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Why and How the GOP Made 'Terrorism' America's Number One Export

Terrorism may be the GOP's last redoubt. The GOP has exploited fear of communism, drugs, porn and --now --terrorism. Exploitation has defined the party. The 'war on terrorism' is just as phony as were all other GOP 'wars'.

GOP efforts against porn and drugs would fail, it's own membership being among the worst offenders. With the collapse of the 'Soviet Union', the GOP would be left with a single bogey man: terrorism!

Nevertheless, Ronald Reagan still felt it necessary to maintain a 'cold war'. According to Tom Gervasi in 'The Myth of Soviet Military Supremacy', Reagan lied to the American people when he told them that the Soviet Union had 'outstripped the United States and established a military superiority'. Reagan, who tripled the national deficit and double the federal bureaucracy would exploit our fears of 'commies' to justify huge expenditures which had the effect of enriching military contractors. It cannot be merely coincidental that the rise of the American 'military/industrial complex' was and remains nearly inversely proportional to the fall of every other American industry: steel, automotive, electronics et al.

With the decline of the very heart and soul of American economic strength came America's transformation into a fascist state characterized by growing inequalities of wealth and income, the rise of the Military/Industrial Complex, and the role of the CIA as 'enforcer' for the establishment.
There is evidence that members of the same CIA/Cuban exile community participated in the killing of PResident John F. Kennedy in 1963. We also know that the CIA's 1980 contra program later managed to get Luis Posada Carrilles out prison in Venezuela. They put him to work for Felix Rodriguz, who was reporting directly to then Vice-President Bush's office. As Felix Rodriguez told the press, "We needed him." He as referring to Carrilles, the terrorist airplane bomber.

The Iran/Contra scandal revealed the very curious situation in which Vice-President George Bush, supposed in charge of the country's top anti-drug task force, was involved with the drug running contras. IN the early 1980s, Bush travelled to Panama to meet with Noriega, who was then cooperating with the "Black Eagle" operation that supplied arms to the contras and was using Panamanian airstrips. In the mid-1980s, the CIA had a falling out with Noriega, apparently because he refused to cooperate with its plans for the invasion of Nicaragua. The Contra resupply operation was then shifted to the Ilopango airbase in El Salvador, and Felix Rodriguez was put in charge. (Testimony and evidence presented in the Milian Rodriguez trial and to the Kerry Committee showed that the Medellin cocaine cartel was making payments through Felix Rodriguez, buying access to the contra air transport program that was being run out of Ilopango.) Hard evidence, international telephone records for example, proves that Rodriguez was reporting several times a week to Vice-President Bush's office.

--John Stockwell, The Praetorian Guard: The US Role in the New World Order, ISBN: 0-89608-395-0
'Terrorism' is not just a symptom of the decline, it has played several major roles. Terrorism is the new bogeyman, the 'ringer' for a communist threat that probably never existed but is beyond credible exploitation. Terrorism is much, much more: it is an ill-defined and incredibly convenient pretext by which the GOP may wage an Orwellian perpetual war, in fact, a series of oil wars, that John McCain says may last '10,000 years'. Terrorism, moreover, has become the convenient means by which all opposition to our fascist regimes are marginalized, demonized, and, in worse cases, silenced forever. Draconian measures insisted upon by Bush authorize him to incarcerate without charges, phone calls or habeas corpus anyone suspected of being a 'terrorist'. That means the 'Bill of Rights' is dead. It means the separation of powers is dead! Coupled with his use of 'signing statements' to rewrite laws, Bush rules by decree.

The GOP, aiding and abetting Bush, has now created in the United States an absolute dictatorship the purpose of which is the enrichment of some one percent of the nation to the exclusion of every other class. War on Terrorism' and Ronald Reagan's infamous tax cut of 1982 are high upon a list of many milestones along the path to US fascism and dictatorship. Both and other GOP excesses have turned America into a banana republic, a nation of 'haves' and 'have nots'.
1982 was the worst year since the Great Depression, with -2.2 percent growth. Why should that be? The private sector knew about the tax cuts well in advance. Many conservatives argue that impending changes in tax rates affect corporate behavior; for example, when the rich learned in 1986 that capital gains would be raised in 1987, they took all the appropriate counter-measures in 1986. Then why did this not occur in 1981, with news of massive tax cuts on the horizon?

