Sunday, January 06, 2013

The GOP Record in Texas May Predict the Future

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

If Texas is the GOP 'lab' experiment as some have said then one may be justified in drawing several conclusions:
  • In TX, the GOP deliberately neglected education; high school graduations dropped to dead last (nationwide) under Bush/Perry;
  • As a result, crime rates rose; Dallas became the nation's murder capital;
  • Only the CORPORATE OWNED prison system benefited from the resulting rise in crime which the GOP had the NERVE to demagogue!
The GOP is not a political party; it's a crime syndicate with characteristics of a kooky whacked-out cult! Now they want to apologize to the ruling 1 percent that their stupid, incompetent economic policies created by
  1. exporting U.S. jobs and industry to China;
  2. creating a vast gulf between rich and poor;
  3. attacking Detroit, a city that had been the center of a VIABLE U.S. auto industry.
The GOP would make quick work of that! Now we import cars from Japan. And how about Pittsburgh? It was at one time the center of world steel production. Alas ---the GOP POX struck there as well. You will find Japan making and exporting their steel and employing their work force in the process. If you wish to see the result of GOP policy, specifically, the effect of GOP incompetence upon America's stand in the world, you need only visit the CIA's World Fact Book. China is at the very top of the list with the World's Largest Positive Current Account Balance. That ranking is the result of the fact that China manufactures products and, notably, sells them to the U.S. by way of Wal-Mart.

Now --scroll down to the bottom of the list. That's where you will find the United States, dead last with the World's largest NEGATIVE Current Account Balance, formerly called the Balance of Trade Deficit.

The GOP deserves NO respect and gets none from me. The GOP should run for office in either China or Japan as both nations have benefited greatly from the policies of the GOP! Certainly --the U.S. of A has not benefited but suffered at the hands of a 'party' that is either crooked or incompetent or both!


Historyscientist said...

Good to hear this point of view from inside the US. I think it is sort of obvious from the outside.

Len Hart said...

Thanks for posting! Indeed ---some have a political agenda; others have a blind spot. Objectivity is difficult when one is so close to the problem. But, if I may say so, that has never been my problem. But there is a often a price to be paid for telling the truth and/or being true to one's convictions. Again --thanks for your comment.

TRex said...

You were rather gentle. There is very little good one can say about the GOP if you are not a member of the ruling elite. Their membership cannot die off fast enough to save what is left of the American dream.

But then that leave the Democrats. Quite the pickle.

Len Hart said...

TRex, the Democratic party could finish the GOP off, i.e, reduce it to its base of just 1 percent, if it would get its head out of its collective 'ass'. BUT the sad fact is this: the GOP has money representing, as it does, the ruling 1 percent!

I had GOP 'campaign manuals' and strategy papers that clearly stated that the candidate raising/spending the most money wins unless he/she is a total fuck up. Democrats have NEVER had this kind of access to cash.

It takes money to buy air time. Air time is measured with Gross Rating Points. The 'party' raking up the greater number of Gross Rating Points usually wins.
Ergo: the only way to neuter the crooks is to take money out of the equation. The FAIRNESS DOCTRINE and strict limitations on media consolidation should be restored for a start.

TRex said...

Both parties are financed to a large degree by the same people if you exclude partisan GOP structures like Freedom Works and Fox news. Even Wall street pays to both sides of the fence though they make a big noise about Democrats while rotating their own people in and out of government through a revolving door that will exist regardless of who is in power.

The whole political system has shifted to the right.

Len Hart said...


the GOP has the money; their sources simply HEDGE their bets. Historically, DEMS usually get LESS money from the same sources. After all, just one percent of the nation owns more than some 95 percent of the rest of us. Naturally, the ILLUSION of a two party system is considered to be worth the effort in order to prevent a revolution. One day, the populace will figure out that the whole thing is a charade if not a fucking hologram.

TRex said...

Well, I'm certainly not disagreeing with you sir. You are preaching to the choir as it were.

Len Hart said...

TRex, yep, without a doubt we share the same 'take' on this. Having said that, the Dems will still get my vote over anyone from the gopp. The BEST system consists of 1) abolishing the electoral college; the office of Prez is supposed to rep the 'people'. So --why is he/she elected by states via a method that waters down and distorts the vote; 2) the direct election of the President would put crooked state machines (Texas under the Bush GOP) out of business; 3) the votes themselves, being direct, would make possible a more accurate vote counting method, possible a 'preference voting system' or a Borda count. I leave that to the math majors.

Thanks for commenting and thanks for an interesting exchange.