Monday, October 06, 2008

Vatican Flaunts Gross Hypocrisy, calls Democrats "A Party of Death"

A 'religion' responsible for millions of deaths over hundreds of years labels 'democrats' a 'party of death'. Selective memory or deliberate lie?

The Vatican --of course --has a really 'great' record on 'death'!

I am being sarcastic.
The Prefect of the Vatican's Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature has accused the U.S. Democratic party of "transforming itself into a party of death”. Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of St. Louis, lashed out at high profile Catholics — vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for misrepresenting Church teaching on abortion.

--Vatican labels U.S. Democrats ‘party of death’
Was it not Pope Urban who exhorted impoverished Europeans to commit mass murder and atrocities throughout the Middle East in what are now called the 'Crusades? Historical accounts describe knee deep blood rushing like rivers through the streets of Jerusalem.

How many innocent folk were burned because someone in the Catholic Church 'DEEMED' them to be heretics or witches?

The current Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Josef Ratzinger, is accurately described as a hard-line enforcer of Church dogma, responsible for persecuting and suppressing what is called "liberation theology" in Latin America. He worked to ban, censor or excommunicate "liberal clerics" throughout Europe and North America. It earned him some labels including: “Der Panzerkardinal” and “grand inquisitor”.

And what was that spot of bother about how the Vatican supported Hitler and did precious little to prevent a Holocaust?

Isn't it the Vatican that is responsible for the spread of aids in South America and Africa because it forbids the use of condoms?

And, more recently, the Vatican is calling DEMOCRATS the 'party of death' when --in fact --it was the GOP regime of George W. Bush that invaded a sovereign nation upon a pack of lies, committed mass murder and in the process prosecutable war crimes, crimes against humanity and heinous torture in violation of EVERY international prohibition. Where was the Vatican outrage? Where is it now?

Sure --Bush had some Democratic support in the Congress which ought to be dealt with with lots of primary losses and forced resignations.

But to call the 'Democrats' a party of death is just plain stupid --deliberately misleading --when in fact it is the GOP that is no longer a political party, it's a crime syndicate and a kooky cult to boot!

Note to the Vatican: do a fact check! You're NOT infallible and you don't speak for any God that I believe in.

The Vatican would do well to practice what it preaches! The Vatican would do well to address the issue constructively as opposed to throwing around epithets in areas where the church is utterly without credibility.

Given the billions who have either been murdered, killed, maimed tortured or otherwise just trashed in the name of 'God', perhaps the world would be better off without the Catholic church, or, for that matter 'religion' itself. Clearly --religion, rather than being the source of salvation, is invariably the rationalization by which religious, self-righteous bigots rationalize and perpetrate mass murder in the name of 'God'. I don't think 'God' approves. I don't think 'God' approves of 'religion'!

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