Monday, November 03, 2008

Hoping to Avoid Another GOP Disaster

If you believe that Sarah Palin is an exemplary product of what can be achieved with the GOP in charge of the nation's education, then --by all means --vote for McCain/Palin.

Considering Sarah Palin's educational achievements. Should she influence the progress of education in this country, your own daughter might come to believe that human beings walked beside dinosaurs only six thousand years ago.

It was on this day four years ago that George W. Bush 'won' a second term with a promise to help the 'democracies' of Afghanistan and Iraq 'grow in strength and freedom'. Only the gullible believed it then. How many believe it now?

He said that 'tax reform, social security and education would be priorities'. Now, on the eve of his departure, a consummation devoutly to be wished, the world wonders what, if anything other than needless death and destruction will be the legacy of the very worst 'President in US history.

2004: George W Bush wins second term

George W Bush has won a second term as president of the United States, beating his Democratic rival, John Kerry, by a comfortable margin.

Mr Bush won about 51% of the vote and at least 274 electoral college votes against John Kerry's 48% and 252 votes.

Results are still awaited in New Mexico and Iowa but they cannot affect the outcome.

Mr Bush's victory was announced after Mr Kerry phoned him at the White House to admit defeat.

In a four-minute conversation, Mr Kerry congratulated the president, while Mr Bush called the Democrat "an admirable, worthy opponent".

Strong mandate

In his victory speech, Mr Bush said, "I am proud to lead such an amazing country and I am proud to lead it forward."

He said tax reform, social security and education would be priorities for his second four-year term.

He also said the US would "help the emerging democracies of Afghanistan and Iraq to grow in strength and freedom". ...

What 'tax reforms' but tax breaks for rich folk were achieved by Bush and his endemically crooked GOP? Please tell me how anyone but his shrinking base of elites benefited?Since when are transfers of wealth to the wealthy considered to be 'reform'?
And I think if history is our guide, we've had stronger economies, more wealth creation, under Democratic presidents than we have under Republican presidents. So I don't understand why all my capitalist friends aren't Democrats.

--Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, The Female Joe Lieberman
What did Bush do for 'Social Security' but threaten to put an end to the government's ONLY success story, the ONLY government program to run a surplus, the ONLY government program that works! Significantly, Social Security is the lasting legacy of a democrat --Franklin D. Roosevelt!

I am at a loss to name a single GOP program, a single GOP policy that has ever worked in any way at any time. I can think of NO GOP program that has ever stood the test of time.

A history of the last four years is one of needless bloodshed, empty GOP rhetoric, death, destruction, aggressive war, war crimes and atrocities. At the same time, American educational standards declined, infrastructure crumbled, the rich still get rich upon the backs of the poor. Iraq is the quagmire of death, destruction, torture and atrocities. There is no end in sight! Many write of the 'end of America'.

Even if Bush/GOP calamities had been in any way desirable, a 'stolen election' is unforgivable. Stolen elections are antithetical to Democracy. Democracy is dead at the very moment an election is stolen. From that act of treason by Bush and his partisans follow every other disaster that has befallen this once great country.

Now --if you truly believe that Iraq was a rousing success, that the world now loves the US for the freedom and democracy that it brought to Iraq, then vote for John McCain.

If you are convinced that the poor have made significant progress toward climbing out of poverty, that the absurd 'third world' income disparities that are characteristic of the US have been adequately addressed, then vote for more of the same. Vote for John McCain.

If you are convinced that education has risen above the level of dead last as, in fact, Bush left it in Texas, then vote for more of the same nationwide. Vote for John McCain!

Education is particularly troublesome for Sarah Palin --an example of what can be achieved with the GOP in charge of the nation's education.

If this is what you think education should be then --by all means --vote for McCain/Palin, knowing that what Sarah Palin achieved educationally, your own daughter might equal as a result of a McCain administration.

Your own daughter might come to believe that not only did human beings walk with dinosaurs, seeing Russia from your porch makes one an expert on foreign affairs. I used to live within view of the mountains in Chihuahua. I was, therefore, an expert on Latin American affairs. Don't vote for more of the same. Vote for even worse. Vote for Sarah Palin.

But, because my readership is highly intelligent, I am quite sure that you have concluded, like me, that the GOP and McCain's campaign in particular consists of lies, empty platitudes and a very real record of utter disaster and failure. You would not patronize a doctor who tells you: just keep on doing whatever makes you terminally ill! Therefore, cast the only rational vote that can be cast!

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