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911 Culprits? Why the Towers Really Fell

There is probable cause to begin an official investigation of George W. Bush in connection with the mass murders of US citizens on 911. In US law, investigations proceed from probable cause that a crime has been committed. Commonly, it refers to a standard by which an officer may make an arrest in connection with a crime. There are other, related senses of the term -but for our purposes here we focus upon the legal standard by which a grand jury may assert that a crime has been committed and that charges may be brought against a person or persons.

We know that a crime was committed on 911. George W. Bush, of course, quashed all investigations before they could begin. Since when are crimes not investigated? Since the ascension of Ronald Regan who similarly got away with Iran/Contra, an act of treason if there ever was one. Treason, in this case, being "aiding and abetting" an avowed enemy of the United States as defined by the US government itself.

It is not too late, however, to begin such an investigation. There is no statute of limitations on mass murder. Congress should appoint and empower a special prosecutor with whatever authority is needed to subpoena George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice et al. Rumfeld, by the way, is already on record referring to the shooting down of Flight 93 and also to a missile --not an airliner --crashing into the Pentagon. Powell, meanwhile, has already apologized for having presented to the UN a pack of lies about Iraq's alleged WMD. Now is the time to pressure a criminal conspiracy that shows many signs of falling apart. Now is the time to go for the jugular -and the truth -about what this partisan, criminal conspiracy has done to subert the rule of law in this nation.

Critics of 911 officialdom need not tolerate quietly the absurd, blanket criticisms of "conspiracy theorists". Aside from being ad hominem attacks, they merely label. Bush "theories", meanwhile, insult the intelligence of every American with the most absurd official conspiracy theories to ever come down the pike.

If "conspiracies" did not exist, most crimes would be petty except perhaps murder and egregious assaults. Conspiracies are rather common. The law books are full of them. Google or Findlaw the word "conspiracy". You will find at least 200 years of precedent and case law having to do with "conspiracies". I daresay most crimes are conspiratorial in nature. What is a gang, if not a conspiracy? Apparently SCOTUS never got the Bush memo that "conspiracies" do not exist. It might have spared the justices a lot of time deciding cases about something that is said not to exist. Even Bushies felt constrained to posit the existence of a vast conspiracy -al Qaeda! Why are Bush theories, full of gaping holes, logical inconsistencies, and misstatements of fact, given such great weight when Bush is known to have lied about everything else?

Read this first: 70 Reasons to Doubt the official conspiracy theory. Then read Maureen O'Farrell.
Sept. 11 commission co-chair Lee Hamilton's prediction that another terrorist attack is all but certain, for example, when combined with concerns about George W. Bush's imperial ambitions, creates the kind of speculation the founding fathers engaged in, long before FOX News was there to pooh-pooh concerns about tyrannical designs.

And though predictions and conspiracy theories are often speculative and contrived, it must be remembered that the term "tin foil hat" has its roots in historical fact and the tendency to tag a "gate" onto scandals proves that some conspiracy theories do, in fact, turn out to be true.

--Maureen Farrell, Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

Let's make something clear at the outset: probable cause that George W. Bush committed a crime is NOT a "theory" of any sort. It is what it is: probable cause, a minimum legal standard that must be met before an arrest and charge. Secondly, I am less interested in any theory, including the official one, than I am in finding the evidence that only a real investigation can turn up. I am interested in the admissible evidence that will prove beyond reasonable doubt that Bush is guilty of the crimes that may be charged him should such an investigation proceed. First, the big holes in Bush's set of official and often contradictory theories:
  • Jet fuel cannot burn hot enough or long enough to melt steel. [See: Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?]
  • No steel building has ever fallen from fire --but on 911 not one, not two, but three buildings fell into their footprints within seconds of beginning descent.
  • The "hijackers" said to have piloted 757's into the twin towers couldn't even fly Cessnas, let alone airliners.

The 14th-century philosopher William of Occam said multiplicity ought not to be posited without necessity. In other words the simplest solution is most probably correct. Logically, the simplest solution is that solution with the fewest number of unproven assumptions. Or, in the words of Dr. John Lienhard of the University of Houston --we should make no more assumptions than we really need to explain anything. This concept is called Occam's Razor for William of Occam who articulated it.

