Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why were 'first responders' decontaminated at the Pentagon?

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Decontamination is done when one is exposed to radiation! Why, then, were 911 'first responders' to the Pentagon de-contaminated? That they were is compelling evidence that DU [Depleted Uranium] ammunition and armour-piercing technology were present; it is compelling evidence that Bush's 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 is utter bullshit! If DU had been used at the Pentagon, then the fire and damage was most certainly not caused by a hijacked 757.

There is not a shred of hard evidence to support any part of Bush's 'official theory' which fails to explain anything about the Pentagon crash. A more rational explanation is required consistent with observed and verifiable facts on the ground and in the photos. Bush's official theory merely ignores the difficult parts; its authors hoped that you would not notice.

Facts unexplained by the 'official' theory include:
  • a 16 x 20 penetration hole much too small accommodate a 757
  • a punch out hole in the inner ring (too small; a soft, aluminum bodied 757 would not have made it that far anyway)
  • the utter lack of even so much as a skid mark on a pristine, putting green lawn
  • no wings were ever recovered from the lawn, the building, or the inner ring. Where are they?
  • Donald Rumsfeld referred to a 'missile that struck this building'; a 757 is NOT a missile but a U.S. Global Hawk most certainly is --and it carries a payload.
  • the total debris gathered is but a small fraction of the total debris that would have been left by an airliner. [See: conservation of matter and energy] According to the 'conservation of energy and matter, neither energy nor matter is ever destroyed; it merely changes form. Whatever struck the Pentagon would leave behind its own weight in debris.
That the Bush 'official conspiracy theory' violates the long established principle of the 'conservation of matter and energy' is the smoking gun. The only other explanation is that 911 was an inside job and no airliner ever struck the Pentagon.

It is the job of 'theories' in law, science or forensics to explain. A 'theory' raising more questions than it explains is a bad theory --even if it is official. Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 is worse than 'bad theory' --it's a treasonous lie.

Official FEMA photographs from the Pentagon depict what is obviously an engine rotor with a diameter estimated at about three feet, obviously from an aircraft which is credibly estimated (from the photos) to be about 1/3 the size of each of two much larger 757 rotors. Larger rotors, traceable to a 757 were NEVER found at the Pentagon. Had a 757 crashed, the rotors of titanium-steel alloy to withstand interior engine heat, would have survived to be found. That they were not proves that they were never there! Ergo: NO 757 ever crashed the Pentagon --hijacked or no!

The photographs of the 'rotor' were published in the American Free Press and, so far, no one has dared claim that it is the rotor of a 757 engine --an aircraft that we are told hit the Pentagon. The engine rotor from a 757 is about three times the size at about 9 feet in diameter. If an airliner had crashed the Pentagon, two such rotors --each some 9 feet in diameter would have been found. They were not found because they were never there.

The three-rotor turbine was found near insulation and part of a 'housing', evidence that it was the wreckage of a much smaller aircraft than a 757 --a U.S. Global Hawk, perhaps. In any case, its presence does not support Bushco's 'official conspiracy theory'; moreover, the 'official conspiracy theory' cannot explain the presence of small aircraft wreckage. The 'official conspiracy theory' utterly falls apart.

The Pentagon was and remains among the most 'surveilled' buildings in the world. Hundreds, perhaps, thousands of frames were taken of whatever it was that crashed the Pentagon. The point is clear: the debate about what actually struck the Pentagon could have been put to rest before it began had the government --the Bush administration --released all the photos that were taken that day. If Bush is annoyed because people demand the truth, he has only himself to blame. Bush could have given himself up, confessed, submitted to trial, been convicted and hanged! It would haved saved the nation a nightmare.

Now --if Bush is guilty, his refusal to release the photos is completely understandable! Guilty people are highly motivated to hide or destroy evidenceA photo of a Global Hawk, for example, is compelling evidence, perhaps a 'smoking gun', that the attack on the Pentagon was an inside job. If Bush were entirely innocent of all wrong doing in connection with 911, it would have been in his interest to release every photograph and to have ordered a complete and thorough investigation of 911. But --instead --Bush chose to cover it up and accuse those questioning him of high treason! Fact is --only if Bush is guilty is it in his interest to 'cover it up'. Bush covered up 911 and ordered physical evidence destroyed --NOT the behavior of an innocent man! 911 continues to be covered up to this day! Draw your own conclusions.

The nail in the coffin is the fact that 911 responders were de-contaminated at the Pentagon. The official theory doesn't even try to explain that fact! It was assumed that we would never find out about it. That 911 responders were de-contaminated does two things: 1) it completely demolishes the 'official conspiracy theory'; 2) it is material evidence that whomever ordered the 'responders' had reason to believe that dangerous radiation posed a threat to workers on the site. That the decontamination took place is evidence that they had been correct!

