Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacot Steel

by Ed Encho
Wake up, will ya pal? If you're not inside, you're outside, OK? And I'm not talking a $400,000 a year working Wall Street stiff flying first class and being comfortable, I'm talking about liquid. Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time. Fifty, a hundred million dollars buddy. A player, or nothing.

-Gordon Gekko
In the movie that would serve as a blueprint for the future lives of young turks shat out of the womb of 1980s Reagan eat the poor capitalism a young broker named Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen) engages in a bit of trickery to manipulate stock prices by invoking the magic words “Blue Horeshoe loves Anacot Steel” over the phone to players and media hacks. The movie was Oliver Stone’s Wall Street and the young Fox was in the process of selling his soul to the canny devil in suspenders who would become an iconic cultural figure. The seducer was big time corporate raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) whose amorality and worldview rooted in the dogma that “greed is good” would serve as the role model for the very large scale looters, charlatans, thugs, hedge fund hyenas and money grubbing sociopaths who are responsible for the global financial collapse.

Through their avarice, their blood-sucking vampirism and their relentless pursuit of zero sum game, fuck you capitalism they have killed the goose that laid the golden egg, beggared millions and first built and then destroyed trillions of dollars in fairy tale wealth that never existed in the first place other than in numbers in a computer. The smart ones cashed out and put their money into real assets, gold, real estate, commodities, off-shore bank accounts that would allow the chiselers to evade taxes on their ill-gotten gains.

The reason that I invoke “Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacot Steel” is largely inspired by a very interesting and provocative website that I was informed of called Deep Capture which examines a concerted and widespread effort by Wall Street parasites and their many accomplices in the media to influence the markets by spreading disinformation and engaging in short selling to create nonexistent stock and making money by driving down share prices from which they would profit. To put it in pop culture terms that are more easily understandable to the layman than all of that four-flushing Wall Street bullshit jargon, short selling is what Billy Ray Valentine and Louis Winthorpe did to bring down Randolph and Mortimer Duke by busting their racket to corner the orange juice market at the end of the movie Trading Places. The story put forth on Deep Capture is an exposure of a grand theft perpetrated against legitimate businesses, non-connected investors and America itself by a fiendish cadre of jackals working together to suck the marrow from the bones of not only the USA but the entire interconnected global economy that is currently on the precipice of ruination and the cause of widespread unrest that will soon be coming home to roost.

Now I am certainly no expert when it comes to the high-flying world of financial chicanery which is deliberately confusing and opaque so as to discourage close scrutiny and I am not even going to attempt to get into trying to explain this crap but even to a working shmoe like myself this sets off the alarms for fraud and criminality, the effects of which actually do trickle down (unlike the horseshit ‘free market’ deregulated predatory environment) and affect the lives of millions of victims. These are the poor people who lose their homes after being duped into taking out adjustable rate mortgages by the pimps peddling the mythical America dream, they slyly and misleadingly call it the ownership society (they own your ass) and then having those mortgages sliced, diced and packaged into complex financial instruments that are derivatives. The derivatives – the one word that is taboo in discussing the entire economic fiasco (kudos to Keith Olbermann who in his March 9th show invoked the D-word close to twenty times) for the simple reason is that it would be the accelerator to the smoldering anger and resentment already working its way through the populace and threatening civil unrest over the ongoing efforts by our wonderful government to continue to pump taxpayer money into a corrupt, rotting and diseased system to just keep the game going a bit longer to let the well connected high rollers cash out.

Note the failure of the Obama administration to do what is necessary and nationalize the banks, wipe out the gamblers and fire the management to pull these leeches off of our backs, that is rooted in an ongoing occupation of Washington by insiders. The key with any sort of real rescue of the financial system is with the devil in the details, it is imperative that the bad bank or whatever other Orwellian name that is assigned to the clearinghouse where the poisonous paper of the treacherous banksters be set up so that they can launder their money and saddle the next three generations with the bill. The rush is on too because the looming cataclysm of a tidal wave of mass commercial property defaults is near and the moneychangers know this.

