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Why and How Governments Betrayed Our Dreams of Freedom With Lies and Incompetence

Politicians the world over have created for themselves a new role. In the past, a BBC documentary says, politicians promised to deliver a better world, to help us realize our dreams of freedom and Democracy. Political power, authority, legitimacy itself was thus derived from the optimistic visions of the world's various peoples.

Politicians have betrayed that view. They have betrayed us. A new BBC documentary claims that politicians have found new ways to cling to illegitimate power, new ways to exploit fears, new ways to terrorize and enslave the world. Having promised dreams, the best governments can do is sell a grandiose protection racket called "war".

Briefly, the governments of the world, most notably the US and the United Kingdom, exploit the phantom terrorists of al Qaeda even as radical "Islamcists" exploit US neocons, Bush and similar ilk. Part two:

Part Three:

There are a total of six parts on You Tube. Search for "The Power of Nightmares - Part I".

The conclusion is clear to everyone but Bush, the Neocons and their extremist right wing base: the "Islamacist" movement owes its existence to the likes of Bush and Bush owes his political existence to Islam fanatics. A plague on both their houses.

Governments have given up the dream of peace. The Orwellian nightmare, the state of perpetual war, has come true but cannot be sustained. Worse than "mutually assured destruction", this universal exploitation of nightmare spells an end to humankind, at least the end of those dreams that make life worth living. It was an avoidable choice forced upon us by incompetent, cowardly and corrupt leadership.

In the US, more have begun to question the Bush modus operandi of exploiting our nightmares, our fears of "radical Islam", a prospect at least as terrifying as "radical Christianity" and the equally ideological, rabid "Christianist" movement which overtly seeks to make of the US a theocracy. Should either side "win", people themselves will be enslaved to nonsense, claptrap and ideology, nothing less than a new dark age.

What is the date of America's descent into madness? It might have been Pearl Harbor. Certainly, the US helped meet the very real threat posed by Hitler's Third Reich, but, in retrospect, our leaders may have learned all the wrong lessons. Did they learn only that FDR grew in strength by promising to protect Americans from the spectres of world wide fascism and Nazism? Did Saddam become Bush's "Hitler"? Did the GOP who hated FDR learn how to manufacture a state of crisis? Why is the GOP the party of the war on drugs, the war on porn, the war on immigration, the war on Murphy Brown and now --the war on terrorism?

America's descent into madness may be traced to the assassination of JFK. Almost everyone I've talked to about this --especially those old enough to remember it --have stated in various words that those tragic events marked the beginning of the "weirdness". It was most certainly followed by the murder of John Kennedy's brother, Robert and Martin Luther King, Jr. In the sixties, a naive dream of freedom became a drug induced nightmare exploited by the likes of Richard Nixon and, later, Ronald Reagan. More recently, the mysterious deaths of Sen. Paul Wellstone and Robert Kennedy were and remain "convenient" for Bush and the corporate right wing. What are the odds that only the GOP benefits from suspicious deaths, themselves at odds with "odds"?

It was pointed out on this blog very recently that the government version of events is almost always a lie. In general, every government lies in order to cover up its own incompetence, protect the criminality of its allies, or to cover up its own criminal complicity, possibly a combination of all three. Lies about JFK and 911 are most certainly of this ilk. Those lies may be found in the Warren Commission report and, more recently, the report of the 911 Commission.

Both the JFK murder and 911 have at least this much in common:
  • Both investigations were incomplete and incompetent.
  • Both events benefited an increasingly radical, rabid and ruthless right wing.
  • Both "investigations" proposed an "official theory", a plausible cover story.
  • Both investigations demonized differing versions as conspiracy theories.
In fact, both incidents --the JFK murder and the 911 attacks --were the catalysts for the very method by which the US government maintains its power and authority over us. As the BBC documentary points out so well: the US government exploits our worst fears and nightmares. The US government encourages and feeds them.

Why are Americans so fearful of the word "conspiracy" when, in fact, almost every US Supreme Court decision of any importance deals with conspiracies of one sort or another. Check the resources of Findlaw and the Cornell Law School law library. You will find hundreds if not thousands of court decisions, case law and precedent, having to do with conspiracies. That's a lot of case law spent on something that does not exist.

More specifically, what is "al Qaeda" if not a conspiracy? What was la Cosa Nostra if not a conspiracy? What is Bush's GOP if not a conspiracy? The government will demonize "conspiracy" when it's in its interest, but will celebrate the concept when "conspiracy" benefits the entrenched power. The government's' official lie re: 911 is one of the most absurd conspiracy theories to ever come down the pike and easily disproved with but a few indisputable facts not told you by the MSM. Some seven or eight of the 911 hijackers survived to give interviews to the BBC. Only thermite or thermate will melt steel. WTC owner Larry Silverstein ordered that Buildling 7 be "pulled".

When Bush warned Americans that his administration would be intolerant of outrageous conspiracy theories, he obviously excluded his own administration, itself, like Nixon's before him, a criminal conspiracy that ought to be investigated and prosecuted under RICO statues. Every time, Richard Nixon met, in the Oval Office, to confer with the likes of Herrs Haldeman and Ehrlichman, he "conspired" to defraud the citizens of the US. Every time, Bush met with Dick Cheney in the Oval Office, you can bet he engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the citizens of the US with wars of naked aggression, punishable by death under US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441.

The purpose of commissions like Warren and 911 was not to get at the "truth". The purpose of the Warren Commission was to shoot holes (with a Mannlicher Carcano, no doubt) into the idea that JFK was offed by a conspiracy, a gang representing subversive, right wing interests. In the case of 911, the commission's job was to rubber stamp the official conspiracy theory and paper over the gaping holes with bullshit.

In a world made more dangerous by government criminality, terrorism becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. Bush would not have survived his first term without al Qaeda and al Qaeda has grown stronger thanks to Bush. Since the murder of JFK, the government of the US cannot be trusted and the events of 911 have only made it worse. Sadly, it will not help to pinpoint the date when the US government ceased to be legitimate.

Georges Santayana once said that those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it; but whomever said History is a trick played on the dead may have had the fascist, imperialist government of the United States in mind.

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