Monday, July 16, 2007

The Probable Cause that 911 Was an Inside Job

Bush has put forward a theory so stupid and so full of holes that I am amazed that anyone believes it. Is this what is meant by the dumbing down of America?

Am I pissed! You bet I am! I am pissed at the murdering bastards who destroyed my country. But I am even more pissed at a nation of spoiled, self-absorbed sheeple who let them get away with it.

There is probable cause now to begin a real investigation of 911 which was, the last time I checked, a crime that was NEVER investigated. The 911 Commission doesn't count because it doesn't count for much.

Specifically, there is probable cause to investigate the charge that the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers in New York were "pulled off" with the knowledge and/or cooperation of the man who was in charge of WTC security --Marvin Bush, brother of the man who now claims to be "President" of the United States.

Since the events of 911, the Bush administration has put forward a "conspiracy theory" to explain the tragic events of that day. The burden of proof is upon those who espouse the "official conspiracy theories" to prove or support them with evidence. The dictum is: those who assert must prove.

Instead, the Bush administration has not only failed to support an outrageous "conspiracy theory" it has put forward 1) numerous contradictory statements, 2) statements easily proven false, and 3) reckless and meaningless statements about the nature of terrorism, statements incapable of being proven true or false.

Additionally, Bush has worked overtly to stymie all efforts to investigate those tragic events. Some have called it an active cover-up. The Bush administration has had ample opportunity to fully investigate the events of 911 but has not merely failed, it has refused to do so. A sop to critics and public opinion, the so-called 911 Commission report is not worth mentioning. That Henry Kissinger was initially appointed to chair the commission destroyed the commission's credibility, independence, objectivity and competence at the outset.

The perpetrators of mass murder in New York have counted on a lazy, biased and increasingly compromised mass media. What the mass murderers have not counted on were new developments that have literally created a series of credible investigations by numerous distinguished experts. So much is available now that the most difficult decision is where does one begin. Begin we must. Over the next several weeks, this blog will "indict" the conspirators who perpetrated the crime of mass murder upon the American people for political purposes. We will not seek a "conviction". We will establish probable cause of the guilt of individuals which we will name. And we will demand that a Grand Jury be convened for the purpose of considering the evidence and returning criminal indictments against the accused.

Put yourself in the position of Grand Jurors tasked with determining whether or not indictments should be returned in this case. Listen to the following presentations from that standpoint.

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