Now at midnight all the agents
And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone
That knows more than they do…

Then they bring them to the factory
Where the heart-attack machine
Is strapped across their shoulders..
…and then the kerosene

Is brought down from the castles
By insurance men who go
Check to see that nobody is escaping
To Desolation Row

-Bob Dylan: Desolation Row

The victims of the plague of foreclosures wrought by the Ponzi schemes of mortgage backed securitization (DERIVATIVES) are despite the best efforts of the shills and payroll propaganda parrots like the usual right-wing scum along with useful idiots such as CNBC’s Rick Santelli to paint them as losers and resort to the bread and butter tactic of ‘blaming the niggers’ are growing by the day in number. The courts are clogged, there are millions being forced out of the homes that they were tricked into buying by con men and carpetbaggers bearing ‘exotic’ mortgage schemes to game the system, falsely inflate real estate prices (now dropping like a rock subject to Newton’s law of gravity) and then book their commissions and fees fully knowing that when the music stopped they would ensure that there would be a chair under their mangy asses. The music did stop when the systemic rot could no longer be spackled over and the grossly overinflated markets began to crash under the weight of their own toxic bullshit like the houses of cards that they always have been. The economic diaspora cast adrift in a sea of hopelessness filled with ravenous sharks grows in number by the day. The best efforts of the Barack Obama administration to mediate the fiasco are hamstrung from their inception since he is as his predecessors were surrounded by same gaggle of financial wizards from Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve who will always be first and foremost interested in self-preservation and protecting their cronies.

But I digress…

Tuesday’s massive stock rally (the Dow was up nearly 400 pts) was largely the result of the buzz that the besieged monstrosity Citigroup was according to inside info sent into the media spin machine by CEO Vikram Pandit having it’s best quarter since 2007. Now considering that Citigroup is on bailout number fucking THREE I would certainly hope that they are having improved results but the news of this was disseminated early and the desired effect, to give another shot in the arm to the crack ho markets was a rousing success. Now it should be no hidden secret that Wall Street’s interests are diametrically opposed to those of the majority of Americans, those who are generally referred to by the talking heads and political whores of the oligarchy as “Main Street” As the financial sector has risen to a level of dominance in this country opposed only by the military-security industrial complex and to these powerful interests, everyone and everything else is simply collateral damage. By the way, this week's Citigroup inspired sucker rally is now in the third day as the get rich quick rubes are ready to roll over and pay to grab a mouthful of pillow for the inevitable ass-fucking that they will be getting after this latest pump and dumb scam plays out. The seal of approval of the latest laying of poison bait was given by judas goat Cramer on Mad Money on Thurday - This Rally is Real!

The influencing of the markets and the complicity of certain media figures in pushing the lies of Wall Street thieves has gotten some rare attention as of late with the brilliant and ongoing attack on CNBC’s Jim ‘Mad Money’ Cramer by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. CNBC is nothing other than a FOX News style propaganda network that works for the voracious Wall Street piranhas instead of the neoNazi, fascist Republican party. Both are nothing but disinformation factories that churn out public relations pieces like link sausage made with tainted skunk meat. Cramer is a big player in the collapse and the massive fraud, he is not just some bug-eyed babbling baboon on crystal meth as he appears, the preening court jester of looter capitalism. No, what Jim Cramer is is a Harvard educated connected man, a former hedge fund manager and business associate of vitriolic neocon Marty Peretz, formerly of the DLC democrat rag The New Republic and an Israel Lobby kahuna still hung over from the orgy of blood drinking that resulted in the brutal takedown of Charles Freeman this week.

Mad Money Cramer has had increased visibility this week due to the Stewart videos that have gone viral on YouTube and appeared on websites and blogs aplenty (including this one) and his admitted complicity in rigging the markets back in 2006. Now even a former Republican congressman, Tom Davis is suggesting that Cramer be made to testify on his knowledge of the hedge fund manipulation. It is also of my personal opinion that Cramer should be hauled into court and forced to spill his guts on his role in manipulation of the markets. He is an arrogant and volatile ass clown, a fucking sociopath and a a flim flam man without peer. Dig this little nugget from the Deep Capture website entitled: Jim Cramer is a Complicated Man.
In 1994 Cramer hired Nicholas Maier as a favor to Marty Peretz, who was close with the Maier family. Maier worked for Cramer until 1998, then left and wrote a tell-all book about his years with Cramer: Trading with the Enemy: Seduction and Betrayal on Jim Cramer's Wall Street (New York: HarperCollins, 2002) It contained detailed description of Cramer's manic and abusive style. For example, Maier recounted the following scene after a trader at Cramer's firm, Mark Kantor, executed a buy order at a price one-quarter point higher than what Cramer had expected, a total difference of $625:

"'The broker fucked us, big time!'

