Monday, January 18, 2010

Why do 'Tea Baggers' and Republicans make such good l'il Nazis?

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Research repeatedly confirms that Republicans are naturally inclined to exhibit authoritarian personality traits. The research leading to this conclusion is extensive. It was Carl Jung, in his 'The Undiscovered Self' who said that about thirty percent of every population was certifiably psychopathic.
The survival of civilization, he maintains, depends on individual awareness of both the conscious and unconscious aspects of the human psyche. The exploration of the unconscious, in particular, leads to self-knowledge and with it recognition of the duality of human nature --its potential for evil as well as for good. Jung believed that it is this self-knowledge that enables the individual to resist the collective power of mass society and the state and to cope with their possible threats.

--Princeton University Press, Review:The Undiscovered Self, C.G. Jung
Dr. Gustav Gilbert, who had been tasked with keeping Nazi war criminals alive until they could be hanged, concluded that his 'clients' had a defining characteristic in common: all, he said, 'lacked empathy'. Later, Hannah Arendt, founder of the New School for Sociological Studies in New York, coined a phrase to describe what she had observed of "Adolph Eichmann at this trial: 'the banality of evil'.

Jung believed that it was important for the individual to resist the "collective power of mass society". Some of the more recent research is surveyed by John Dean in his "Conservatives Without Consciences". Essentially, conservatives are 'authoritarian' types and tend to sort themselves into strong leaders (fuhrers) and eager, non-questioning followers (good l'il Nazis). I suspect that it is this personality and the various 'props' required of it that results in Republicans having more night mares and 'night terrors' than do normal people.

Liberals and progressives, by contrast, are often independent, creative, original. An 'ENTP' type is one of several types identified by the Jung Personality Test, similar to the Myers/Brigg test. ENTP, specifically, is described thus: "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative."

This kind of personality will not produce good, unquestioning follower-conspirators! This kind of person does not make a good li'l Nazi. The GOP, by contrast, is over run by good li'l Nazis, eager to click their heels and carry out orders from on high, specifically, the GOP national headquarters and the 'johns' who purchase the GOP on K-street in DC.

The 'tea bagger' movement is the 'enemy within', the anti-democratic, pro-fascist brownshirts who may have already destroyed the US ideal of a free and democratic republic --something that we have most certainly NOT seen since the rise of Ronald Reagan.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, however, came to Carter’s defense on Wednesday. “Jimmy Carter tells the truth about some, not all, but some of the rabid rage against President Obama,” Olbermann stated, “and is thus the recipient of the automatic blowback from those whose livelihoods depend on enabling the ragers to tell themselves it is not racism that they feel.”

In introducing the segment, Olbermann claimed that he could offer “at least 37? cases that he believes “prove President Carter to be correct.” He also noted that Rush Limbaugh had attacked Carter’s statements by saying “Jimmy Carter is the nation‘s hemorrhoid” — and retorted, “”Well, I got to defer to him here, the nation‘s asshole would know about the nation‘s hemorrhoid.”

Some of Olbermann’s examples seem fairly indisputable, like a poster used at tea party demonstrations that depicts Obama as an Africa witch doctor, or Limbaugh’s claim that Obama has made it okay for black kids to beat up a white kid on a school bus.

--Olbermann: 37 racist incidents prove Carter is right
Already losers, a now desperate GOP has made a Faustian bargain with bigots. It is significant that the so-called GOP 'leadership' has yet to issue a tepid reproach, let alone a strongly worded condemnation of a movement that is 1) un-American 2) bigoted 3) made of liars to a person!

Until the GOP leadership steps forward and condemns the 'tea bagger movement', I remain confirmed that the 'tea bagger' movement is encouraged by the highest ranking members of the GOP embittered by the legion of failures chalked up by their party since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

We have a right NOT to be intimidated!'

If we are attacked, we will fight back and have a right to do so! Violence must be met by an organized, effective and appropriate response. Tea baggers, having shown the world the face of bigotry, should just crawl back under their slimy rocks. They have very nearly undone the gains we thought we made in the sixties. They have rolled back the clock.

Encouraged by the GOP, bigoted liars like Rush Limbaugh, and, even worse, the hypocrites daring to spew this venom from the pulpit, the GOP resorts to form --encouraging ugly mobs to disrupt legal democratic town hall meetings. I urge that legal town hall meetings be defended by arms and armor. Enough is enough. The Democrats have a right to meet and they have a right to defend themselves against felony violence. They have a right to oppose and defend against a gang of would-be felons!

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