Tuesday, May 16, 2006

America de-hypnotizes itself and the GOP runs scared

Bush is hanging on to majorities in only three of the so-called "Red" States. Clearly —the nation has turned against Bush and with him —the GOP. At least one article I encountered stated that people don't just dislike Bush —they hate him.

The Washington Post still puts Bush's approval rating at 33% but other polls, presumably more recent, put Bush in the upper 20's, his latest low in an overall downward trend. Given his no win position on every important issue and given the public's "wrong track, right track" responses, Bush has no where to go but ever downward.

Republican Leadership Approval Hits All-Time Low

By Richard Morin and Dan Balz

Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, May 16, 2006; 5:36 PM

Public confidence in Republican governance has plunged to the lowest levels of the Bush presidency, with Americans saying they now trust Democrats by wide margins to deal with Iraq, gasoline prices, immigration and more, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll that underscores the fragility of the GOP's grip on power six months before the midterm elections.

Dissatisfaction with the administration's policies in Iraq has overwhelmed other issues as the source of President Bush's and the Republican's problems. The survey suggests that this increasingly pessimistic mood about the direction of the country -- 69 percent said the nation is now off track -- as well as the Republican Party and congressional incumbents have dramatically improved the chances of Democrats to register significant gains in November.

Democrats are now favored to handle all 10 issues measured in the Post-ABC News poll. The survey also shows a clear majority of the public (56 percent) saying they would prefer to see Democrats in control of Congress after the November elections. Only a third want the GOP to remain in the majority. Nearly three times as many Americans say they will use the elections to express opposition to the president (30 percent) than to show support for him (12 percent)...
There is no good news for Bush on the horizon. Already, his deployment of National Guard to Southwest U.S. borders has earned for Bush and his gang the term "Mayberry Machievellis". Consistent with Bush's record, the move is seen to be mere PR. What, after all, are National Guard expected to do? Shoot people? Do we want a border war with Mexico aimed primarily at civilians?

More ominously, there is talk of using "drones" to patrol the U.S./Mexican border. Where will that slippery slope take us? Will drones one day patrol our deteriorating neighborhoods, namely, the ones made poorer by GOP economic policies? Imagine drones patrolling inner cities in search of "drug dealers" or "terrorists" —"terrorists" being whomever disagrees with the Bush or the GOP!

Another issue has figured most prominently in Bush's precipitous downfall: Iraq. Iraq is the tragic story of a country in which hundreds of thousands of civilians died so that Bush —equipped with an obviously phony cod piece —could look "good" landing on an aircraft carrier.

The pulling down of Saddam's statue —now exposed to have been a planned photo-op —was the last good news to come out of Iraq. No good news can ever be expected from that tragic part of the world as long as the U.S. remains there to make "terrorism" worse by inspiring increased resistance to Bush's illegal occupation of that sovereign nation. One wonders: instead of attacking Iraq which had nothing to do with 911, why didn't Bush go after Bin Laden? But, as Alexander Cockburn correctly writes: Bush was offered Bin Laden and Blew It.

According to OpEd News people's poll, Bush is whipped on all the big issues.
2nd OpEdNews/Zogby People's Poll; Censure, Bush Lies, Stolen Election, Nuking Iran, Impeaching Cheney, PA Senate Race

One of the most interesting findings is the fact that some old news is comming back to haunt Bush. That is the opinion of a majority of viewers of every news network except fox: The 2004 Election Was Stolen.

It's not just the fact that the war against Iraq is going badly that is hurting Bush. 52% polled by OpEd News say Bush LIED in order to justify the war.

A growing number of Americans —now up to 50% —are beginning to question Bush's "official conspiracy theory" about the events of 911. This group is clearly unhappy with the lack of investigation and/or Bush efforts to block investigations following the tragic events. This group favors a new investigation.

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