Sunday, May 14, 2006

Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators

Jason Leopold, writing in reports that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than half the day Friday with attorneys for Karl Rove. During the meeting, he served the attorneys with indictments charging Rove with perjury and lying to investigators in connection with the famous leak that "outed" CIA NOC, Valerie Plame. Fizgerald has given Rove 24 hours to get his affairs in order —presumably before arrest.

According to various sources, the charges against Rove will include perjury and lying to investigators about " and when Rove discovered that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert CIA operative". The charges are expected to deal with whether or not Rove shared that information with reporters, in effect, blowing Plame's CIA cover. The entire scandal has often been referred to as "treasongate".

Leopold cites sources close to the as saying that Fitzgerald is likely to add obstruction of justice —a more serious charge —to the list of crimes attributed to Rove.

Stay tuned. Rove will sing like a canary. He may even say that he was authorized to leak Plame's name by Bush himself. Bush may even claim that if he authorizes it, it's legal.

With any luck, Bush himself will be indicted. With a bit more luck, we will eventually learn of a conspiracy —cooked up in the White House —to commit treason by subverting the CIA and undermining our national security. Contrary to GOP kool-aid, Plame was a NOC. Outing her for political revenge subverts national security. I submit to this forum that not even the President has that kind of authority. The deliberate subversion of national security, i.e. endangering the lives of American citizens for political revenge, is treason —even if the President does it, even if the President tells himself that's its OK. We don't work for Bush; Bush works for US.

The Bush administration's handling of this case is especially egregious in that Plame would never have been "outed" had not her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, told the truth about the lies Bush told to get us into the quagmire in Iraq.

Europeans and the rest of the world "saw through" Bush from the get go. Americans however, hyponotized by the events of 911, have been longer seeing through the facade of fraud, lies, incompetence, criminality, and now —the very real possibility that a conspiracy to betray the nation was cooked up inside the White House itself.

Bush is increasingly isolated; the following by Mike Whitney in the Italian website, uruknet, has summed it all up succinctly:

Mike Whitney: Starting over when Bush is gone

Big Brother Bush has finally descended into the hell of public scorn and degradation. The once-mighty George 2, the "War President", who towered over the global landscape after 9-11, has slumped into disrepute with the popularity-meter resting on empty.

Oh dear.

There’s no place to hide now. 6 years of demagoguery and deception have smashed the Orwellian façade and fueled the public rage. The country is on tender-hooks; one paltry incident away from a citizen revolt and massive political upheaval.

Don’t believe it? The fury of the masses is silently brewing just below the surface. The specter of violence is quite real.

Bush’s popularity is now somewhere below Nixon’s and just above venereal disease; the perfect spot for a draft-dodging poseur whose bravado cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. ...

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