Sunday, August 10, 2008

Impeachment Won't Help; Only Revolution Will Save America

If you happen to be among the top one percent of the nation, then, Bush has done a fabulous job for you. He's has enriched you and your type. You benefited from 911 which made possible Bush's agenda of aggressive war, dismantling the Constitution, and packing the courts. You should be proud and probably are.

Bush is just a figurehead. In the words of an excellent documentary that tries to explain the inexplicable: the fix was in! Bush is 'president' because he is a Bush and because he represents you --but only if you happen to be among the top 1 percent of the population. If not, you are outta luck! Bush has done his job on his bosses behalf. Everyone else is outta luck. It's a comprehensive and deliberate program:
  • wage resource wars in the middle east --Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran specifically;
  • enrich the Military/Industrial complex which represents America's last 'export': state-sponsored terrorism;
  • dismantle the Constitution and the electoral apparatus through subversion and institutionalized vote theft;
  • establish a precedent by which the 'executive' may rewrite the laws passed by Congress;
  • pack the courts such that the rights of individuals and lower classes are disenfranchised, ignored, and, in other ways, violated with disingenuous decisions which often, of late, simply ignore several hundred years of Anglo/American jurisprudence, the precedents established by our own US Supreme Court, and the very letter of the law itself.
In Bush's words: "The Constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper!" If you happen to be among the top one percent of the nation, then, Bush has, indeed, done a fabulous job on your behalf. If the revolution is to be effective, it must begin with a restoration of the 'rule of law' which Bush has subverted with signing statements, decrees, and executive orders.

Greg Palast is, once again, on the trial of a 'President' who has come out of the closet, i.e, Bush openly flouts the very source of US sovereignty: the people themselves. In a phrase: Bush doesn't give a shit about that or about you.

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