Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bill Maher Aligns With Neocons, Tries to Assault Truthseeker

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Bill Maher brought this on himself with stupid remarks about the 911 truth movement. He called them nut jobs because they demand an investigation, a real investigation of 911. In every other instance --except, perhaps, Ku Klux Klan murders down south --crimes are routinely investigated. Not this time. Not 911.

Bill Maher Loses It!!

Recently, even the co-chairs of the 911 Commission say their work was obstructed by Bush. When the authors of the "official 911 conspircy theory" eschew their own work, the critics of the official narrative are not credibly called "nut jobs" as Maher called his unwanted guest. Maher stopped being funny. When the issue of Building 7 came up, Maher's witty retort was "nut job" --an epithet intended to tar 911 critics. If Maher had had a case he might have made it. When one doesn't have a case, one starts calling names. Maher doesn't have a case. He has writers.

Deluded, however, may very well apply to those who will persist in espousing an official theory that has been disowned by its authors. Maher falls into that category. Apparently he didn't get the memo. Maher apparently doesn't know or doesn't want to know that Silverstein himself is on video tape telling the BBC that his Building 7 was "pulled".

That means "controlled demolition." It also means weeks, perhaps months of engineering/architectural studies and other careful, precise planning.

Yet --Maher responds from ignorance if not stupidity, using the term "nut case" to describe his critics.

Silverstein Makes an Idiot of Maher!

Bill Maher may be overpaid, over exposed. Instead, of taking the right side on this issue, big mouth Bill has chosen to align himself himself with an official cover up, in fact, an official conspiracy theory for which there is not one shred of admissable evidence.

Whatever Bush's official version of 911 is these days, I challenge Bill Maher: produce the evidence, make the case! Every American should put the same challenge to Bush: give us a final version of this chamaleon orthodoxy and then prove it! Put up or shut up! Prove the case or step down! Resign the office you seized. Undo the dictatorship you built upon a pack of lies, war crimes, and criminal frauds.

But while we wait for Bush to tell a single truth, we boycott the American media. We stop patronizing big corporate sponsors. We stop feeding the monkeys! That has always been my position with regard to Fox. It is now my position with regard to Bill Maher. Demand that Bill Maher stop characterizing people as nut jobs who merely demand a real investigation of one of the most heinous crimes in history.

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Bill Maher is dead wrong on this issue. Boycott his show, his sponsors, his network!
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