"'The eighth offering was fading when we called,' Mark explained.

"Jim bit down on his lower lip as his hands clench into fists. He leaned forward to get closer to Mark, and started banging on the top of his monitors. The crown of his balding skull reddened as he yelled at the top of his lungs in a high-pitched whine.

"'I told you they fucked us! Fucked us, fucked us, fucked us!'

"'Listen to me.' With piercing eyes Jim scanned our sober faces. 'This is not some fucking joke!' he screamed, spit flying from his mouth. 'We are at war. We are in a foxhole.' He flung out his hands. 'Everyone out there is the enemy!'

"Mark nodded to show Jim that he understood. That wasn't what Jim wanted. He started smashing his phone over and over on the desk in front of him. He lifted a monitor and heaved it like a shot put. After flying several feet, it shattered on the floor."

Maier also described Cramer's questionable trading ethics. One passage noted a brush with naked short selling:

Jim turns toward his head trader. "Mark, sell ten thousand Bristol Myers."

"We never bought any Bristol Myers," Mark replies.

"We own the calls," Jim corrects Mark impatiently, aggravated by the delay.

"So sell it short?" Mark asks for clarification. Mark knows that according to the SEC rule book, selling stock you don't already own (even if you do own the call options) must be marked and executed as a short sale.

"You are confusing me with someone who gives a shit. Just sell it! I said hit the fucking bid!" adds Jim, not interested in wasting time over petty semantics. Skirting the "plus tick" rule in this case won't necessarily make us a lot of extra money, but in Jim's eyes, the rule is still an unenforceable annoyance. "And don't ever ask me that again!"
Even more hilarious is that Cramer claimed to be the inspiration for Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox character, I shit you not. It's like that other egotistical horses ass NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus claiming that he was the inspiration for Jerry Maguire. These guys have no fucking shame at all.

In the coming days Cramer willl be a source of much amusement, that much is as certain. In his much hyped Godzilla vs. King Kong steel cage death match with Jon Stewart last night the consensus is that Cramer got his ass handed to him, and justifiably so. Hey, what this guy is a part of is racketeering and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the man is a con artist and the only real difference between him and those predators who fleece grandma and grandpa out of their retirement money by high pressure selling them to buy into shitty time share scams on the Okeefenokee Swamp is that he has a propaganda network behind him. He belongs on some late night cable television infomercial selling the newest version of the juicemaster or hawking penis enlargement devices.

Since his career as some kind of oracle of instant wealth is now on the downside he had best avoid the latter gig.....his future cellmate may be a customer.

Right-wing Hangover

by Doug Drenkow

The Right complaining about all the time, effort, and expense that will be required to clean up the mess left behind by eight years of their policies under the Bush administration is like a bunch of spoiled frat boys with hangovers complaining about all the noise from the cleaning crew and all the bills for the breakage left in the wake of one of their drunken bashes. A little less complaining and a lot more help would be sorely appreciated.



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How the U.S. went from 'World's Number One Exporter of Terrorism' to Bankrupt

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The US is the world's number one exporter of world terrorism and, at the same time, sustains, by far, the world's largest NEGATIVE current account balance of $ -568,800,000,000. [See: CIA: The World Factbook] In every area but 'terrorism', the US trails the world. It has not helped America's case that monies 'earned' exporting death and destruction have not helped the US current account balance which remains negative. It is, however, clear that the US makes its living, 'killing'. Fat lotta good that has done the people of the US.

US Army documents detail the extent to which the US has become addicted to the export of death and destruction. According to that document, the US leads the world in the manufacture, sale and distribution of WMD, the use of 'terrorist' tactics and PSYOPS, and overt acts of aggression that when done by smaller nations are called 'terrorism'.

US military spending is greater than that spent by the rest of the world’s nations combined. As the US claims to 'defend' Democracy, it subverts it. How is the US truly concerned about terrorists acquiring WMD when it is the US that leads the world in the manufacture, sale and distribution of WMD? WMD are a big chunk of our GDP. Military spending, generally, is by far the biggest slice of the pie. The US is in the death business.