A 757 airliner is a civilian craft. It is not nuclear powered; it does not carry a nuclear war head or hardened nose cone. It carried no weaponry --conventional or nuclear! Had a 757 crashed the Pentagon there would have been no need to order decontamination procedures. No such procedures were carried out in New York. Clearly, 'officials' knew at the time that a civilian airliner had not crashed the Pentagon. Moreover, the only scenario that fully explains the necessity of decontamination procedures is that a military craft crashed into the Pentagon. It is my belief that that is what happened in fact.

As I have written time and again, Bush's official conspiracy theory is full of holes.
  • No part of it is defensible.
  • There is not a shred of hard evidence in support of it.
  • The 'story' itself is inconsistent.
  • It violates Occam's Razor, raising more questions than it explains.
  • It's a lousy theory. Even a bad theory should --at least --'sound' credible. Bush has only shock, trauma, grief and misplaced patriotism in his defense.

By contrast, every explanation is, in fact, a theory. Theories, despite what Bush and the media would have you believe, are how both law and science proceed. A set of related facts are explained by 'theories' which must, of necessity, explain all facts. Theories inconsistent with proven facts must be discarded as false. Bush's theory explains nothing and is inconsistent with established science. By contrast, a technology called 'Global Hawk may very well explain the seemingly inexplicable events of 911 and, at the same time, point an accusing finger.

The salient feature of Global Hawk technology is that it is operated by remote control. Google 'Global Hawk'. You will find several articles about how the US outfitted a plane with Global Hawk technology and flew it from California to Australia. No human pilot! No Arab hijackers! Remote control.
America's greatest crime against humanity is radioactive genocide particularly against the children of Iraq who are the innocent victims of our illegal war, occupation and economic rape of Iraq. We have the blood of countless innocent children on our hands and it will take generations to remove the stain of our illegal and inhumane transgressions. Currently, more than 50 percent of Iraqi cancer patients are children under the age of 5, up from 13 percent. Children are especially vulnerable because they tend to play in areas that are heavily polluted by depleted uranium.

--America's greatest crime is radioactive genocide
The most obvious holes in Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 are connected with two buildings: WTC-7, ordered 'pulled' by Larry Silverstein; and the Pentagon where the 'debris' recovered doesn't add up to a 757 airliner which would have left behind several times the wreckage that was, in fact, recovered! [See: 911 ] The single engine 'rotor' that was found was only three feet in diameter. If a 757 had struck the Pentagon, two engines with rotors of about 9 feet in diameter would have been recovered. In fact, no other Pentagon wreckage was ever traced to an airliner of any sort.

The main reason for using "dense" or "heavy metal" in new version hard target bombs and cruise missiles is the increased kinetic energy available for an existing delivery system. High density metal (DU is 2.4 x heavier than Iron) means that the same weight length penetrator can be smaller diameter. This is important because new upgrades have to fit the same size missile bodies or bomb dispensers. See the FAS site http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/smart/hdbtdc.htm Research data on ground penetration weapons relates penetration effectiveness to length against cross section area - thinner ones go deeper for the weight, whatever they are made of.

The pyrophoric (burns in air) quality of DU that helps it burn its way through armor is not relevant for the first stage of hitting hard targets. Bombs and cruise missiles go slower than anti-tank shells so DU is less likely to ignite on initial impact at slower speeds. Kinetic energy and nose cone design are most important to go through earth and concrete. Tungsten may be best for the tip if is not too brittle. But it would be far more expensive than DU for the main ballast or liners.

--Depleted Uranium Shells Against Afghanistan Population
If a real investigation of 911 should conclude that the weapon of choice was a Global Hawk, then the only conclusions consistent with that are:
  1. 911 was an inside job;
  2. the 'President' actively tried to cover up the crime of mass murder to protect members of his administration and to hide his own complicity;
  3. that tax monies --paid by US citizens to 'their' government were misappropriated and applied to the mass murder of fellow citizens.
Traditionally, treason is the name given serious acts of disloyalty to one's sovereign or one's nation. It was not until 1990, that the Criminal Justice Act (1990) removed the death penalty for acts of treason. But 911, is not only an act of high treason --the supreme act against one's country. 911 is a series of 'mass murders'. Certainly, if Bush were an ordinary human being subject to the laws that every other person is subject to, this crime would have landed him on death row in Texas awaiting a needle and an IV cocktail.

No Windows on Flight 175

It is hard, offhand, to cite a single crime in world history that is the equal of 911 in terms of sheer evil and horror. The name Bush will surely live in infamy. If Bush cannot be held accountable to the rule of law --which he claims to be above -- then it is the patriotic duty of good, truth-loving Americans to keep alive his memory. The name 'Bush' should, by rights, live forever in infamy beside the names of history's great mass murderers --Nero, Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot!

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