Friday, November 19, 2010

Sue TSA Perverts/Airlines/Airports for 'Assault and Battery'

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Distracted by 'junk' and panties, TSA perverts often miss fake bombs but rarely a man's 'junk' or a woman's everything! One day --while they're getting their jollies --they will miss a real threat because they are distracted, perverted, and stupid! The TSA should be abolished and the morons sent back to the asylum.

The TSA costs much more than what are called 'rent-a-cops'! The difference is we pay much more for the TSA --some $30,000,000 a day. That is a waste of money when --in fact --the TSA is utterly ineffective but for the threat they pose to innocent passengers. For example, in FAA Red Team security checks, the undercover Red Team successfully carried weapons or fake bombs past TSA screeners an average of 60% of the time.

The TSA has succeeded only in annoying passengers, in some cases assaulting them, feeling them their 'junk' and violating privacy. They make flying an ordeal, a total pain in the ass that I don't need and should not have to put up with! Over the years, I have grown increasingly disenchanted with 'flight'.

How to deal with the TSA

Start filing charges! If anyone from the TSA so much as touches your "junk" have your lawyers charge them with assault and battery.
Assault is an intentional attempt or threat to inflict injury upon a person, coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm, which creates a reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or offensive contact in another. Assault does not require actual touching or bodily harm to the victim. Assault and battery are sometimes used interchangeably, but battery is an unjustified harmful or offensive touching of another. Battery also differs from assault in that it does not require the victim to be in apprehension of harm.

Assault developed in common law, meaning it developed through usage, custom, and judicial decisions rather than from legislative enactment. Modern-day assault statutes closely reflect the ancient common-law definition. An assault is both a crime and a tort. Therefore, an assailant may face both criminal and civil liability. A criminal assault conviction may result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. In a civil assault case, the victim may be entitled to monetary damages from the assailant.

Civil Assault Cases

Separate from any criminal prosecution for assault, a victim may pursue civil damages for injuries caused by it. After a determination by a judge or jury that an assault was committed, the next step is to determine what compensation is appropriate. Three types of damages may be awarded. Compensatory damages, such as medical expenses, are meant to compensate for the injury sustained. Nominal damages are a small sum. Nominal damages act as an acknowledgment that a person has suffered a technical invasion of rights. They are awarded in cases where no actual injury has resulted, or where an injury occurred, but the amount has not been established. Finally, punitive damages may sometimes be awarded. Punitive damages may be awarded in particularly egregious circumstances, as a way to further punish the wrongdoer. Punitive damages go above and beyond compensatory damages.
--Assault and Battery, FINDLAW
Have friends farther back that are not obviously connected to you. If they have small devices capable of capturing video, they can record the abuses. Later ---when you have sued the airport, TSA, and the airlines for millions, you will have the entire episode in evidence.


PLAN to sue the airlines, the airport, the TSA and the individuals assaulting you. According to the Constitution, you have a right to be left alone unless there is 'probable cause' that you have committed a crime or evidence that you are planning to commit a crime by breaking a law that is on the books.

Sue for millions to compensate you for the mental anguish, the psychological damage resulting from humiliation, invasions of your privacy and persons, and, of course, any damage to your physical person as a result.

For the longer term, don't fly; boycott the airlines and demand that they SACK the TSA. Never, ever support any politician who supports these assaults upon both YOU and the Bill of Rights.

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