Monday, June 23, 2008

Bush's Capital Crimes in his own words

Bush accuses critics of Abu Ghraib of 'slandering America'. Bush, however, had eviscerated America, trashed its Constitution. How dare this dumbass accuse those who have exposed his capital crimes of 'slandering America?!

I have a message for Bush: you are NOT America!

Regulars to this blog know that since its inception, I have charged that George W. Bush has committed 'capital crimes'. He has done so knowing that they were capital crimes. So arrogant is this mediocre excuse for a human being that he simply never thought that the people of the US would catch on to his 'act', in fact, his bloody criminal fraud.

Having commented on this blog, 'WindHarps' has now put together in one You Tube 'post' a veritable treasure trove of videos in which Bush reveals to the world his venality, his stupidity and his arrogance. There is nothing more insufferable than an idiot so arrogant that he thinks his intellectual betters will never catch him in his lies, will never dare to expose to the world the millions of deaths for which he is responsible! And because Iraq is a war of naked aggression, those deaths --military and civilian --are each one count in a murder indictment that will include more than a million victims.
Bush's Supreme (Court) Hypocrisy: "Slander[ing] America"

Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Rendition? "Of course if you want to slander America, you can look at it one way." Abu Ghraib? "This is [just] the action of some soldiers."

From :
During an interview with Sky News, Bush accused British journalist Adam Boulton of "slander[ing] America."

Boulton: "And yet there are those who would say, look, let's take Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib and rendition and all those things, and to them that is the, you know, the complete opposite of freedom."

Bush: "Of course if you want to slander America, you can look at it one way. But you go down — what you need to do — I think I suggested you do this at a press conference — if you go down to Guantanamo and take a look at how these prisoners are treated — and they're working it through our court systems. We are a land of law."

Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer Sums Up Torture as Legal

General-Abu Ghraib-Bush Officials-War Crimes.

The Supreme Court Overruled Bush (a 3rd Time), Saving Habeas Corpus: "The justices, voting 5-4, said a 2006 law unconstitutionally stripped Guantanamo prisoners of the right to file so-called Habeas Corpus petitions. The majority rejected arguments that a system of limited judicial review...was adequate to protect inmate rights."

Bush's Response: Threatened (more) possible legislation (forgetting that their Majority was lost in Nov. 2006). The Military Commissions Act was an override of the Supreme Court, and a retroactive cover for War Crimes. Who has slandered America, and everything it once stood for?

Bush: "Bypassing the Constitution means that we did something outside the bounds of the Constitution."

Yes, that's exactly what it means.

Supreme Hypocrisy.

Supreme "Tortured" Logic.

Supreme Bullshit from a regime defined by "bullshit"!

A Different Supreme Court Awaits.

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