In Bush's case, the official conspiracy theory explains nothing. Official theories are constantly papered over with new but inadequate hypotheses and, in the end, nothing said by the Bush gang explains anything at all. Nothing at all can be verified in any way. Nothing at all said by Bush about 911 can be believed. That nothing at all can be verified is convenient for Bush but it hardly exculpates him. Lack of evidence itself may not be evidence of guilt but lack of evidence because investigations were quashed or obstructed is something else again.

Had there been any truth to the official conspiracy theory, identifiable wreckage and a black box would have been recovered from the Pentagon. Rumsfeld inadvertently told the truth; he referred to a a "missile" [his word] that struck the Pentagon. That would, of course, explain no black box. It would also explain the lack of airliner wreckage. See how simply "truth" explains what is left inexplicable with lies. Simply, no airliner struck the Pentagon. It is the very vindication of William of Occam.

In the meantime, check the official Arlington National Cemetery Web site. None of those buried in connection with 911 were positively identified. Unknown "ashes" were said to have been hijackers! Oh really? Then why did they not show up on the Flight manifest? Show me some admissible evidence that said hijackers were even on board.

It's time for Bush to put up or shut up or, better, give himself up to Federal Marshalls! If Bush and his PNAC buds are innocent, then Investigate 911! What have innocent people to fear from a fair, complete and real investigation? It's time to put Bush, Marvin Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condolezza Rice, and John Ashcroft under oath. There is probable cause now to have the lot of them arrested by Federal Marshalls. There is probable cause to begin an investigation of the Bush White House for the mass murder of US citizens.

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

by Margie Burns

George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.

The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a 'completion contract' to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center 'up to the day the buildings fell down.'

It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998.

McDaniel confirmed that the company has security contracts with the Department of Defense, including the US Army, but did not detail the nature of the work, citing security concerns. It has an ongoing line with the General Services Administration - meaning that its bids for contracts are noncompetitive - and also did security work for the Los Alamos laboratory before 1998.

Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in DC that was the security company's major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. Marvin Bush has not responded to telephone calls and e-mails for comment.

KuwAm has been linked to the Bush family financially since the Gulf War. One of its principals and a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah, served on the board of Stratesec.

The managing director at KuwAm, Wirt D. Walker III, was also a principal at Stratesec, and Walker, Marvin Bush and al Sabah are listed in SEC filings as significant shareholders in both companies during that period.

Marvin Bush's last year on the board at Stratesec coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Co., one of the insurance carriers for the WTC. He left the HCC board in November 2002.

It's all an unbelievable series of incredible and fantastic coincidences. I wonder --what are the odds that the brother of occupant of the Oval Office would just happen to be in charge of WTC security at a time when wild al Qaeda "evil doers" were plotting to bring down the very buildings for which which Marvin was responsible.

This just in from the Daily Scare:

New Study from Pilots for 9/11 Truth: No Boeing 757 Hit the Pentagon

By Jim Fetzer

A study of the black box data provided by the government to Pilots for 9/11 Truth has confirmed the previous findings of Scholars for 9/11 Truth that no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11. "We have had four lines of proof that no Boeing 757 hit the building," said James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. "This new study by Pilots drives another nail into a coffin of lies told the American people by The 9/11 Commission".

The new society, an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals, petitioned the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) under the Freedom of Information Act and obtained its 2002 report on American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 that, according to the official account, hit the ground floor of the Pentagon after it skimmed over the lawn at 500 mph plus, taking out a series of lamp posts in the process. The pilots not only obtained the flight data but created a computer animation to demonstrate what it told them. ...
A related development. Michael Moore now says that he wants to get to the bottom of 911.

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What some have called War corporatism, I call fascism or Nazism. It goes far beyond mere "conspiracy theories", a label designed to confuse and distract. The real culprit is called the Project for the New American Century. As pointed out, their goals are hardly secret but that does not excuse them any more than Hitler's boast that he had waged war on the Jew in full view of the world could have expiated him from the execution that most surely awaited him.

My definition of "war corporatism" is simple: Bush, indeed the US government, is in the death business. Just as Adolf Hitler partnered with the likes of I.G. Farben, Thyssen and Krupp, the US government has partnered with the big defense contractors to make of war a racket. Face up to the undeniable implications: the US government, under Bush, is a criminal enterprise. That, not a raggedly band of terrorists up in the hills, is why the towers fell on 911.

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