Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bush's Capital Crimes

I have yet to see a complete list of Bush's crimes. Here are just a few main categories in which Bush has outdone Nero.
    Election Theft

  • Bush's campaign financed the felonious physical assault of vote re-counters in Florida, even as the State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Al Gore who had sought the recount, a recount upheld by the Florida Supreme Court. Though, this state issue was resolved legally by the Florida Supreme Court, SCOTUS would later hand down a bogus decision for which there is no precedent or basis in law.
  • Scalia's rationalization is pure political bunkum and has nothing do with law. Certainly, there was no compelling reason for the US Supreme Court to even hear the case! Scalia said that 'continuing' the recount would be harmful to Bush. Duh! In a Democracy the one getting the fewer number of votes is SUPPOSED to lose! Scalia is not only a criminal, he's an idiot and an arrogant asshole! All his statements concerning Bush v Gore are those of an idiot pretending to be a great intellect.
Bush Goes Rogue
  • In office, Bush imperiously repudiated America's treaty obligations and international commitments, most notably the Kyoto accords on global warming. An aide to my GOP Congressman told me that the US is not obliged by the treaties it signs!
  • Bush covered up the crime of 911, destroying evidence as he interfered with and obstruction investigations. He opposed the creation of the 911 Commission and interfered with it after its creations. The result: an incomplete, disingenuous, and irrelevant 'tome' disowned by the co-chairs of the committee that wasted tax payer dollars coughing it up! Pure propaganda designed to deflect suspicion of the Bush administration complicity and cover up of 911!
Bush Exploits 911
  • Bush presided over and orchestrated an gestalt of lies --much of based on decades old photographs --in order to justify what is, in fact, a war of naked aggression against Iraq for the purpose of 'liberating' that nation's oil resources! His lies about Iraq make the US attack, invasion and continued occupation an on-going war crime in violation of US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441. Bush tried to make these crimes, specifically, legal only after he had already committed them! That's understandable: the penalty for violating them is death!
  • Bush admits to authorizing a campaign of ongoing tortures at Abu Ghraib and a gulag of Nazi-like hell-holes throughout Eastern Europe. There is evidence that US Troops, under orders from the Bush administration, not only committed various tortures but murder and other atrocities that had been heretofore associated with the likes of the Nazi under Hitler, Pol Pot and August Pinochet.
  • The theft of Iraqi oil resources is an international crime.
  • The theft of Iraqi art treasures is a crime!
  • Bush personally bears the legal responsibility for the deaths of US Soldiers in a war of naked aggression --a war crime! I urge family members of slain US soldiers bring a class action against George W. Bush personally. He is personally responsible for every military death in wars that are illegal under both US and International Conventions to which the US is signatory!

Bobby Darin - Simple Song of Freedom

Enough is enough!

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