Saturday, December 04, 2010

Why 80 Percent of Americans Don't Believe the Official Theory of 911

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

These days, Bush's only defenders with respect to 911 are 1) paid liars and hard cases left over from his utterly criminal and illegitimate administration; and 2) idiots whose only source of "news" is Fox. Fox news, however, is an oxymoron, appropriate I suppose for a network of morons in service to morons.

Bush, it is said, could not have pulled off 911 alone. Of course not! A total tool, it could not have been his idea. He was the 'titular' head of a loosely organized gang of power brokers and the motley crew of wing nuts who support them. God knows why!

Bush was and probably still is a puppet but not a good one. When the real history is known, we may find ourselves eternally grateful to Bush whose utter incompetence, his palpable stupidity, his painful, hardly bearable inarticulateness revealed however inadvertently the truth about how our nation was usurped by an ever smaller ruling elite.

Last time I checked this elite amounted to just 1 percent of the total population, diminishing in size as its members grow richer. One day, they will have put themselves out of business. In theory, at least! [The L-Curve; also see:Temporal evolution of the “thermal” and “superthermal” income classes in the USA during 1983–200 income classes in the USA during 1983–2001]

Nevertheless, it was under Bush that several wars --some phony, some real --were fought on their behalf. The most obvious war was the one with the phony name: 'War on Terrorism', a classic misnomer. It is more accurately described as the "War of Oil and Resource Theft". I suppose that we were expected to believe that God himself intervened with 911 and gave Bushco the pretext required to attack and invade those nations having precisely the resources most coveted by the Dick, otherwise called "Cheney".

Those having knowledge and/or participating with Dick Cheney in any way most probably have guilty knowledge of the method by which a pretext to attack and invade the Middle East was obtained.

Some of those having this guilty knowledge include Marvin Bush in charge of WTC security. In a position to help plan it Had there been a real investigation of the crime of 911, he would have been a prime suspect. He was. As head of WTC security, Marvin would have been in a position to know about, perhaps direct, the placement of explosives. It would have made possible a series of obvious controlled demolitions that provided the pre-text Bushco required to seize resources for sponsors like Halliburton et al.

The weakest link is Larry Silverstein who let the cat out of the bag. WTC 7 was "pulled" he said on video tape. It was Luck Larry that gave the order! Within 15 minutes, his order was carried out. A controlled demolition! Two facts put Lucky in a bad light: 1) it takes considerably more than 15 minutes to prep a 47 story building for demolition; 2) Lucky was financially upside down with the acquisition of the WTC white elephants. An insurance pay-off conveniently bailed him out. Lucky, indeed!

The Dancing Israelis

I believe that the 'Dancing Israelis' were Mossad Agents. On broadcast TV, they boasted that they had gone to New York for the purpose of documenting the event now called 911. That's guilty foreknowledge, probable cause to investigate 911 and everyone connected with it it starting with the prescient Israelis. It is clear that the "Dancing Israelis" knew that the towers would come down and positioned themselves to see it when it happened.

Dick Cheney's 'Energy Task Force', in fact, met prior to 911 for the purpose of carving up the oil fields of Iraq. They would need a pre-text! Were they 'prescient'? If not, that event speaks to 'motive'. Dick Cheney's Halliburton got almost all the contracts from the Bush admin just as did I.G. Farben, Thyssen et al from Hitler prior to his invasion of Poland. It's the fascist/Nazi way.
Essential 911 boils down to this:
  • The Bush Official Conspiracy Theory of 911 is utterly impossible by science and circumstance. It did not happen!
  • Even members of the 911 Commission, prominently John Farmer now DISOWN the 911 Commission Report and that of the NIST. Both are works of pure fiction, ignore established peer-reviewed physics and ignore the glaring holes in the official cover. [See: Rutger's Media Relation: New Book by John Farmer]
When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however implausible, must be the truth!

At last --who benefits? Apologies to Sherlock Holmes! The truth is this: 911 was an inside job, a Mossad-CIA operation on behalf of a crooked coalition to include big oil, Halliburton, of course. All of them benefited!

If the MSM had been doing its job, good folk like my friends Dr. David Griffin and Kevin Barrett would have an easier time of it. Initially, the Bush administration utilized its leverage throughout the corporate media to shut up the opposition. The most egregious tactic impugned the patriotism of anyone daring to point out facts that prove the "official theory" is impossible. That's true for many reasons not the least of which is that it defies the basic laws of physics.

Physics, of course, is no longer taught in schools,. As the GOP has risen in power and influence, educational standards declined. That is the verifiable record of GOP failure in Texas which --as a result of the back to back Bush/Perry debacles now trails the nation in high school graduations.

It is hard to make the case that the official theory defies the laws of physics to millions who have never darkened the door of a high school, let alone a university physics lab. The GOP is 'anti-intellectual' for a reason. Mass ignorance as a result of their domination of the media and their overt subversion of education are the most effective covers for their many crimes. The GOP has a stake in keeping the U.S. population uninformed and/or stupid!

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