Furthermore, by 1982 there had already been enormous cuts in the capital gains tax, the most sacred tax cut that conservatives hold dear. Between 1978 and 1982, the top rate on capital gains was cut from 39 to 20 percent. And the top rate on unearned income fell from 70 to 50 percent (mirroring a similar rate cut in earned income).

--Steve Kangas, Liberalism Resurgent
Goppers, impotent in the face of facts, desperate to point to something, anything positive about the regime of Ronald Reagan, cite a 'peace time expansion' following Reagan's recession of almost two years. In fact, every Democratic President has outperformed every GOP President since World War II.
And supply-siders are careful to note that Reagan's was the longest peacetime expansion since World War II. In truth, the Kennedy-Johnson expansion was longer: 106 months compared to Reagan's 92.1 Of course, there was a war in Vietnam, which gives supply-siders an excuse to dismiss it because wars are beneficial to the economy. But they are beneficial because governments engage in Keynesian borrowing and spending during them (which could be directed to social services as well as war). Unfortunately for supply-siders, it was really Keynesianism that produced the longest economic boom since World War II.

--Steve Kangas, Economic Performance
The Reagan tax cut robbed millions of financial and class status but worse: the hope that they might rise above poverty, better their lot and finance the education of their children. The plight of the very poor has only gotten worse since 1980 with a short-lived respite in Clinton's second term. What had been the 'lower middle' has slipped off into poverty. About one percent of the population owns more than the bottom 90 percent combined.

Historically in fascist regimes, a burgeoning population of 'the poor' represent to the power of military/industrial establishments a never-ending source of slave labor. If the American citizenry will not awakened from this nightmare, the worst is yet to come. Can anyone believe that the construction of FEMA camps at secret locations throughout the US is indicative of a federal agency diligence doing its job when, in fact, it was AWOL during Katrina!

In summary, the GOP has 'hollowed out' the US economy. That Ronald Reagan is primarily to blame for this is the very reason he is idolized by American fascists. "He made us feel good about ourselves", they swoon. Certainly, Hitler had the same effect on his supports as he rose to power, an opposite effect when the shit hit the fan! In the meantime, the Military/Industrial complex filled the void left by the dissolution of American industries --steel, cars, refrigerators, and electronics, all which are now imported, primarily from China and Japan.

America's number one export is 'death'. US adventures in the Middle East are done at the behest and for the benefit of the defense establishment. US military adventures serve three purposes: 1) the theft of 'oil', the energy source of choice for most nefarious reasons; 2) the employment of in the industry of death; 3) the maintenance of the GOP in power by marginalizing the opposition as 'terrorist'. As raison d'etre for perpetual war, 'terrorism' beats the pants off 'communism' any day. Many in the GOP are probably scratching their heads and wonder: "why didn't we think of this earlier???" Addendum: What happens when the 'dictator' is allowed to arbitrary rescind --by his unlawful decree --the protections of the US Constitution (a 'goddamned piece ofpaper') Due Process of Law and some 400 years of common law and Anglo-American jurisprudence and respects for the law!
GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. -- An 18-year-old was punched in the face 13 times by a deputy police officer, whose dashboard video camera caught the incident on tape, WYFF Channel 4 News reported.

The video shows undercover Deputy Brian Tollison pulling over a truck driven by a drug suspect and beating the teenage driver while what appears to be a back-up deputy held down him down.

Once back-up deputies arrived, 18-year-old Jeremy Rucker was pulled out of the truck and tasered and kicked while lying prone on the ground.

Sheriff Steve Loftis fired Tollison, who also faces criminal charges for the incident, which took place May 15.

"The fact that Deputy Tollison took his closed fist and struck the suspect in the face 13 times in my opinion was excessive," Loftis said.

The other deputies involved have not been charged.

Needless Brutality: Video shows police punching teen 13 times in face, then tasering him
We must simply DEMAND that Bush and Cheney, the entire cabinet and key appointees, complicit enablers and anyone else in any position who has assisted, aided, financed in anyway monetarily or with valuable consideration, or in any way abetted by omission, the unlawful, treasonous, and murderous activities, decisions, plans, orders, decrees, signing statements or policies that have been connected in anyway with the overt and demonstrable subversions of the rule of law, specifically the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and US Codes prior to their unlawful alteration by signing statements ordered by Bush and effected upon his order! Down with traitors, tyrants, mass murderers, war criminals and bald-faced liars!

Additional resources:
  • The CIA: A Forgotten History, William Blum, London, Zed Publishers, 1989
  • Inside the Company: CIA Diary, Phillip Agee, New York: Bantam, 1975

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