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LBJ White House Tapes Reveal Nixon 'Treason', Sabotage of Viet Nam Peace Talks

Richard Nixon, who resigned at the height of the Watergate Scandal, is now implicated with his Sec of State Henry Kissenger in an act of high treason. On the tapes, a furious LBJ told Senate Republican leader Everett Dirksen that because Nixon had 'played politics' with Viet Nam 'tens of thousands' of US troops in Viet Nam lost their lives. Specifically, Johnson accused Nixon of sabotaging peace efforts by his administration. LBJ is heard yelling: "This is treason."

According to the Austin-American Statesmen, Nixon surrogates had asked South Vietnam to avoid peace talks with North Vietnam until after the elections even as Johnson tired to arrange 'peace talks between North and South Vietnam'. At the same time, Nixon campaigned for the White House with the slogan that he had a 'secret peace plan' to end the war in Viet Nam.

The tapes also show that Johnson and Hubert Humphrey kept quiet about the Nixon/GOP shenanigans at the time. History might have changed had Johnson gone public.

On November 3, 1968, just two days prior to the presidential election, Johnson confronted Nixon but Nixon lied when he said point-blank: "I'm not trying to interfere." His response has been called, 'a bald faced lie'. All the while, Nixon and/or GOP activists were working behind the scenes to convince Vietnamese diplomats that "Nixon will do better by you".
To test the good faith of the North Vietnamese, Johnson ordered that all bombing in the north cease on Oct. 31 , six days before voters were to go the polls. The cease-fire gave the Humphrey campaign an immediate jolt — polls showed Nixon's 8-percentage-point lead had shrunk to 2 points.

The precise nature of any communication between Nixon's allies and the South Vietnamese government isn't revealed in the tapes — nor is the way Johnson and his advisers learned of them.

In the tapes, Johnson tells Secretary of State Dean Rusk: "It's pretty obvious to me it's had its effect."

In a segment aired at the news conference, Johnson tells Sen. Everett Dirksen , the Republican minority leader, that it will be Nixon's responsibility if the South Vietnamese don't participate in the peace talks.

"This is treason," LBJ says to Dirksen.

"I know," Dirksen replies, very softly.

--Austin American Statesman
Certainly --Nixon's victory over Humphrey was a mere 500,000 out of 73 million total votes cast. By that time, the Viet Nam war was highly unpopular and not just among those of draft or college age. Public knowledge of Nixon's activities would most certainly have sunk his bid for the White House.

The LBJ Library has made public some 42 hours of recordings that were made from May 1968 through January 1969 when the Johnson family left the White House. Historians, investigative journalists and government prosecutors are urged to access the documents here and here .

LBJ Accused Nixon of Treason!


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'I have a scam': the Real Cause of Impending, Utter Financial Collapse

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

That there is gold in Ft. Knox may be a popular myth. Then again it could be just another bald-faced lie, a hoax, a callous, criminal fraud like 'supply side, trickle-down' bailout economics! I say: NO bailout for the banks, NO bailout for the fat cats and other 'capitalists' who created this mess, NO bailout that lets the GOP off the hook! No bail out for auto makers who have never listened to the public. Screw the banks and to hell with Wall St! What we need is a bailout for the people!
Gold was said to be moved --literally --from an 'asset' side to the 'debit' side of the building. The US has been running a balance of trade deficit for years. One wonders --is there any gold left to be plundered or liquidated.
Yet, today evidence is starting to accumulate that even though the gold in Fort Knox is all physically present and accounted for, the problem is that it may no longer belong to the United States. And it all comes as a consequence of the Treasury’s declared 30-Year War on Gold (which began in earnest when the gold window, allowing the redemption of dollars in gold, was closed in 1971). Since the 1960’s, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board have employ a range of strategies to try to minimize the role and importance of gold:PERSUASION.