Anything said by the GOP about 'terrorism' or the failing US economy is either a bald-faced lie or said disingenuously, in bad faith. Anything said by the GOP about the economy must be weighed against the GOP agenda du jour: figure out a way to pin the rap on Obama! GOP focus groups have been tasked with coming up with up with plausible cover stories that can be 'sold' to the public.

Earlier, Bushie Reaganheads tried to blame Clinton for the consequences of twelve long years in which Reagan and Bush --by way of Reagan's tax cut of 1982 --looted the nation, transferred wealth upward from working folk to lazy, unproductive 'elites', offshore to tax havens and overseas to potential enemies and the MIC. As a result, the US will have no shortage of enemies and real 'terrorists' many of whom are financed with US monies and US government blessings.

There has been a very high price paid for years of GOP-Oh-nomics, an era defined by the preferential treatment shown the privileged class, an era in which 'real income' and purchasing power declined.
The merchandise trade deficit reached a record $847 billion in 2007, but declined to $810 billion in 2008, as a depreciating exchange rate for the dollar against most major currencies discouraged US imports and made US exports more competitive abroad. The global economic downturn, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, investment bank failures, falling home prices, and tight credit pushed the United States into a recession by mid-2008. To help stabilize financial markets, the US Congress established a $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in October 2008. The government used some of these funds to purchase equity in US banks and other industrial corporations. In January 2009 the US Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed a bill providing an additional $787 billion fiscal stimulus - two-thirds on additional spending and one-third on tax cuts - to create jobs and to help the economy recover.

--CIA, World Factbook
If the US trails the world in exports, it is fair to ask how the US stays afloat. The answer is ugly. As the US ceased to export significant amounts of product during the Reagan years, China found, in our decline, an opportunity. They would buy bucks, so that the US could afford to buy the products of Chinese industry. Under the missrules of Herrs Reagan and Bush, the US became a vassal state of China.

The US benefited from the world addiction to oil. Demand for the dollar was supported by the fact that oil was traded in dollars on world markets, prominently, the Iranian Oil Bourse. If, for example, a nation's currency was francs, it had first to trade those francs for bucks in order to buy oil.

In the meantime, the US found another product that it could export: world terrorism! While the US is said to be 'defending' Democracy, it is, in fact, subverting it. As US exports declined, US 'militarism' increased. The US justifies imperial aggression with the pretext that terrorists may acquire WMD. That position is undermined by two facts: 1) the US leads the world in the manufacture, sale and distribution of it last remaining export: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! If the US were genuinely concerned about the proliferation of WMD, it would stop encouraging it and profiting from it; 2) The source for WMD among 'alleged' terrorists is the United States. Chances are good that so-called 'terrorists' will have obtained its weaponry with monies raised selling cocaine to one of the largest drug dealers on the planet Earth: the CIA!

Because of criminal, right-wing politics, US policy guaranteed an endless supply of enemies and real 'terrorists' many of whom were and continue to be financed with US monies originating inside the US, specifically, the CIA, the US Military, Military Contractors and professional 'dirty tricksters' who freelance for the CIA.

One of the 'smoking guns' indicting US policy and criminality is a 'manual' intended to be released only to 'students from foreign countries on a case-by-case basis'.The manual outlines a program of 'irregular warfare', in other words, US state sponsored terrorism, insurgency, and PSYOPS.
1-21. Waging protracted IW depends on building global capability and capacity. IW will not be won by the United States alone but rather through combined efforts with multinational partners. Combined IW will require the joint force to establish a long-term sustained presence in numerous countries to build partner capability and capacity. This capability and capacity extends U.S. operational reach, multiplies forces available, and provides increased options for defeating adversaries. The constituent activities of IW are:
  • Insurgency.
  • COIN.
  • UW.
  • Terrorism
  • CT.
  • FID.
  • Stability, security, transition, and reconstruction (SSTR) operations.
  • Strategic communication (SC).
  • PSYOP.
  • Civil-military operations (CMO).
  • Information operations (IO).
  • Intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) activities.
  • Transnational criminal activities, including narco-trafficking, illicit arms dealing, and illegal financial transactions that support or sustain IW.
  • Law enforcement activities focused on countering irregular adversaries.
1-22. The above list of operations and activities can be conducted within IW;

