Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Right Wing is 'Trawling for Assassins'!

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Radical right wingers --tea baggers et al --are accused of 'trawling for assassins. It's but one of several outrages now associated with the disingenuous, bigoted 'tea bagger movement'. The idea of 'assassinating' a President because he is both black and Democratic threatens to finish off America as a nation of noble ideals. Earlier the self-absorbed right wing --thinking themselves rich --allowed themselves to be used by a GOP party machine. They were fooled. To them, I say that like the rest of us, you have awakened as a cockroach unless you were one already.

A nation in which about one half of the population openly pines for the murder of the only fairly elected president in some 9 years may be finished. It's hard to see any redemption following from that crooked, malevolent mentality. The writing is on the wall. The American ideals most us grew up with are on life-support!

It was all by design and began with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan about whom GOP-types swooned: "He made us feel good about ourselves!"
Not only have the Wall Street Journal and the hosts of Fox News been issuing their usual dark mutterings, but a new slogan has began appearing on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and even teddy bears: "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8."

That psalm reads, “Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

Maddow seemed mainly amused by the teddy bears, but when she turned for comment to former right-wing evangelical leader Frank Schaeffer, he emphasized that in a religious context "it means something more threatening."

"The situation that I find genuinely frightening right now," Schaeffer explained, "is that you have a ramping up of biblical language ... and what it's coalescing into is branding Obama ... as 'not us.' ... Now he joins the ranks of the unjust kings of ancient Israel ... who should be slaughtered, if not by God then by just men."

--Former evangelist: Religious right is ‘trawling for assassins’
'Missing America' is about mourning the loss of ideals --freedom, equality, Democracy, inherent rights, self-evident truths, the promise that this government, this nation, unlike the monarchies of Europe, recognized in its founding document that the people are sovereign. Alas! None of that means shit to about to the congenital psychopathic idiots who have never bothered to read the U.S. Constitution but are, nevertheless, experts!
Now that the GOP has been transformed by the rise of the South, the trauma of terrorism and George W. Bush's conviction that God wanted him to be president, a deeper conclusion can be drawn: The Republican Party has become the first religious party in U.S. history.

We have had small-scale theocracies in North America before -- in Puritan New England and later in Mormon Utah. Today, a leading power such as the United States approaches theocracy when it meets the conditions currently on display: an elected leader who believes himself to speak for the Almighty, a ruling political party that represents religious true believers, the certainty of many Republican voters that government should be guided by religion and, on top of it all, a White House that adopts agendas seemingly animated by biblical worldviews.

--Kevin Phillips, How the GOP Became God's Own Party, Sunday, April 2, 2006

The GOP, especially the top tier, that ruling one percent, was never interested in American ideals but those it could exploit politically, those with which it might seize more wealth and power. These often 'super' patriots never loved 'America' but for its utilitarian value, most prominently the awesome military with which it might seize the resources of other nations, most recently Afghanistan for the pipeline to the Persian Gulf and Iraq for the oil. Dick Cheney's 'energy task force' met prior to 911 in order to carve the oil fields of Iraq. Somewhere on my hard drive is the map on which the fields are literally assigned the conspirators --Exxon et al!

When did we lose our grip? I often recall the moment, in Houston's Jones Hall, at the height of the Watergate Scandal, I covered a news conference by then President Richard Nixon. Dan Rather of CBS News approached the microphone to ask his two questions of Nixon. When he introduced himself at the microphone, there was thunderous applause.

"Are you running for something," Nixon asked!

"No, Mr President" Rather responded, "Are you?"

In that moment, a division within the media was made clear to me. The so-called 'media executives', boardroom types, owners et al were in Nixon's corner if not his pocket. Rather, rather, represented the 'working' press, dogged, interested in the getting to the truth about how 'Watergate' represented a clear and present danger to the 'Republic'. There really was such a 'media' in those days. Nixon's Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew called them "nattering nabobs of negativism"!

But we overcame and rose above Watergate. It was an old 'Western' in which the 'good guys' won. They did win, didn't they?

It was Reagan!

It was not Nixon but Reagan and the psychopathic ilk who followed him blindly over the cliff that all but finished off Democracy. It was Reagan who destroyed labor as he enriched his 'base' of extremely wealthy and powerful people. It was Reagan who transferred the wealth of this nation to an elite that had done nothing to deserve it, had done nothing to earn it. It was Reagan's 'tax cut' specifically that resumed a trend that had reversed during FDR's 'New Deal', that is, the rich began once again to grow much, much richer as those not among the upper 20 percent began to lose ground. As they had done during the era of the Great Robber Barons, Reagan must be remembered for having undone the good that had been done by FDR. This can all be proven with official figures from the Census Bureau, The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Commerce Department-Bureau of Economic Analysis.

To accomplish GOP/right wing goals, Reagan pandered to ignorance, bigotry, hate, and prejudice. Reagan made psychopaths feel good about being psychopaths. Reagan sold out American industry and labor. As a result, the U.S. is now on the very bottom of the CIA's 'World Fact Book' with the world's largest Negative Current Account Balance, formerly called the 'balance of trade deficit'. China boasts both the World's largest positive Current Account Balance and control over the value of the U.S. dollar.

It was the neo-imperialists, parasites upon the Military-Industrial Complex, who dared dream of an 'American Empire' in the PNAC document: REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century [PDF]. These neo-imperialists openly pined for a new a 'catalyzing event', a new 'Pearl Harbor', that would be exploited to justify a campaign of aggressive wars, in fact, crimes punishable by death even under U.S. Codes, Title 18, Section 2441.
Documents from Dick Cheney's May 2001 energy task force -- released under court order to the public interest group Judicial Watch -- include charts and maps detailing Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, and refineries. The recently disclosed information also reveals maps of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates oilfields, pipelines, refineries, and tanker terminals with supporting charts of major oil and gas developments. Thus, the billowing cloud of thick, black controversy rising from the task force and resulting energy policy of the Bush Administration grows even thicker. Two years ago, the Los Angeles Times published an extensive investigative piece showing that the 'Cheney-led task force consulted extensively with corporate executives. Its findings boosted their interests.' In April of this year the Washington Post reported that Cheney's lawyer 'received a scolding yesterday from a panel of federal appeals judges over the Bush administration's use of an unusual legal maneuver to avoid disclosing information about Cheney's energy policy task force.' The newly released information once again raises suspicion about what happened behind closed doors and heightens the need to answer what Cheney is trying so hard to keep classified. As Judicial Watch's President Tom Fitton said, 'These documents show the importance of the Energy Task Force and why its operations should be open to the public.'

--Cheney Energy Task Force Had Maps of Iraqi Oilfields
These people benefited from the inability of the American people to grasp the significance of the 'catalyzing event' that, in fact, gave Bush the pretext he needed to attack and invade Iraq, a nation that had been recently 'carved up', like 'spoils of war' by the members of Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force.
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