The Treasury, in an effort to defend the dollar, has long "talked down" the role of gold in modern monetary systems. This disparaging of gold as a ‘barbaric relic’ is a longstanding and perfectly defensible behavior on the part of the US Treasury. COERCION- Facilitating and encouraging sales and lending of gold by other countries, gold-holders, and mines in order to maintain an atmosphere of "oversupply" of the metal goes one step further.
--Whose Gold is it at Fort Knox?
Ancient Rome, likewise, ran out of 'gold', one of a handful of 'metals' that are said to have intrinsic value. At the time, Roman 'sesterces' were only good enough to get you into the bath houses or 'free' gladiatorial contests in the Coliseum. Rome invaded Dacia because it was desperate for Dacia's gold. Likewise, Bush, upon the fraudulent pre-text of 'terrorism', invaded Afghanistan for its natural gas reserves and Iraq for its oil. Don't tell me that you believe Bush's 'fairy tales' and outright bullshit!
'Every situation is different', alright! Rich folks get their asses kissed! Poor folk get their assed KICKED! Right out of their homes!
It involves building a cheap but impregnable cinder block building in my back yard and, upon completion, I announce to the world that I have several million gold bars (or more) warehoused in it. How far do you think I would get if I went to my local Maserati dealer and offered him/her the following proposition: "you let me drive that beautiful, shiny red Maserati sport model off your lot and whenever my payment comes due, I will move 'X' amount of bullion from one end of my cinder block building to another and put your name on it?" If he/she goes for it, I might offer a similar deal to my realtor/developer: "if you let me move into that $15 million estate I will move some bars from one end of my cinder block box and put your name on it!"

I'm on a roll!

And somewhere along the way, I've accepted 'depositors' eager to get in on it. Some enterprising folk have actually propositioned me: you move a bar and put my name on it and I will give you the use of cold hard cash in the meantime. Cool! Now I'm in the banking business. Just call me 'Fed'.

I might be emboldened to approach the 'operators' who hold the mortgages on the TCB Tower in downtown Houston. I offer to take ownership of that 'paper' and, in return, I will move an agreed upon number of gold bars from one end of my cinder block building to the other and put the tag, TCB, on it! I might repeat this 'procedure' in downtown LA, Century City, Chicago, Manhattan! I like the more stately buildings like Empire State or Chrysler.


I have bigger things in mind. What if I can scam with those folk who hold the national debt of the US? Russia? China? India? Great Britain? After all, my cinder block building is very, very big!


My neighbors get suspicious. One of them jumps over the fence and bores a hole through my cinder block building. What the fock!! He reveals to the whole world that there is nothing in my cinder block bunker but cheap clay bricks that I have spray painted gold!

The whole house of cards collapses and the world is plunged into another 'great' depression!

Now this is all just a 'parable' --the parable of the cinder block scam! There are several lessons in every parable, even stupid ones. It is not 'gold' that backs up currency; it is confidence. Gold itself has value only as long as people want or need it. Both gold and silver have practical value as they are used in electronics applications. But what if they were not? What if the use of gold and silver for decorative or esthetic purposes was no longer fashionable? What if there was absolutely nothing that could be depended upon to back up paper currency? Ultimately, the only thing that really backs up currency of any type --even cinder block scrip --is simply: confidence. When people no longer have confidence in either the currency or the system, the system itself collapses.

Bottom line

People the world over have not just now discovered that there is not enough gold to back up US currency and/or obligations. It was Nixon who revealed the fact that the US didn't have enough money in Ft. Knox to cover its obligations. Some creditor nations had wanted to be paid in gold and the US refused. If there is any gold in Ft Know it will not prevent the collapse that is already well underway.

The amount of gold in Ft. Knox is estimated to be about $250 billion --a drop in the bucket. While even the Fed will concede that gold is 'true money' it is so only because people are willing to accept it. Goldfinger's plan to collapse the world economy would have failed. It would not have created the panic that is underway today. Rather, a world wide financial collapse is due not to the loss of gold but the complete loss of confidence in the capitalist/imperialist system.