--Headquarters, Department of the Army, Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare, September 2008
Ignoring 1) the mountainous body of evidence that US policy and the CIA, specifically, is the root-cause of the vast majority of the what is commonly called 'world terrorism'; and 2) the equally impressive body of hard evidence that 911 was an inside job, the Army cites 911 as the pretext by which the US should embark upon the policy as outlined above.
1-18. The 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States highlighted the increased danger of warfare conducted by other-than-state enemies. Recognizing that such irregular threats by nonstate actors would be a likely and even dominant pattern throughout the 21st century, national policy makers dictated that planners must analyze and prepare for such irregular threats. It was clear that previous assumptions about the terms “conventional,” “traditional,” or “regular” warfare, and reliance solely on a “regular” or “conventional warfare” doctrine were inadequate. IW was a significant theme in the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review Report. In April 2006, the Pentagon drafted the execution roadmap for IW as a means of combating this growing threat from actions beyond conventional state-to-state military conflict.

--Headquarters, Department of the Army, Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare, September 2008
Elsewhere, the document cites the threat posed to the US by "WMD—such as nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. But I have yet to find a single word, phrase, sentence or paragraph in which the manual mentions the threat posed to the rest of the world by some forty years or more of US meddling, threats, covert operations, US sponsored assassinations, overt threats, bombing and/or war and invasion. Instead, we get platitudes that are made absolutely meaningless by the remainder of the Army document.
A-64. Democracy and the protection of fundamental liberties were the basis for the creation of the United States more than 200 years ago. Since then, a central goal of U.S. foreign policy has been to promote respect for democracy and human rights throughout the world. The DOS— .. Promotes democracy as a way to achieve security, stability, and prosperity for the entire world. .. Helps establish and assist newly formed democracies.

op cit
The US Army document is an arrogant, imperialistic and ill-considered response to a growing 'threat' --but a threat that is posed only to US monopolists and death merchants, i.e., the Military/Industrial Complex, a fancy name for Murder, Inc. The US has squandered the limitless goodwill that had been extended our nation at the end of World War II.

This blog predicted the impending financial collapse several times during Bush's illegal occupancy of the Oval Office. Here is one of them.
It's been over seven years since the US had real or competent leadership and now a neo-ape man may precipitate our return to the cave! Iran threatens Bush's simplistic view of the world as well as the coffers of "big oil". Iran, isolated by mysteriously cut internet cables, will this month begin trading oil in currencies other than the dollar. Bush's cave man solution: nuke Iran! Kill, kill!
On September 16 1985, when the Commerce Department announced that the United States had become a debtor nation, the American Empire was as dead, theoretically, as its predecessor, the British. Our empire was seventy-one years old and had been in ill financial health since 1968. Like most modern empires, ours rested not so much on military prowess as on economic primacy.

--Gore Vidal, Chapter Three of Imperial America (Nation Books, 2005)

Bush's response to Iran's "Oil Bourse", as you may recall, was, typically, pre-stone age. At the time I posted the article excerpted above, I predicted that the US empire would collapse and with it, the dollar. We will continue to pay and suffer the consequences for having let Bush get away with stealing the White House and occupying it illegally.


I hate to say I told you so --but:
Sixteen years ago, two economists published a research paper with a delightfully simple title: “Looting.”

The economists were George Akerlof, who would later win a Nobel Prize, and Paul Romer, the renowned expert on economic growth. In the paper, they argued that several financial crises in the 1980s, like the Texas real estate bust, had been the result of private investors taking advantage of the government. The investors had borrowed huge amounts of money, made big profits when times were good and then left the government holding the bag for their eventual (and predictable) losses.

In a word, the investors looted. Someone trying to make an honest profit, Professors Akerlof and Romer said, would have operated in a completely different manner. The investors displayed a “total disregard for even the most basic principles of lending,” failing to verify standard information about their borrowers or, in some cases, even to ask for that information.

The investors “acted as if future losses were somebody else’s problem,” the economists wrote. “They were right.”

On Tuesday morning in Washington, Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, gave a speech that read like a sad coda to the “Looting” paper. Because the government is unwilling to let big, interconnected financial firms fail — and because people at those firms knew it — they engaged in what Mr. Bernanke called “excessive risk-taking.” To prevent such problems in the future, he called for tougher regulation.


Above all, as Mr. Romer says, the federal government needs the power and the will to take over a firm as soon as its potential losses exceed its assets. Anything short of that is an invitation to loot.

