Thursday, September 19, 2013

FORGET LIMBAUGH! Work to Restore The Fairness Doctrine/Communications Act of 1934

By Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

FORGET LIMBAUGH Limbaugh is just a symptom. He's the ugly pimple that refuses 'off-the-shelf' remedies. It's time to drain the boil, pop the pimple. The REMEDY --the only remedy that will work and had worked until the election of Ronald Reagan. That is --RESTORE THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE.

The Fairness Doctrine dates to the Communications Act of 1934. The 'Act' limited the concentration of media into very few hands. Radio and TV station owners were required to provide equal time to opposing views. Individual broadcasters who operated electronic equipment or were required to monitor a 'transmitter' were required to have an engineer's licences. An expert in electronics could obtain a 'First Class' license which allowed those having the certification to repair and/or maintain radio or TV transmitters. The Communications Act also prohibited the concentration of outlets in very few hands.

To be sure, there were nut jobs exploiting the air waves but they were opposed while Limbaugh is all but unopposed but for his vigilant critics on the internet. Otherwise --he is un-accountable, irresponsible. He is obnoxious and contemptuous to any and all who oppose him. He is a megalomaniac to be sure but --worse --he is a product and symptom of GOP disease, a disease the symptoms of which include intolerance, bigotry and psychopathic behavior.

In other words, the GOP would repeal the First Amendment by decree if given opportunity and power. The Remedy: ORGANIZE block-by-block, house-by-house, precinct by precinct, district by district to RESTORE THE COMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1934 with amendments to include cable and satellite. Demand the rights that were DENIED to you by Ronald Reagan and the GOP.


TRex said...

It's easier to knock down a tree than to plant one and watch it grow. Progressives need to nurture their works, they need to keep on eye on the tireless encroaching fungus that threatens always their hard work.

Unfortunately they're unfocused. Always have been.

Len Hart said...

TRex, you are absolutely correct. Mmy disdain/disgust with the GOP is matched only by my disappointment in democrats/progressives. Arguably --if the left had been wise and/or vigilant, we might not have had Bush Jr to kick around. Another factor working against Democrats is the electoral college. I suspect that a direct popular vote of the President would be very, very disappointing for the GOP in most cases.

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