Next episode: Why Karl Marx was right and telling the truth; George Bush is a lying sack of shit!
Who caused the great crash of 2008?

Original article, subheaded Lee Sustar analyzes the roots of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression--and shows why Marxism offers the best way of understanding what went wrong, via Socialist Worker (US):

THERE ARE plenty of people who should be held accountable for turning an ordinary recession that began a year ago into a global catastrophe.
Sustar then goes and identifies some of the main culprits: Angelo Mozilo (Countrywide), George Bush, Henry Paulson, Phil Gramm, Robert Rubin (who comes in for particularly harsh criticism), Alan Greenspan (who is presented as the rogue who is the founder of our current economic feast). A rogues' gallery if there ever was one. It seems strange that Robert Rubin is one who our soon to be dear leader has called upon to lead us out of this mess, doesn't it.
Topping the list is former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan, who fed the bubble by keeping interest rates at rock-bottom levels, urging home buyers to take on adjustable-rate home loans and refusing to use the Fed's powers to oversee a mortgage industry rife with fraud.
The Maestro! I'm sure he wishes he would have died before this economic collapse. My guess, though, is that somehow his reputation amongst the masses won't be too tarnished. After all, it looks like we're going to continue the same basic economic policies under our soon to be dear leader as have been followed for the past 30-40 years. What fun!

While reading Sustar's listing of the bad (Bubba included), it's the bulk of the article which you may want to pay attention to. There, he looks at how Marx analyzed the Capitalist system and its failings, and offers a Marxist perspective on how things might get turned around. Now, even if you don't accept the Marxist perspective, it is worth your time so you can have another layer of knowledge as you slog your way through this economic crisis.
--All Over the Board: Who caused the great crash of 2008?
More about how the government of the United States has BETRAYED YOU:
The swindle of the system is simple. The Federal Reserve Bank hires the US Treasury to print up some money. The Federal Reserve only actually pays thetreasury for the cost of the printing, they do NOT pay $1 for each 1$ printed. But the Federal Reserve turns around and loans out that money (or credit line) to banks at full face value, those banks which have exhausted their deposits then loan that Federal Reserve fiat money to you, and you must repay it in the full dollar value (plus interest) in work product, even though the Federal Reserve printed that money for pennies, or created it out of thin air in a computer.
As the Federal Reserve overprints more money, the money supply inflates, and too much money starts chasing too few goods and services, which means prices go up. But contrary to the charade put on by the Federal Reserve, inflation doesn't just come and go due to some arcane sorcery. The Federal Reserve can halt inflation any time it wants to by simply shutting down those printing presses. It therefore follows that both inflation and recession are fully under the control of the Federal Reserve. This means the cycle of inflation and recession is an intentional one; a gigantic heartbeat that pumps paper certificates out to the working class, while pumping real wealth in to the owners of the banks.
Over time, that excess of printing has destroyed the value of that dollar you think you have. If you want to know by just how much, go out and try to purchase 371.25 grains of silver right now. Usually, the deterioration is gradual. Sometimes, it has to be obvious, such as the 1985 devaluation (done to halt the trade imbalance) which triggered the Japanese real-estate grab in this country.
Many politicians have attempted to reverse this process. John F. Kennedy issued an Executive Order 11110, requiring the Treasury Department to start printing and issuing silver certificates for the silver then remaining in the US Treasury.

Kennedy decided that by returning to the constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. This was the reason he signed Executive Order 11110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the Federal Reserve System.
          John F. Kennedy's United States Note.
That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency.

Kennedy's comptroller of the currency, James J. Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Reserve Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds, again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks".
Kennedy's E.O. was never implemented following his assassination, and shortly afterwards, United States silver coins were taken out of circulation and replaced with the copper clad slugs in use today. These two events, the failure to print new silver certificates, and the substitution of worthless slugs for our silver coins, may explain why the Warren Commission included on its panel John J. McCloy, a man with no experience in crime, law enforcement, or national security, but who had been the President of the Chase Manhattan Bank.
It should be noted that the banks themselves are still using the gold standard. Accounts are still settled between major national banks by the transfer of gold bullion.