Mr. Bernanke actually took a step in this direction on Tuesday. He said the government “needs improved tools to allow the orderly resolution of a systemically important nonbank financial firm.” In layman’s terms, he was asking for a clearer legal path to nationalization.

At a time like this, when trust in financial markets is so scant, it may be hard to imagine that looting will ever be a problem again. But it will be. If we don’t get rid of the incentive to loot, the only question is what form the next round of looting will take.

--NYT: The Looting of America’s Coffers

It all started when Cramer got perturbed by a segment TDS did on CNBC's financial network (Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC and Rick Santelli ).

He was so mad that he showed up on a bunch of NBC shows crying about the way he was portrayed. Stewart really just said what all of America wanted to say to Wall Street: F*&K You!

Tonight we had the big face-off, the heavyweight bout, the Super Bowl square-off between CNBC's Jim Cramer and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. Cramer was especially upset about being included in a segment TDS produced on the horrible and almost criminal reporting CNBC has been airing as THE go-to business network after CNBC's Rick Santelli attacked average working-class people who got caught up in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Santelli dubbed them as "losers." Well, the only loser tonight was Cramer and CNBC.

Jim basically sat there, starry-eyed like a lost puppy, and was virtually silent throughout the three-segment show featuring him. He basically waved the white flag and said, "You got me."

--Crooks and Liars, Jon Stewart creams Jim Cramer on the Daily Show!


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boehner Demagogues the Failing Economy

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The GOP's most influential mouthpiece --John Boehner --has said that now is the time that the US government 'tighten' its belt' to show the people that the government 'gets it'. Boehner doesn't get it! And neither does his stupid party! The US economy is contracting and may slide off into another 'Great Depression'. Nevertheless, Boehner would push us off the cliff rather than allow a Democratic President a chance to undo eight years of GOP incompetence and criminality.
What’s insane about Boehner’s remark? He’s talking about the current economic crisis as if it were a harvest failure — as if we faced a shortage of goods, so that the more you consume the less is left for me. In reality — even most conservatives understand this, when they think about it — we’re in a world desperately short of demand. If you consume more, that’s GOOD for me, because it helps create jobs and raise incomes. It’s in my personal disinterest to have you tighten your belt — and that’s just as true if you’re “the government” as if you’re my neighbor.

Plus, who is “the government”? It’s basically us, you know — the government spends money providing services to the public. Demanding that the government tighten its belt means demanding that we, the taxpayers, get less of those services. Why is this a good thing, even aside from the state of the economy?

Again, this is what the leaders of a powerful, if minority, party think. Can this country be saved?

--Paul Krugman, Can America be Saved?
There is substance to the charge that Boehner is not as ignorant or as stupid as his statements seem to prove. The truth is --Boehner has no interest in 'fixing the economy' on Obama's watch. Boehner is not really against a bailout. He's against a bailout that might not enrich his base. He's against a 'Democratic' bailout that might succeed. He's against a bailout if his 'base' of robber barons is not enriched by it.

You can bet your ass that Boehner would jump through hoops to take credit for a bailout if it should enrich his already rich base. You can bet your ass that whatever bailout Boehner supports would transfer several billions out of the economy and into numbered accounts offshore, out of the hands of Democrats who might have put that money to much, much better use as Democrats, in fact, did on Clinton's watch.

It doesn't matter to Boehner that Obama inherited the crash that was well-underway on Bush's watch. It doesn't matter to Boehner that Bush's bailouts were a last desperate payoff to those who 'brung 'im'. It doesn't matter to Boehner that GOP policies have both caused and exacerbated a crash that is well underway --that of Bush and the GOP!

It only matters to Boehner that the GOP figure out a way to pin the rap on Obama, just as Bushie Reaganheads tried to blame Clinton for twelve long years in which Reagan and Bush looted the nation and shipped the booty up to the 'base', offshore to havens, overseas to potential enemies and to the MIC which has apparently guaranteed that the US will have no shortage of enemies and real 'terrorists' many of which are inexplicably financed with US monies. One wonders --how do they get it? By way of the CIA, perhaps! How about we finance this bailout by taking it out of the CIA's ass? But --I digress.

