Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Texas Governor Blames 'God' for BP-Halliburton Screw Up

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Texas Governor Rick Perry claims that the BP-Halliburton oil spill is an act of God! An act of God? Since when did God buy shares in BP and Halliburton? Is Mr. Hair Club for Men trying to tell us that Dick Cheney is God?
He said: "From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented."

Later, explaining himself outside the Texas Capitol, Mr Perry said the phrase is a legal definition and his point was that "nobody knows what happened."

He said: "If you will go look up the definition of 'Act of God' we've used it in legal terms for a long time in this state. It may be an accident and it may be something else."

The Democratic group Lone Star Project accused the Republican Governor of "detached arrogance."

Spokesman Matt Angle said: "The families of those who died and the victims of the environmental damage deserve a full accounting for the human errors that caused the failure at the rig." The governor cautioned against stopping oil drilling because of the spill, and suggested others were speculating about what happened to further their political agenda.

He said: "I go back to the safety of those workers, the safety of our coast, but you balance that with the impact of a knee jerk reaction to stop all drilling."

--Texas Governor calls Louisiana oil spill 'act of God'
As Michael Linnerd, responding to my comments, put it:
Shifting blame onto someone who doesn't exist is close to the edge of insanity... mind you in Texas this what passes for intelligent, rational, thoughtful and technical evaluation of human and mechanical failure.

--Michael John Linnard
Perry's comments are expected in a state that can boast that it has beat out Mississippi for last place in high school graduations. This is the 'crowning achievement' of the GOP in Texas that it has failed to educate an entire generation or perhaps more! The GOP does not value education but for the rich who send their 'tax deductions' to trendy private schools. Their attitude is 'fuck public education!' Our attitude should be: fuck the GOP and kick their sorry asses out of office.

Is anyone surprised that with the rise of Mr Hair Club Perry and, before him, the Gawd fearin' Bush Jr that education in TX declined? As education declines, crime increases. The increase in crime has become, in the meantime, a windfall for the corporate run prison system, the so-called 'Prison Industrial Complex'. The Bush/Perry era has thus ensured that their corporate sponsors will always have a full dorm of convicted prisoners with which it will make a guaranteed profit. There is money to be made in warehousing the children who were --in fact --left behind, forgotten and betrayed!

Let's tell it like it is: these children were left behind because many, perhaps most, are black, others merely because their parents are poor and made poorer by incompetent right-wing, GOP bullshit economics and focus group tested 'theories', 'trickle-down' theory primarily.

After eight years of Bush, I have grown very, very weary of hearing about God. Bush, Perry and similar ilk have nothing of substance or interest to tell me or any intelligent person about God! Nothing that has ever been said about 'God' by anyone at anytime has been meaningful in anyway --least of all the idiot southern evangelists who insist upon pronouncing God as if it were two syllables: GAH - UHD!

If there were no God, mass murderers, perverts and liars would have to invent him. I wait in vain for that one day when some psychopath, like Bush, invokes 'God' [GAH-UHD] in defense of mass murder and wars of aggression and gets struck by a lightning bolt from on high!

If there were a God or had been a 'God' he would have tired of his name used to invoke a million atrocities, crimes and outrages and would have wiped the earth of the human race long ago. It may be the sad fate of Texas, however, that it is forever consigned to a 'last place' educational system. The current political establishment, controlled as it is by big oil, dare not educate the population. An informed, educated population would turn them out of office and deny the assholes their pensions.

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