So here we are with a bank that legally counterfeits the money you borrow but expects a full value (plus interest) repayment. But what's good for the Federal Reserve is good for the government itself, and this is where we get back into that funny word "deficit spending". The government spends more money than it takes in. It has for many years now. The Federal Reserve, being the only lawful source of this fiat money, prints up the excess cash the government needs (or manufactures a credit line in a computer). This extra cash is treated as a loan, in order to keep the government overspending from further eroding the worth of the dollar in the world market. The government (meaning the taxpayers) is on the hook for the full face value, plus interest.
But there's another problem. The government is borrowing so much money that it drives the interest rates up! You pay MORE interest on your mortgage, car loan, and credit cards, because the government cannot balance its books. That extra interest you pay is therefore another hidden tax. The government, in its "generosity", gives you a tax credit on mortgage interest that is higher because of their own borrowing!
During the 80s, as exports dropped, and jobs moved from manufacturing to lower paying "service sector" jobs, the US tax base declined. In order to keep the jobless rate from rising, a massive defense program called the Strategic Defense Initiative was cranked up, but since this program produced no exportable product, it produced no taxable sales revenues, and hence the money poured into the project accelerated the government decline into debt. Because manufacturing was on the decline, fewer start-up companies were approaching the lending institutions, so the government loosened up the rules (while increasing the insurable deposit limit) to allow "investments" in more high risk ventures, most of which turned out to be frauds, or worse, money laundering operations for drug criminals. This includes Whitewater, Flowerwood, and Castle Grande. Despite shifting the S&L loss primarily onto the taxpayers (to reassure foreign investors that the taxpayers still made America a safe place to park their surplus cash) the government plunged further into debt.
In the 12 years of the Reagan/Bush(I) administrations, the United States went from being the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor. Many of those nations which had enjoyed huge trade surpluses started loaning that profit back to the United States with the stipulation that we work on our manufacturing, clean up our infrastructure, raise taxes, in short, clean up our act, so that investment in America makes sense!
However, we didn't quite do that.
There has been some shuffling around to try to conceal the real scope of the problem. Over the last several years, the Federal Government has been sending less tax money back to the states than it takes in in taxes. This means that the states have to borrow MORE money to cover their obligations. The net result is that the debt is being transferred to the states, to conceal its true size. The government will easily admit to a $3 trillion "publicly held" debt, grudgingly concede that it's "unfunded liability" brings that number to almost $7 trillion, but the real hard truth is that total government debt, state and federal, is now over $14 trillion dollars, or about 50,000 for every man, woman, and child inside the United States. Since 1960, the taxpayers have shelled out $15 trillion in interest payments alone, while the principal continues to rise.
Yet another stunt the government has pulled is to "borrow" from the various trust funds under its control. Some $2 billion has vanished from the trust accounts of Native Americans (presently suing the Departments of the Interior and Treasury), and nearly ¾ of a TRILLION dollars has been removed from your Social Security retirement trust fund and spent in the last 8 years.

If the government has to borrow your retirement money when things are supposed to be so good, under what conditions can it repay the money? Or is that government IOU in your retirement account merely a promise to either tax you a second time or stiff you on the benefits you thought you were paying for?

In the last 8 years, during what are supposed to be record setting good times, the Federal government has nearly DOUBLED its debt load. The estimated interest on the debt equals all the personal income tax paid by al Americans. Our government is so deep in debt that it cannot get out.

