Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi: Dead Again

Al-Zarqawi dies for the umpteenth time but now the US government says sincerely Zarqawi is really, really dead again.

The story goes something like this:
The house began to pitch, the kitchen took a slitch
It landed on the wicked witch in the middle of a ditch
Which was not a healthy situation for the wicked witch
Who began to twitch, and was reduced to just a stitch
Of what was once the wicked witch

But we've got to verify it legally

To see...

To see...

If he...

If he...

Is morally, ethically

(Munchkin 1)
Spiritually, physically

(Munchkin 2)
Positively, absolutely

(Munchkin Men)
Undeniably and reliably dead

As Coroner , I thoroughly examined him
And he's not only merely dead
He's really most sincerely dead

Zarqawi has been upheld both in official statements and the media as head of "the Sunni insurgency", leader of "al-Qaeda in Iraq", allegedly responsible for the killings of thousands of civilians.

To be less than satirical, the pictures of his alleged corpse are surprisingly photogenic considering that the U.S. Military does not claim to have dropped a house on Zarqawi —merely two 500-pound bombs at the conclusion of a three day operation. Amazing that he is both recognizable and in one piece. But the U.S. Military would not lie about this...would they?
Ding-dong the witch is dead
Which old witch? The wicked witch
Ding-dong the wicked witch is dead
Wake up you sleepyhead
Rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up the wicked witch is dead
She's gone where the goblins go

Below - below - below

Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out
Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead

In the meantime, there is evidence even in the MSM that Zarqawi was part of a Pentagon disinformation campaign. It was said to have been launched in 2003 to justify Bush's attack and invasion of Iraq. Zarqawi played so valuable role in U.S. propaganda that he was killed and revived many times. I've lost count. According to leaked military documents published by the Washington Post, the Pentagon had set up a "Zarqawi program" in which Zarqawi's role was deliberately "magnified" to galvanized U.S. public support for Bush war of aggression in Iraq:

"The Zarqawi campaign is discussed in several of the internal military documents. "Villainize Zarqawi/leverage xenophobia response," one U.S. military briefing from 2004 stated. It listed three methods: "Media operations," "Special Ops (626)" (a reference to Task Force 626, an elite U.S. military unit assigned primarily to hunt in Iraq for senior officials in Hussein's government) and "PSYOP," the U.S. military term for propaganda work..."

"the Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date."

—Washington Post, April 10, 2006)

I have no idea how Bush plans to capitalize on the death of a man who obviously had more than one life to give for his cause. And to be fair, there is no reason to believe that he will not be resurrected again.
I would not be just a nuffin'
My head all full of stuffin'
My heart all full of pain
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain

—Possibly G.W. Bush in an unguarded moment

But try to have a nice day knowing that all is screwed up in Kansas, Texas, and most certainly Washington D.C. where the U.S. Military has no credibility whatsoever.
Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me
Ah! Lost innocence!

The Existentialist Cowboy


Jen said...

"Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, ooh, why can't I?"

Where's toto when ya need a cute little dog to cuddle?

Jen said...

*Clicks heels of red shoes together, and says*

"There's no place like home... There's no place like home."

Maybe since Zarq is dead, our soldiers can come home??

"Somewhere over the rainbow..."

Ingrid said...

The "Executioner" has a list and it is a very very looong list. We're not going to be leaving Iraq 'just' yet..

damien said...

Given the Washington Post account of the fake al Zarqawi letters, it's about time we examined the fake bin Laden audio tapes.

AWG said...

Didn't Abu have a wooden leg? Those recent videos of him show him walking normally.

Fuzzflash said...

Jihad jockey to bombadier: "What the farqawi gonna do without Zarqawi?"

damien said...

I recall a death report on Zarqawi from Sep 2005. His family in Jordan even held a funeral. Has today's body been checked for freezer burns? What a strange pass we have come to. Whether the marionette is dead or alive it's all public theatre, a kabuki where the real meanings are hidden. Meanwhile, the dismantling of the freedoms and laws of a great Republic go unattended.

