the Bush crime family.

McGovern reminds that a steady supply of oil has always been a US priority. That, and the oil depletion allowance, was a priority with US oil barons, at least as far back as Spindletop. One wonders: how long has the oil industry owned the US government which is in fact the industry's enforcement arm?

The US, when it fails to achieve its goals through traditional diplomatic efforts, has proven itself willing time and again to go to war for oil.

The US felt its "interests" in Iran threatened in 1953 when the government of Iran nationalized its oil. Nevertheless, as McGovern points out, George W. Bush was the first US president to start a major war. Most often the US has employed the secret services of the CIA and, most recently, a mercenary army --Blackwater USA, little more than George Bush's personal army. A Praetorian Guard?

The US will not tolerate someone like Hugo Chavez who dares to use oil revenues to improve the lot of the people of Venezuela. When Iran is laid waste to, will the US then strike in Venezuela?

An "enforcement" partnership between US big oil interests and the CIA was most certainly forged prior to the murder of JFK who had promised to smash the CIA into "...a thousand pieces" even has he threatened big oil with the loss of their big government hand out: the oil depletion allowance. You almost have to be from Texas to understand just how important that "oil depletion allowance" was to the likes of Clint Murchison and billionaire H.L. Hunt.
If we escalate tensions, if we succumb to hysteria, if we start making threats, we are likely to stampede ourselves into a war [with Iran], which most reasonable people agree would be a disaster for us...I think the administration, the president and the vice president particularly, are trying to hype the atmosphere, and that is reminiscent of what preceded the war in Iraq.

--Zbigniew Brzezinski
The following videos by John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man " exposes US imperialism, the reasons the US is at war stealing oil in the Middle East

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Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August 2006.

Part III: John takes Q & A and discusses actions which can be taken to counter the globalization efforts of the multi-national corporations.

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