                    ---The United States Is In Deep Doodoo!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bush's Parting 'FUCK YOU' to America

The 'bailout' is another Bush/GOP scam, a big black hole into which some 1.5 trillion dollars has already has been sucked! The dollar will eventually collapse as did German Marks under the Weimar Republic. Only the big banks benefit but they, too, will collapse. There is no bailout for the 'buck'. The emerging picture is one of fat cats scrambling to cover bare asses while putting the screws to you. This sucks!

We are expected to believe that the collapse of the dollar is incidental, co-incidental, unfortunate! The dollar is collapsing as we write because the smart money dumped the dollar and maniupulated the market. Those profits have already been taken --by design. What is happening now is the scramble to escape. It is a mad rush to dump the dollar. The last man out loses.

Already $billions$ have been squandered, wasted, or simply stolen. Where is the accounting? Where has the money gone? Where are the loans that were supposed to have been made to folks hoping to own a home? How has the bailout benefited Americans in any way whatsoever? I'm open to any credible GOP explanation! I won't get one! Rather, I had expected Bush to tell Paulson: "You're doing a heckuva job!" The scary part is this: perhaps both Henry Paulson and Brownie have done precisely what Bush had intended. Like New Orleans earlier, the US economy is in ruins. Like New Orleans, there is no restoration in sight. There is, however, evidence that it was all planned.
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buckling to pressure from some of the same banks that have now failed. It ignored remarkably prescient warnings that foretold the financial meltdown, according to an Associated Press review of regulatory documents.

“Expect fallout, expect foreclosures, expect horror stories,” California mortgage lender Paris Welch wrote to U.S. regulators in January 2006, about one year before the housing implosion cost her a job.

Bowing to aggressive lobbying — along with assurances from banks that the troubled mortgages were OK — regulators delayed action for nearly one year. By the time new rules were released late in 2006, the toughest of the proposed provisions were gone and the meltdown was under way.

--Bush administration ignored clear warnings
The dollar has entered a 'death cycle'. A state of 'hyperinflation' has begun. Certainly, fewer people want bucks. This collapse may be overdue. Since the GOP cut Faustian bargains with China, it was China that propped up the dollar so that it could continue to dump on the US market via Wal-Mart. Typically, 'hyperinflation' is the aftermath of war and other social upheavals. In this case specifically, Bush's war of naked aggression against a nation which had never, ever, in any way posed a threat to the United States, is certainly among the root causes of the current collapse.

Were we supposed to believe this bailout of billions, perhaps trillions would eventually 'trickle down'?And what if 'wealth' had trickled down? It loses value exponentially enroute!
The original proposal was three pages, as submitted to the United States House of Representatives. The purpose of the plan was to purchase bad assets, reduce uncertainty regarding the worth of the remaining assets, and restore confidence in the credit markets. The text of the proposed law was expanded to 110 pages and was put forward as an amendment to H.R. 3997.[4] The amendment was rejected via a vote of the House of Representatives on September 29, 2008, by a margin of 228-205.[5]

On October 1, 2008, the Senate debated and voted on an amendment to H.R. 1424, which substituted a newly revised version of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 for the language of H.R. 1424.[6][7] The Senate accepted the amendment and passed the entire amended bill by a vote of 74-25.[8] Additional unrelated provisions added an estimated $150 billion to the cost of the package and increased the size of the bill to 451 pages.[9][10] See Public Law 110-343 for details on the added provisions.

The amended version of H.R. 1424 was sent to the House for consideration, and on October 3, the House voted 263-171 to enact the bill into law.[6][11][12] President Bush signed the bill into law within hours of its enactment, creating a $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program to purchase failing bank assets.[13]

Supporters of the bailout plan argued that the market intervention called for by the plan was vital to prevent further erosion of confidence in the US credit markets and that failure to act could lead to an economic depression.

--Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
At the end of this 'crisis', the rich elites will be even richer than they already are. This is Bush's last 'fuck you' to the American people.

This FITS the GOP/right wing pattern made most obvious with the rise of Reaganomics, that is, wealth is transferred upward to the rich and privileged elites who run this country. Of late, they have run it into the ground.

