Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lies About Lockerbie, 911 and Terrorism

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Unlike 911, Lockerbie was investigated but, like 911, the case is obviously not solved. It it was Mossad, according to Time, which issued the first 'tip' that a bomb had been placed among the luggage. That may be sufficient grounds for reasonable suspicion. Mossad, after all, is probably second only to the US CIA among the world's largest 'official' terrorist organizations!

Memorial services were held to mark the 20th anniversary of the crash of Pan Am 103 near Lockerbie, Scotland. Like 911, 'Lockerbie', an alleged 'terrorist' attack named for the nearby township, raises more questions than are answered. But there is one important difference. In Lockerbie there is identifiable wreckage. In New York and at the Pentagon, the laws of physics --we are expected to believe --were suspended!

In Lockerbie, southern Scotland, eleven people were killed when large sections of aircraft fell on, in and around the township, bringing total fatalities to 270. Many have called it the 'Lockerbie bombing'. Unlike 911, Lockerbie was investigated but, like 911, the case is obviously not solved.
  • Precisely how a rogue bag containing the bomb eluded the Frankfurt airport security system is still not known.
  • If bomb-laden luggage replaced an innocent bag, what happened to the displaced suitcase?
  • It so happened that the flight from Berlin to Frankfurt was delayed. While all the passengers ultimately made the connection to London, 11 suitcases, including the pilot's two bags, remained behind in Frankfurt. They were entered into the airport computer system and rerouted via the Pan Am flight. But only one of the pilot's suitcases was recovered at Lockerbie. The other had been mysteriously left behind in Frankfurt, and arrived safely in Seattle a day later. That story, which TIME has corroborated, doesn't prove Pan Am's claim that terrorists used al-Kassar's drug pipeline to pull a suitcase switch in Frankfurt. But it does support the theory that a rogue bag was inserted into the automated baggage-control system, as the secret FBI report indicates was possible.
  • --Time
George Bush's [Bush I] letter of condolence, written almost four months after the shattered remains of Pan Am Flight 103 fell on Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988, expressed the usual "my heart goes out to you" sorrow. "No action by this government can restore the loss you have suffered," he concluded. But deep inside, Mrs. McKee suspects it was a government action gone horribly awry that indirectly led to her only son's death. "I've never been satisfied at ( all by what the people in Washington told me," she says.

Today, as the U.S. spearheads the U.N.-sanctioned embargo against Libya for not handing over two suspects in the bombing, Mrs. McKee wonders if Chuck's background contains the secret of why this plane was targeted. If her suspicions are correct, Washington may not be telling the entire story. Major Charles Dennis McKee, called "Tiny" by his Army intelligence friends, was a burly giant and a superstar in just about every kind of commando training offered to American military personnel. He completed the rugged Airborne and Ranger schools, graduated first in his class from the Special Forces qualification course, and served with the Green Berets. In Beirut he was identified merely as a military attache assigned to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). But his hulking physique didn't fit such a low- profile diplomatic post. Friends there remember him as a "walking arsenal" of guns and knives. His real assignment reportedly was to work with the CIA in reconnoitering the American hostages in Lebanon and then, if feasible, to lead a daring raid that would rescue them.

McKee's thick, 37-page Army dossier contains so many blacked-out words that it's hard to glean the danger he faced. Surviving the censor's ink was his title, "Team Chief." Under "Evaluation," it was written that he "performs constantly in the highest-stress environment with clear operational judgment and demeanor . . . Especially strong in accomplishing the mission with minimal guidance and supervision . . . Continues to perform one of the most hazardous and demanding jobs in the Army."

For Beulah McKee the mystery deepened six months after Chuck's death, when she received a letter from another U.S. agent in Beirut. It was signed "John Carpenter," a name the Pentagon says it can't further identify. Although the letter claimed that Chuck's presence on the Pan Am plane was unrelated to the bombing, Carpenter's message only stirred her suspicions. "I cannot comment on Chuck's work," he wrote, "because his work lives on. God willing, in time his labors will bear fruit and you will learn the true story of his heroism and courage."

A four-month investigation by Time has disclosed evidence that raises new questions about the case. Among the discoveries:
  • According to an FBI field report from Germany, the suitcase originating in Malta that supposedly contained the bomb may not have been transferred to Pan Am Flight 103 in Frankfurt, as charged in the indictment of the two Libyans. Instead, the bomb-laden bag may have been substituted in Frankfurt for an innocent piece of luggage.
  • The rogue bag may have been placed on board the plane by Jibril's group with the help of Monzer al-Kassar, a Syrian drug dealer who was cooperating with the U.S.'s Drug Enforcement Administration in a drug sting operation. Al- Kassar thus may have been playing both sides of the fence.
Jibril and his group may have targeted that flight because on board was an intelligence team led by Charles McKee, whose job was to find and rescue the hostages.

--Pan Am 103: Why Did They Die
The wreckage found near Lockerbie is clearly traceable to a specific flight. The aircraft was largely re-assembled. By contrast, 'scraps' left behind on 911 were hurriedly disposed of by executive order of George W. Bush. No attempt was made to investigate the crime. It was, rather, covered up. At the Pentagon, the glaring lack of wreckage was 'explained away'. The fuselage of Flight 77, we are told, vaporized. Aluminum does not vaporize at temperatures less than 11000 degree F, according to NASA some 1000 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun. In any case, the dead were said to have been DNA id'd! But DNA literally 'melts' at temperatures well under 500 degrees F. So --which is it? Did the fuselage vaporize OR were the bodies identified via DNA. It cannot be both ways.

Willful destruction of evidence is a crime and those ordering it should be prosecuted! Moreover, it is my belief that only those guilty of a crime are sufficiently motivated to order the destruction of admissible evidence that might surely convict them of the crimes of mass murder and high treason. Bush Jr, should you happen to read this while surfing the net, you know who and what you are!

I defy anyone to produce a scrap, a shred of Pentagon wreckage traceable to Flight 77. Secondly, I defy anyone to produce a scrap of admissible evidence that any Arab hijacker was ever on board. Certainly, there are no Arab names whatsoever on the ONLY official document of Flight 77 passengers and that is the official autopsy report released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request.

I have never had any reason --compelling or otherwise --to believe a word of Bush's 'official conspiracy theory' of 911. No aspect of this conspiracy theory can be believed. No part of it is credible. While it is time to fully investigate the events of 911, it might be advisable to begin a wider inquiry: why are there more terrorist attacks against US interests during GOP regimes than Democratic at least since the assumption of the office of President by Ronald Reagan? I'm waiting for a credible story from any Republican holding public office or supporting GOP officials holding any office in the nation!

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