Boehner, who has 'Presidential' ambitions, would love to pin the blame for a major crash on the current Democratic administration. Boehner is positioning himself for a run at the White House. There is a name for this: demagoguery!

Expect more lies from a party that has never 'gotten it', a party of the evil and the stupid. The stupid may really believe that tax cuts which benefit only the very, very rich will trickle down and stimulate the economy. The evil among them know better but exploit the fairy tale in order to enrich themselves and their base as they impoverish everyone else. Of what use are stupid, evil games of blame and brinkmanship when the US economy is owned by the Chinese? We should unite in order to get back our economy.

It doesn't matter what party occupies the White House if the policies which destroy the US are those of the GOP, the stupid and/or evil Boehner or the mavens of tax cuts which got us here? Typically, the GOP is trying to 'frame' the debate as a dichotomy between 'bailout Democrats' and a 'fiscally responsible GOP'. This position is disingenuous, a deliberate focus-group approved 'frame'. The first 'bailouts' were GOP. Not surprisingly --they failed! 'Frame' that!

The real issue is the fact that it was the criminality of the GOP that is responsible for the transfer of wealth upward to the nation's elite --a mere one percent of the total population. The mechanism by which the GOP effected this transfer of wealth upward is known to anyone with two working brain cells. Tax cuts! It was Reagan's tax cut of 1982 that began the trend which 1) made the very rich, much, much richer; and 2) resulted in a transfer of billions to offshore tax havens where they are not taxed and not invested in new jobs or industries or, in fact, in any way that benefits the US economy. This is not a matter for debate. The stats are beyond spin and 'interpretation'. They are a dispassionate data-base, a record of wealth transfers to the wealthiest one percent. 'Tax cuts' are how the GOP 'money launders' its payoff to 'the base'.

Republicans expect you to believe that bailouts are immoral or un-American. But that's only because it is not 'their' man proposing it. Even if the tax cut should benefit only the incompetent 'Wall Street' crowd responsible, the GOP could not be expected to cheer the man Rush Limbaugh has said he would like to see fail!

On another front, the GOP media has tried to blame homeowners for taking out loans they could not afford. But what about those who took out loans that they could afford? When they had jobs. Jobs that had not yet fallen victim to Bush/GOP/Reaganomics. Most homes are lost because of lost jobs and depressed property values. In other words: gop-o-nomics! Like the 'good' gopper he is, Boenher blames the victim. Can you say 'Heil Boenher'?

Bad loans are the fault of the incompetent and/or greedy bankers who made them. An expanding economy covers many sins. But as the economy begins to fail, the GOP can be expected to find a scapegoat. It's the Nazi way.

Boehner, therefore, is only doing his job on the behalf of a crooked party. He will blame Obama, the Democrats, and the millions who will lose their jobs and homes. The GOP --we are expected to believe --is without sin. If that is so, then let's nail them to a tree. Make them live up to the charade. We shall soon see how they enjoy playing the 'savior' they have never been and never will be.

That applies as well to the Military/Industrial complex whose accounting experts you can be sure calculated a dollar value for each Iraqi death.

Evil is screwing workers of their jobs and growing families of their homes. Evil is correlating your profits with Iraqi deaths. Evil is blaming the opposition for all of the above.

A great blessing would befall humankind if the GOP --as a class --choked on its stock mantra: 'big government'. It was Ronald Reagan who tripled the deficit and doubled the Federal Bureaucracy. It is the GOP that bankrupted the nation with reckless spending programs most of which wound up offshore or in a Chinaman's pocket. The soundtrack for all this has been Fox and Limbaugh --the two best arguments for the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine, limitations on corporate ownership of media, a bust up of Clear Channel et al!

Where was Boehner's big mouth when Bush, the War Criminal, was playing the bailout game to ENRICH his cronies, a last desperate grab, a 'kiss before dying'!??

The GOP has been 'short selling' the entire economy but just enough to enrich their cronies short of total collapse. Now that total collapse is here, they have resorted to the oldest, the most worn out tactic of them all. Blame the Democrats! Blame the liberals! Blame the media! Blame the fates! Blame everyone but your own crooked party!

This is a very dangerous game of 'chicken' and if the GOP should continue to play it, everyone falls off the cliff. If you should find yourself falling off that cliff, do the patriotic thing: grab as many lying, goddamned goppers as you can find! Take them with you. I will try to do the same.



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