Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Terminator 'Soaks the Poor'

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The terminator has terminated futures for some 1.3 million citizens with sweeping budget cuts that affect only the poor. The terminator's cuts eliminate CalWorks, the state's welfare program. Some 1.3 million --one million of which are children who will be left to fend for themselves with little choice but to turn to crime.

The rest will be unemployed, cut off, some left to starve or turn to crime. Is this what the GOP has mind? Is this an opportunistic move to fill up the corporate-owned prison, like those in Texas, in which every child that is left behind? Is this a deliberate move to provide 'corporate-persons' with slave labor because the 'state' has refused to support education?

This is slavery --pure and simple, a crime against humanity! Nothing in the old south was nearly so horrible.

The 'terminator' will have made California the only state not 'to offer a welfare-to-work program for low-income families with children.' The Neo-Nazi terminator will terminate a program which provided families with but an average $500 a month but which required that they find jobs. By terminating the program, the terminator has opted for the short-term profit and certain longer term disaster which the GOP always leaves to succeeding generations, a long term disaster from which only the GOP benefits now and in the future.
Proposing a budget that would eliminate the state's welfare-to-work program and most child care for the poor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday outlined a stark vision of a California that would sharply limit aid to some of its poorest and neediest citizens.
His $83.4-billion plan would also freeze funding for local schools, further cut state workers' pay and take away 60% of state money for local mental health programs. State parks and higher education are among the few areas the governor's proposal would spare.

The proposal, which would not raise taxes, also relies on $3.4 billion in help from Washington — roughly half of what the governor sought earlier this year — to help close a budget gap now estimated at $19.1 billion. Billions more would be saved through accounting moves and fund shifts.

"California no longer has low-hanging fruits," said Schwarzenegger at an afternoon news conference in Sacramento. "I now have no choice but to … call for elimination of some very important programs."

--May 15, 2010|By Shane Goldmacher, Los Angeles Times,Schwarzenegger's budget is a blow to the poor!
Even fascist Texas has a better record. Fact is --Karl Marx was absolutely correct: 1) labor creates wealth i.e. 'value'. Every major economist from A. Smith to Ricardo knows this. The GOP knows this as well but will lie to you about it; 2) there are but two main classes --the productive class which does the work and the leisure leeches --GOP --who put their money offshore resulting in a 'contraction' which, in fact, causes recessions and depressions. All U.S. depression/recessions have occurred during the GOP regimes --a tradition dating back to Herbert Hoover, who was preceded by a string of incompetent, big business shills to include Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

That is why the U.S. is at the very bottom of the CIA's own 'World Fact Book' with the world's largest Negative Current Account Balance'; CHINA, with whom the Sr Bush cut a deal, is on top with the world's largest positive 'Current Account Balance', previously referred to as the 'balance of trade' deficit. The GOP looted the U.S. on behalf of its clients: the U.S. ruling elite of just one percent of the total population and the People's Republic of China who dumps its cheap product on U.S. shores via Wal-Mart, their fascist, cheap labor representatives.

I've been yelling about 'trickle down' crap since 1980 But people (if you can call them 'people') will believe it because it '...makes us (GOP) good about ourselves!' That line was overhead on the floor of the GOP 'National Convention' in 1992. Some 90 percent of GOP propaganda is most surely designed to make these liars and psychopaths feel good about themselves. It's how the GOP recruits from among psychopaths who literally need to be told the lies about which an entire 'party' is built.

As Reagan's Budget Director --David Stockman --admitted 'supply side' theory is a 'trojan horse' which seems in retrospect deliberately designed to create an exploitable 'poor' class. The terminator will fill up the corporate owned prisons with millions which he must surely know will fall off the ladder and, thus, become vulnerable to the corporate/state machine! There is no 'invisible hand' which makes one class extremely wealthy and many more extremely poor and much more numerous. It's done by policy and design.

Those falling off the first rung will become the GOP's source of slave labor. This is a crime against humanity.

The terminator may have learned from the Texas 'model' of fascism. Texas has not occupied a position of prominence with regard to petroleum production since it was discovered that bombing Iraq and killing civilians was not only cheaper it was in itself profitable. Just ask Dick Cheney how profitable both Halliburton and Blackwater are! The GOP has learned that warehousing slaves in corporate-owned prisons is much cheaper than expensive secondary recovery methods by which the liars of 'big oil' squeezed a few more gallons out of abandoned oil fields in West Texas. Why spend millions exploring for oil when you can just bomb hell out of civilians in the Middle East, steal the oil from productive oil fields? The cost of bombing the crap out of the oil's rightful owners?? The corporations don't care. They have stuck the U.S. tax payer with the tab!

So-called 'free enterprise' robs millions of children of a decent education and as many poor of justice in a state ruled by the oil elites.
  • Texas --Bush style --provides the residents of Texas with some of the nation's very worst crime and incarceration rates;
  • Texas subjects the residents of Texas to deteriorating air quality and wanton ecosystem destruction;
  • Texas can boast of the the nation's very worst murder, crime and incarceration rates!
  • Texas --a state that now leads the nation in pollution, crime, and illiteracy --should be studied by any other state wishing to avoid a similar disastrous fate.
The rise of Texas' crime is concurrent with the rise of the Texas GOP. It is no accident that fascist policies now dominate the political and cultural life and environment of Texas and in turn spawns crime, creates the conditions in which it is nurtured and survives.
Still, most people are now ashamed to admit that punishment is based on vengeance and, for that reason, various excuses and apologies have been offered for the cruelty that goes with it. Some of the more humane, or “squeamish,” who still believe in punishment, contend that the object of this infliction is the reformation of the victim. This, of course, cannot be urged of the death penalty or even punishment for life, or for very long-term sentences. In these cases there is neither inducement to reform nor any object in the reformation. No matter how thorough the reform, the prisoner never goes back to society, or he returns after there is no longer a chance for him to be of use to the world or to enjoy life.

--Clarence Darrow, Crime: It's Cause and Treatment
By ensuring that millions will fall off the ladder, the terminator has guaranteed the corporate prisons a seemingly endless supply of slave labor. Down with the GOP! Down with slavery! Down with the 'Terminator'. Down with lies and 'supply side bullshit'.

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