Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Controlled Demolitions of 911

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Only a controlled demolition looks like a controlled demolition. And WTC 7 looks like a controlled demolition because it was 'pulled' just as Silverstein himself said it was. And if it was 'pullled', it had to have been 'prepped', that is, explosives planted and wired perhaps two weeks or more in advance of the so-called 'terrorist attack'.

There is --in fact --not a shred of evidence to support the ludicrous THEORY that it fell as a result of dinky, piddly random fires that might have been pissed out!
For those who are not yet ready to make the commitment to obtain and read a book on 9/11, but who wish to learn more, a ten-minute solution is available. It only takes a few minutes to view video on the Internet of the collapse of Building 7, the 47 story skyscraper located immediately north of the WTC complex about 300 feet from the North Tower. Viewers will note the almost vertical collapse of the building. Only controlled demolitions have achieved vertical collapses of upright steel structures.

After viewing the video, many will agree with Dan Rather who said on CBS News that very evening that the collapse of Building 7 was “reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before when a building was destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”

--Ronald Bleier, WTC Building 7 – The 911 Smoking Gun?
Now --about the other towers, we are shown videos that purport to be flights that BTS says were not even scheduled to fly that day and, if they had, the soft aluminum bodies could not have penetrated the HARD STEEL CLADDING at any speed. Nor would the airliners have penetrated the dense core clearly omitted from so-called 'official reports' and/or official conspiracy theories. The dense core seen pictured here is conveniently omitted from 'official theories' because its existence disproves the official lies.

The most notorious instance of omission is a a video which Perdue University --to its shame and chagrin --said 'animated' realistically the soft-bodied aluminum airliner literally slicing through the dense steel cladding. That is ludicrous in itself --a case of 'truth by animation'. Worse, however, is the fact that Perdue's 'whiz kids' omitted the existence of the dense, highly reinforced steel core seen in the photo.

I carry a swiss army knife. The blades are made of STEEL --not Aluminum. That's because Aluminum is not likely to penetrate anything that I might want to cut. Soft Aluminum airliner bodies, likewise, were never designed to penetrate hard, dense steel and 911 is most certainly NOT the test case that proves it does, will or ever has. Wenger and Victorinox are not likely to begin the manufacture of aluminum bladed Swiss Army knives any time soon.

Some have said that it was the kinetic energy of a moving aircraft that allowed it to penetrate the hard steel cladding. That's nonesense and easily disproven at home with simple materials. Try hurling a ball of modeling clay at a barn door. If you are Mickey Mantle reincarnated you might knock down the door if it is merely propped up. But you will NEVER ever penetrate the door itself. Try it! Soft aluminum fuselages, likewise, will never slice through the girders themselves as the official conspiracy suggests or states.

Condo LIES to Congress

Now ---if the official conspiracy theory of 911 were true, then CONDO would have had no MOTIVE for lying!

Criminals lie in order to cover up their crimes.

Criminals lie hoping to get away with it!

While CONDO was lying under oath, Bush, himself was ordering the destruction of all the forensic evidence relative to 911.

An innocent man is an idiot if he orders the destruction of evidence proving himself innocent.

ERGO --Bush was covering up his involvement in high treason and mass murder.
Sherlock Holmes said: 'When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however implausible, must be the truth!'. And the truth is a story of method, motive and opportunity.

Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle!

No Plane PLUS Huge Explosion Equals Controlled Demmoltion; Constrolled Demolition equals INSIDE JOB!
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