Thursday, August 09, 2012

What the GOP Did to Texas in a Nutshell

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Prior to the arrival of the Bush crime family in Texas, the state had been progressive and liberal; it was still possible to get a good education. That is true in no small part because every Texas Governor had been Democratic since Richard Coke took office on January 15, 1874. It was not until Bill Clements was sworn in on January 16, 1979 that a Republican would live in the Governor's mansion. It was at that moment that the Texas star began to tarnish.

The GOP has accomplished a great deal since 1974:
  • Briefly the GOP successfully subverted public education with notable results.
  • The label 'murder capital' stuck on Dallas for the resulting 'rise in crime'.
  • The corporate-owned prisons were filled-to the brims! Cause and effect?
Under Rick Perry, Texas executed 235 people in a period of just 11 years. That amounts to more than 21 people per year. Under Bush, 152 people were executed in Texas. That's 30 per year. It reads like a competition!

How did the GOP manage to get away with this scam? I submit the following explanation found on the blog: Blue Bloggin
Texas today is enduring losses of a personal and political kind that resemble the struggle against Santa Anna. Texas leadership has it’s hands in everyone’s pockets and takes what it wants, with a Texas sized smile. The concept of “No State Tax is the shiny object politicians dangle in front of our eyes to convince Texans that Texas ‘stays out of your biz’nez’. No they don’t. That is a Texas sized lie. Texas politicians want to divert all Texas funds to special interest at the expense of education and infrastructure. Texas State sponsored scams are the biggest ponzi schemes our politicians have pulled over our eyes.

Texas politicians want to control your personal freedoms, control your body, control your love life, pollute your land or just take your land away, for the pleasure of their campaign donors. Every decision made by the Texas Republican Congress has a big campaign donor behind it and the likes of Governor Rick Perry has his lies exposed on a regular basis. The ballot box is the greatest weapon Texans have, and even that is being manipulated by these crooks to make sure they have another shot at scramming Texans. Don’t fall for their lies. Vote them out!

Texas politicians have sold their soul so many times to so many special interest that Texans have no idea where their rent, grocery and car payment went. Makes you wonder how these crooks keep up with all the deception.

--Blue Bloggin 


Anonymous said...

See Carlos Ghigliotti -

But Carlos thought the House Government Reform Committee inquiry was the real thing. They'd uncovered some evidence that would shock us to the core, and "were" going to use it, but ....then came Al Quida and his nefarious brother Ben, who could also speak yiddish and looked like a Rabbi, together they manufactured some patsies and did 9/11, ... confusing the US MILITARY who were doing "military excercises" the exact same day...what are the odds ?

Due Proces...?

What "Supremacist" Cult prints the currency...Owns the Media and operates a Kosher Brothel called CONgress ?

Len Hart said...

Due process...? INDEED! Thanks for posting.