Friday, January 04, 2013

Magic Bullet, My Ass!

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

I once spent several hours with a famous witness to the murder of JFK ---Rosemary Willis, often called the little girl in the red dress. She is easy to spot in the Zapruder films, running along the south side of Elm street just ahead of her father, Phil Willis. Phil Willis was taking 35mm slide films of the motorcade. Rosemary is seen running ahead and, suddenly, stopping! Rosemary showed me her father's slides and a double-page center-spread from one of the Willis photos depicting the Grassy Knoll.

Her father's photos had appeared in Look Magazine. One of the photos became a double-page spread. Rosemary and I placed the spread on a light table beside the original photo which had only recently been released by the FBI. Interestingly, those photos were seized AFTER Look had published.

"Do you notice anything unusual', she asked me.

I looked again! It hit me like a brick! In the original slide there was NO train visible between the columns of the pergola.

But the train was CLEARLY visible in the Look magazine spread. Why? Rosemary explained that AFTER Look had published its piece the FBI came calling. They SEIZED all of Willis' original photos. When she showed those photos to me, they had only recently been released, having been in FBI possession for years. The FBI --playing the role of 'Big Bro' --did not want people to verify that there had, indeed, been a train on the tracks at the very time that the fatal bullets were being fired.

But why?

Then I recalled the 'tramps' who had been rousted earlier while hanging out in box cars behind the Grassy Knoll. Those tramps, as you recall, included Frank Sturgis and, the man whom I believe lead a team of assassins --E. Howard Hunt. As a result of my time spent discussing this with Rosemary, I became increasingly convinced that a team of shooters had targeted JFK; the box cars, the area behind the picket fence became a secured staging area.

I had always believed that the fatal shot, the horrible head shot seen in the Zapruder film, had come from the front, the grassy knoll, the significance of which The The FBI seemed eager to cover up. I held evidence of this in my hand!

Incidentally, just prior to the shooting George H.W. Bush was photographed with his hands in his pocket 'hanging around' the front entrance of the TSBD. I am convinced that I have met at least one of the perpetrators of murder and high treason.

Method! Motive! Opportunity!

This case, this evidence should have gone to a federal grand jury! Instead, the evidence was destroyed and tampered with to PROTECT the guilty and murderous traitors who pulled it off.

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