Monday, June 23, 2008

How to remember George Carlin

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

There's no point is trying to write an article about George Carlin. In this case, the platitudes just don't work. There is no way to sum up what Carlin meant to a generation being pushed through a human sausage grinder called Viet Nam, a generation that witnessed the US government open fire and murder its own citizens. It's enough to view Carlin and laugh with him at every stupid thing that's been done to us. As Carlin might have put it: it must really piss those mother fuckin' cocksuckers off! Sorry, George, wherever you are. I just couldn't get all seven of them in. There was, after all, only one George Carlin.

Following is a 'video playlist' of several of Carlin's greatest routines as well as the obligatory 'obit'.

George Carlin R.I.P.

I forwarded an email with news about Carlin. The People's Voice were kind enough to quote me:
"--a 'funny man', to be sure, but much, much more. Carlin was a worldly wise man, a latter day Voltaire who 'cut through the crap' to expose the frauds behind many curtains."

- Len Hart
Carlin is already missed! But he will never be forgotten. Whenever anyone in authority does something stupid, mean, or just plain crooked, George had already skewered them. Whenever a prig presumes to authority, George had a list of seven words that still sums them up!

Don't mourn Carlin's passing. Go get a CD of one of his old 'albums'. Put it on and have a laugh at the expense of every stupid jerkoff that makes up the American establishment. Laugh it up! Carlin lives!

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