Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can we please go home now?

It's all but official. The US has been invited to leave Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslims recently staged a huge demonstration in which the US was urged to leave. Amid religious themes, a prominent slogan: “Death to America!” That was Bush's first clue that our troops are no longer wanted, no longer needed, no longer welcome. Iraq has had enough US compassion to last a lifetime. For some 650,000 it was precisely that. A lifetime.

How did Bush delude us? Let us count the ways. For a start, it was the US, the first Bush regime, that lured Saddam into attacking and invading Kuwait. It was US Ambassador April Glaspie who, in effect, gave Saddam a green light to attack Kuwait.
U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - We have no opinion on your Arab - Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960's, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America. (Saddam smiles)
April Glaspie Transcript.
We were told that we would be greeted as liberators. We were not. When we backed a puppet in the person of Chalabi, were we were met with yawns not cheers. When Colin Powell took plagiarized student papers and old, re-touched photos to the UN in support of a bogus WMD claim, Bush just came up with another, equally bogus justification for war. When we didn't find WMD, Bush would not apologize for having screwed up. When a beat up trailer turned out not to have been a mobile weapons lab, Bush blamed Iraqis. When American troops all but leveled Fallujah we were still told that it was a battle for the hearts and minds of Iraqis. You have to kill to them to get them to love you, I suppose. When Bush promised to bring Democracy to Iraq, the Shias elected their own. When the Sunnis waged war because they were disenfranchised, Bush supported the incumbent Shias and wonders why he is not universally loved.

The devil is in the details and, in a mere paragraph, no justice is done them. But it is the details, the nuances which Bush doesn't do that has done Bush policy in. It's over George. Bring the troops home before your every stupid move makes things even worse.

The mass demonstration of anti-American sentiment is most certainly the nail in the coffin. Bush policy in Iraq was DOA. It is time now to bury the corpse. Bush's human dead will be hard to forget, the debt Bush can never repay, the harm he can never undo, the lasting grief of a generation, an anguished wail, a dying world.

It's over George. Bring the troops home. A failed policy is not worth another human life on any side.

Watch the video again. Listen to the manner in which Bush tries to blackmail the Congress and the American people. He threatens to delay the return home of troops unless he gets his war, his way. Bush lies without conscience. He threatens like a dockside bully. Enough of this idiot.

Democrats, meanwhile, lack the votes to override a veto. It doesn't matter. Democrats can do no worse than send up the right bills expecting full well that Bush will veto them. Democrats can do no worse that to attach those measures to any bill desired by Bush. Sure -Bush will try to blame the Democrats for his veto. That's the Bush way, the GOP way. What else is new? Suck it up! Keep on sending up the bills that Bush will have to veto. At some point, even the idiot will give up if he is not impeached, removed and tried.

A message for Democrats: Bush is now a rogue "President". Treat him as such. His swaggering, arrogant manner hardly complimented his utter incompetence and stupidity. Arrogance is insufferable in the competent, but utterly unforgivable in an idiot. Bush deserves no more respect than he showed his nation, his people or the world. Fuck Bush. And, when the votes are there, even among his own party, throw his sorry ass out and don't look back. In the meantime, bring his administration to a halt. Block, if need be, his every war appropriation.

It was Colin Powell who warned before the U.S. invasion, "If you break it, you own it." Bush took it literally. He thinks Iraq is his to do with as he likes, to pillage and destroy.

We've done more than break it. Bush and the GOP have tried to blame the Iraqi people for his stupidity. Sure, Bush is responsible. But so are the idiots who voted for him and there is no evidence that "they" have learned or "grown" from the experience. As a class, they were and remain deluded, crooked, and in power. Don't feel safe until they are locked up or quarantined. I lost my country and I am not in a forgiving mood.

An anniversary:
18 Years Ago Today: Tiananmen Square Protests Begin

By May 5th there were 100,000 students in the streets of Beijing. What began as demands to restore Hu's place in history turned into a call for political and economic freedom for all Chinese. Protest spread across China. Hunger strikes were called. The Chinese regime appeared on the brink of the kind of collapse cascading like dominoes throughout Eastern Europe. The world appeared to be on the verge of one of those pivotal, where-were-you-when-it-happened moments.

It was such a moment, but not in the way we might have hoped. In late May martial law was declared. And the tanks began rolling in. What had began as a movement for peace and freedom was ended by violence and oppression. On June 5th the famous "Tank Man" photo was taken, and that image became indelibly linked with the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Now, 18 years later, the two greatest threats to the world are China and the US under Bush.

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