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Deflating Big Brother by Debunking Right Wing Lies, Myths, and Propaganda

I've never understood how the Religious Right manages it. How can followers of the "Prince of Peace" support the cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians in a war of naked aggression? Did Christ not say "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God"? Did Christ not say "...turn the other cheek"? And of the merciful, did he not say that they, in turn, obtain mercy? Is the Bible not true? If not, then why do these people insist upon being seen going to church? What is gained by maintaining frauds and pretenses?

How can "Christians" insist upon believing lies when their Savior was said to have told Pontius Pilate: "I am the truth"? With his statement to Pilate, Christ implied that truth itself was the source of all that is good and absent in all that is bad. You don't have to be a Christian to believe that. Jacob Bronowski whose critique of the "logical positivist" position in his Science and Human Values pointed out an underlying, unproved social injunction implied in A. J. Ayer's analytical methods. That implied imperative is:
"We OUGHT to behave in such a way that what IS true can be verified to be so."

Ironically, Bronouski's critique may have saved logical positivism from its own inflexible consistency, placing its edifice not upon an unassailable axiom but rather upon an affirmation of values which will not admit of proof. What true and lasting ethic could not be based upon the pure pursuit of truth?

I would like to create a database of the various, multitudinous right wing/GOP myths, propaganda, claptrap and urban legends cooked up by the right wing, disseminated by a dutiful mainstream media, swallowed eagerly by a flock of faithful who never question it. But, that's more work than I am willing to spend with an entire class of deluded losers. But —the denial of global climate change is among the more pernicious and immediately harmful right wing lies.

Hawking: Global warming to make Earth like Venus


Stephen Hawking provoked a group of Chinese students on Wednesday saying he was "very worried about global warming." He said he was afraid that Earth "might end up like Venus, at 250 degrees centigrade and raining sulfuric acid."

The comment is a pointed one for China, which is the second largest emitter of the greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming, after the United States. ...

George Orwell's 1984 predicted a totalitarian society in which lies were truth and war was peace:

When “Lies are Truth” “War is Peace”

When the right wing is confronted by truth, it tries to shut up the source of it. Lately, Thom Friedman has taken a different tack. He discounts the very concept of "truth" itself. What does being right have to do with anything? he asked recently.

Well, for one thing: being right has survival value. Those who disagree will not refute that proposition; they will merely label it: Darwinism!

Even so, we will never know what claptrap might have been believed by Cro Magnons. They're all dead. The right wing only recognizes "survival value" in the exercise of raw power just as the US has tried to silence its critics abroad:

Ron Suskind: US deliberately bombed Al-Jazeera

Ron Suskind appeared on "The Situation Room" today to talk about his new book "One Percent Solution," and said that the US took out Al-Jazeera office in Kabul purposefully.

Ron talked about Cheney's almost "Presidential-Vice Presidency" and claimed that the CIA determined the Bin Laden tape released the weekend before the '04 election helped Bush and that Osama wanted him re-elected. ...

Video-WMP Video-QT
Listen up, MSM: There was NO "Bush Bounce".

Eric Boehlert: The Press Plays Dumb About the Bush Bounce

Eric Boehlert Tue Jun 20, 12:24 PM ET

The mainstream media's incessant, excited chatter about a looming Bush Bounce represented just the latest embarrassment in an endless parade of journalism missteps during the Bush years. The depressing puppet show--senior White House aides announce things are great, conservative 'news' outlets echo the spin and then MSM journalists gamely play along--has become annoying, tiresome and transparent. Yet the MSM won't stop embarrassing themselves....

But Thom Friedman asks: "What does being right have to do with it?" Clearly —a question that only a loser would ask. [Haloscan]

Friedman is a Dodo to wit:

"The next six months in Iraq—which will determine the prospects for democracy-building there—are the most important six months in U.S. foreign policy in a long, long time."

—(New York Times, 11/30/03)

"What we're gonna find out, Bob, in the next six to nine months is whether we have liberated a country or uncorked a civil war."

—(CBS's Face the Nation, 10/3/04)

"I think we're in the end game now…. I think we're in a six-month window here where it's going to become very clear and this is all going to pre-empt I think the next congressional election—that's my own feeling— let alone the presidential one."

—(NBC's Meet the Press, 9/25/05)

"The only thing I am certain of is that in the wake of this election, Iraq will be what Iraqis make of it—and the next six months will tell us a lot. I remain guardedly hopeful."

—(New York Times, 12/21/05)

"I think we're in the end game there, in the next three to six months, Bob. We've got for the first time an Iraqi government elected on the basis of an Iraqi constitution."

—(CBS, 1/31/06)

"I think we are in the end game. The next six to nine months are going to tell whether we can produce a decent outcome in Iraq."

—(NBC's Today, 3/2/06)

"Well, I think that we're going to find out, Chris, in the next year to six months—probably sooner—whether a decent outcome is possible there, and I think we're going to have to just let this play out."

—(MSNBC's Hardball, 5/11/06)

Friedman is not only often wrong, he's repetitive. Perhaps, he thinks that if he repeats a spin often enough, then one day it will be true. Keep on doing whatever it is that's making you sick. Search for your lost keys under the street lamp; light is better there. Beat your head against a wall; one day, when you're dead, the headache will stop.

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