Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bush's Utter Failure Proven in Government's Own Stats and Charts

Terrorism is always worse under GOP regimes. Likewise, budget deficits are always worse under GOP regimes. Likewise, oil prices are always higher under GOP regimes. I've got the government's own numbers and those of the Brookings Institution to prove it all. Unless you are a GOP insider, a Wall Street co-conspirator, or a part of the endemically crooked Military/Industrial complex, the GOP has bent you over and screwed you. Anyone supporting the GOP is either a GOP insider, a crook or an idiot.

We haven't seen incompetence on this scale since Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan or Bush Sr.

Check out these budget deficits below, caused primarily by profligate tax cuts which have never stimulated the economy and have, in fact, never trickled down. Notice that the worst deficits --like terrorism --are worse during GOP regimes.
According to supply-side theory, these actions should have nudged the economy in the right direction, not plunged it into the worst recession in 40 years. Other problems involve timing: Reagan's first tax cuts went into effect in 1982, but this was also the summer that the Federal Reserve Board slashed interest rates and expanded the money supply. Most economists believe the Fed, not Reagan, was responsible for the following recovery. Finally, the recession of 1990 began four months before Bush broke his "no new taxes" pledge. The recession began in July 1990; Bush signed his tax increases into law in November 1990.

And supply-siders are careful to note that Reagan's was the longest peacetime expansion since World War II. In truth, the Kennedy-Johnson expansion was longer: 106 months compared to Reagan's 92.1

--The Reagan Years

Moreover, the Fed's "peace time expansion" following Ronald Reagan's "depression" of almost two years was uneven. The worst income disparities in American history had already been triggered. As if by design, the Reagan's rich base got even richer and everyone else began to lose ground. They are still losing ground despite a all to brief respite in Bill Clinton's second term. The GOP has ruined the American economy, perhaps forever.

Historic Budget Deficits

The budget shown below --your money squandered by Bush.

Below is a chart of oil prices adjusted for inflation. It was never just about oil. It was about the price of oil The GOP wants to keep those prices high and will go to war to do it. Like terrorism deficits, oil prices are always higher during GOP regimes. Hey, Heritage Foundation! You wanna debate me on that point? Make my day!

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