Saturday, March 15, 2008

John McCain: From Politician to Party Whore

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has made his Faustian pact with the GOP. Topping his previous idiocies -- a war of one hundred, perhaps even 'ten thousand years' -- McCain now claims that al Qaeda "might attempt spectacular attacks in Iraq to try to tilt the US election against him". McCain forgets that the only US party to have ever benefited from an al Qaeda attack is the GOP, partners and fellow terrorists. [See: Terrorism is worse under GOP regimes] The prospect of erstwhile gain, after all, is why McCain made peace with Mephistopheles seen on the right first in line.
McCain, at a town hall meeting in this Philadelphia suburb, was asked if he had concerns that anti-American militants in Iraq might ratchet up their activities in Iraq to try to increase casualties in September or October and tip the November election against him.
"Yes, I worry about it," McCain said. "And I know they pay attention because of the intercepts we have of their communications ... The hardest thing in warfare is to counter someone or a group of individuals who are willing to take their own lives in order to take others."
--McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip US election
McCain surely hopes you are as stupid as the GOP rank and file who, apparently, never figured out that whenever Bush was in trouble, Bin Laden released another tape as if on cue. Clue: it was! Al Qaeda was, in fact created by the CIA. It's alleged leader, Bin Laden, worked with US intelligence throughout the '70s and '80s; he was visited by American 'spooks' as he received dialysis in Dubai, just months before 911.

According to Richard Clark, Al Qaeda, a creation of the CIA [See also: Disinformation: CIA Posing as Al-Qaeda?; Al-Qaeda: A CIA protégé], was created for the purpose of enabling the House of Saud to bankroll Osama bin Laden during the Afghan war against the Soviet Union. Throughout this 1980s war, Washington and Riyadh funneled some $3.5 billion to the mujahideen.
Bin Laden became a US patsy when it was clear that he was much more valuable as a bogeyman around which a crooked and illegitimate Bush regime would create 'al Qaeda' --an evil terrorist "Spectre" which could be conveniently blamed for Bush's every red herring, his every pretext for wars of naked aggression against oil producing countries --notably Iraq.

Is McCain naive or complicit? Both! McCain is naive for falling for the GOP line of bullshit. He is complicit because, like Faust, he sold his soul if he ever had one. Even America's ABC News was 'suspicious' of Bin Laden's lack of substance but, most significantly, the political timing from which only Bush benefited.
Osama bin Laden's latest message is a hodgepodge of anti-capitalist vitriol, impassioned Islamic evangelism and what can best be described as a twisted attempt at reconciliation: Join us, or we'll kill you. 
Analysts say the video that came out days before the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is more about timing than substance, an attempt by history's most wanted fugitive to thumb his nose at the forces arrayed against him and remind the world that he hasn't been caught.
--ABC News
Even ABC reported in 2007 that Bin Laden's beard looked phony but never bothered to ask why! Simple explanation: both Bin and the beard were phony. As Benazir Bhutto told the BBC before she would be gunned down in the streets of Karachi --Bin Laden had been murdered. Most, if not all, Bin Laden tapes were therefore faked, perhaps produced and directed by the CIA. The record will prove conclusively that whenever Bush was in trouble, Bin Laden could be counted on to release another production.

McCain was trashed and dragged through the mud by rabid, fanatical Bushie fundamentalists down south, a land of red states and redder necks. But don't shed any tears for McCain who recovered from the sucker punch just in time to play kiss up to the Bush gang of traitors! Don't waste your time with a modern Faust, a party whore who literally lined up to kiss Bush's ass, pretending all the while that the emperor was fully dressed. Unlike Faust, however, Party Whores cannot expect redemption at the end of a long poem, only ignominy at the end of a human tragedy.

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