Friday, July 25, 2008

Bugliosi to Congress: "The Bush administration has gotten away with thousands and THOUSANDS of murders!"

Offering the committee incriminating, documentary evidence to substantiate his charges, Bugliosi urged the committee to make a 'criminal referral' to the Justice Department to begin a criminal investigation of Bush and members of his administration to determine whether first degree murder charges should be brought against 'certain members of this administration'.Clearly --Bugliosi thinks the evidence supports not just an 'indictment' but a conviction..

Bugliosi to House Judiciary Committee: Bush is 'beyond all reasonable doubt" guilty of mass murder.

Before the Judiciary chaired by Rep. John Conyers, famed LA prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi stated: 'beyond any reasonable doubt' George W. Bush is guilty of the mass murder of our US troops and Iraqi civilians." The Bush administration," Bugliosi told the committee, "has gotten away with thousands and thousands of murders.

"I will give you words from Bush's own mouth," he continued to an enthralled audience in committee chambers, "that will prove shocking to most of you folks in this chamber."

"Whether Democrat or Republican, all Americans should be outraged by what the Bush administration has done. How dare they do what they did?"

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