From the same world of theatre I can offer you one slightly used (and completely unmarked!) red bandana courtesy of Culhavoc which survived the Flight 93 crash. It turned up with a whole lot of other wreckage which was mysteriously not seen by those first on the scene. According to the miracle cell phone calls from Flight 93 the 9/11 terrorists had donned red bandanas (which they must have picked up on their last trip to Vegas.) Anyhow, given that green is the color of Islamic martyrs and red is frowned upon by the Prophet, the blame must be put on some low level NSA props manager who stuffed up who has since gone on to better things. Probably in Iraq. Two stars only.

Len Hart said...

Indeed, Zarqawi may have had a wooden leg:

Is it SO hard to believe that this Al Zaqawi fellow could leap out of a moving vehicle and sprint into an 'open stretch of sandy desert' with his wooden leg and 'disappear' completely within minutes of the American GI's capturing the car? Of course they knew it WAS him because he didn't have time to stash his laptop computer in his sock pocket before he had to flee.

Sydney Indy Media

It should be easy enough to confirm whether or not this most recent death is of someone having a wooden leg. But you can bet that if he doesn't the U.S. military will not tell us about it.

Len Hart said...

damien, I recall that funeral as well. Maybe the U.S. just keeps some "throw down" bodies in a freezer and drags them out when needed.

Something smells in here said...

Has anyone noticied the hairline of the dead man, he seems to have hair-plugs. Other photos of Zarquawi shows a full head of hair.

Anonymous said...

This from Wayne Masden -

The Pentagon has been caught trying to exaggerate the importance of Zarqawi in propaganda disseminated in Iraq and the United States. Now, a Pentagon spokesman is claiming that a strict adherent of Islam and a jihadist was identified through examination of his tattoos [Islam prohibits tatoos]. It has previously been reported that Zarqawi once removed a single tattoo from his forearm with hydrochloric acid. Other reports said that Zarqawi was once nicknamed the "green man" because he had as many tattoos as a carnival worker. The U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad clearly stated the Zarqawi body found after the U.S. air strike had been identified from "tattoos." The tattoos are as baffling as the gold ring worn by someone said to be Zarqawi in the video of the gruesome beheading of Nick Berg. The Quran forbids Muslim men from wearing jewelry, specifically gold and silver. Also, the gold ring was on "Zarqawi's" left hand, the unclean hand used for going to the toilet.

Len Hart said...

Zarqawi is dead because he was no longer useful to Bush. When he becomes useful again, he will be resurrected. Bush is all powerful.

Rurikid said...

Shamelessly lifted from the comments section to an article I read today - I merely put the links in-text for readability:

Just a little info I shamesly swiped from the readers section on
Of course this is going to be labled a conspiracy by the chickenhawks but then what do they know.

Lost a leg in 2002 (but US later changed their tune)

Killed in March 2004

Came back to life to personally behead Nick Berg (post-Abu Ghraib photo release)
(interesting as no one in that video appeared to be handicapped - Zarqawi had one leg amputated) link

Killed again in Oct. 2004

Seriously injured or killed in May 2005

Zarqawi shot in chest/lung in May 2005

Killed and body in Falluja cemetery in June 2005

And now killed again in Nov. 2005: Baghdad imam says Zarqawi killed at beginning of US invasion

Backed up by this March 2004 article

Rurikid said...

For Anonymous, from


Tatoos are forbidden for both men and women except in certain war and child-abduction situations when tribesmen feared the probability of losing their sons and daughters to the enemy. If one had them before reverting to Islam then there is no offence whatsoever and Allah knows best.

I wouldn't be surprised if Z's position and activities in this war qualified him for having such tatoos, allowing his people to identify his body should he die in this war.

Len Hart said...

Great set of links. I had forgotten the timing —Zarqawi conveniently resurrected to behead Berg!!

I still remember the photos and the video of Berg —and I still think that Berg was beheaded by Americans inside Abu Ghraib.

Clearly —Zaqawi's latest death was timed to take the news media focus off U.S. atrocities. That was a story that was beginning to get some real traction. Now, it seems all but forgotten.