Monday, June 30, 2008

George Bush is NO Thomas Jefferson

The following words of Ray McGovern are those of a TRUE patriot. It was David Hume (I believe) who spoke of the moral responsibility to be intelligent (to the extent that our native abilities allow us, of course).What is most alarming recently is the DELIBERATE and willful ignorance found in the Bush administration and throughout out nation's right wing ---ignorance of our heritage, our common values, our Democratic traditions, our Constitution. And not just ignorance which may be forgiven and corrected but worse ---disdain, hate, and the utter lack of humanity.

The words of the Constitution are sacred to me. They express a 'secular' faith --faith that as mere human beings we may with intelligence, good will and design create JUST and FREE societies. Bush insults me personally when he makes irrational and evil exceptions to the rule of law!

Bush presumes to invade the land of Jefferson. I share McGovern's outrage at this effrontery.
Sacrilege at Monticello

A Letter to the Charlottesville Daily Progress

By Ray McGovern,

I write as a Virginian, the father of four graduates of Mr. Jefferson's university and of another who is an alumnus of the university Mr. Jefferson himself attended.

I have just spoken with Emily of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to register our family's dismay that President George W. Bush has been invited to speak at Monticello on July 4th. I cannot imagine a greater insult to Mr. Jefferson, who played such a huge role in securing for us the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this great Commonwealth and country. George W. Bush at Monticello? Desecration of what until now has been hallowed ground.

Emily explained that the Foundation had decided that it could invite the office of the president, without appearing to invite the present incumbent. That distinction is one worthy of the lawyers whom the Bush administration hired to justify torture, ignoring the dictum of another Virginian, Patrick Henry, that practices like the rack and screw must be left behind in the Old World.

Those who invited the president to Charlottesville to help celebrate the Declaration of Independence, which asserted basic freedoms that Mr. Bush has now curtailed, dishonor Mr. Jefferson in a most offensive way, scandalize our children and grandchildren, and desecrate Monticello itself.

A shameful day for the Commonwealth.

Raymond L. McGovern
Arlington, Virginia

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