Check out the facts of that at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Department of Commerce - BEA, the Census Bureau.

Those numbers prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Ronald Reagan's infamous 'supply side' tax cut benefited ONLY the upper quintile. But for a brief period in Clinton's second term, the FLOW of wealth upward has continued.

NOW --about one percent of the nation owns more than about 90 percent of the entire population COMBINED! This is no accident. It is by GOP/right wing design. Anyone not sleeping through Economics 101 knows the truth of it.

This is done in many ways: 1) unfair tax cuts which have, in fact, shifted the tax burden to poor and middle class families; 2) well-timed recessions which BENEFIT the investor class, providing them with opportunities in which to buy up cheap stocks and depressed real estate; 3) the Military/Industrial complex which wages war for its living and in the process enriches only the big defense contractors.

It is objected: but the defense contractors create jobs and stimulate the economy. We're talking about a handful of robber baron corporations like Halliburton, it's subsidiary KBR and, of course, Murder Inc., otherwise called Blackwater USA. If you wish to build an entire economy upon death itself, wars of naked aggression, war crimes and outright murder, then this is definitely the way to go. Clearly --the GOP administration of George W. Bush and Darth Cheney learned much from the Nazi collaboration with I.G. Farben, Thyssen, Krupp and America's own Henry Ford. Indeed! There was money to be made in appalling acts of state genocide. Money was made by this ilk in Iraq. But it's not the kind of businesses I want to get juicy contracts that are paid by my tax moneys.

Like Rome, the US has become a bloated, inefficient empire which produces very little of lasting value. Indeed, the biggest US exports, like Rome earlier, are death and destruction via the war business. Most of the goods you buy are no longer made in the US. They come from China, Japan, and Taiwan. Programming is done in India. These deals can be traced back to Nixon's famous trip to China and Reagan's subsequent sellouts and betrayals of the both American industry AND American labor. What industries are left to America? Answer: industrialized death and destruction!

This 'crisis' is, as well, Bush's big FUCK YOU to the world.
As for Europe, it is already fragile. Iceland, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Serbia have turned to the IMF. Russia is a hostage to oil prices. If Urals oil stays below $50 a barrel for long, we are going to see an earthquake of one kind or another.

It is too early in this crisis to conclude whether Europe's monetary union is a source stability, or is itself a doomsday machine. The rift between North and South is growing. The spreads on Greek, Irish, Italian, Austrian, and Belgian debt remain stubbornly high. The lack of a unified EU treasury has become glaringly clear. Germany has refused to underpin the system with a fiscal blitz.

In the 1930s, it was not obvious to people living through debt deflation that their world was coming apart. The crisis came in pulses, each followed by months of apparent normality – like today.

The global system did not snap until September 1931. The trigger was a mutiny by Royal Navy ratings at Invergordon over pay cuts. Sailors on four battleships refused to put out to sea. They sang the Red Flag.

News that the British Empire could not uphold military discipline set off capital flight. Britain was forced off the gold standard within five days. A chunk of the world followed suit.

Nor was it obvious that Germany would go mad. Bruning persisted with deflation, blind to the danger. The result was the election of July 1932 when two parties committed to the destruction of Weimar – the KPD Communists and the Nazis – won over the half the seats in Reichstag.

We can hope that governments have acted fast enough this time – with rate cuts and a fiscal firewall – to head off such disasters. But then again, the debt excesses are much greater today. If in doubt, cleave to those countries with a deeply-rooted democracy, a strong sense of national solidarity, a tested rule of law – and aircraft carriers. The US and Britain do not look so bad after all.

--World stability hangs by a thread as economies continue to unravel
In the 'dark ages' witches were tracked down, rounded up, hanged, burned or mutilated, subjected to no-win water tortures! All were innocent of mythical 'evils'. And we call them the 'dark ages'! What is to be said of the present day when very, very real and demonstrable evil is perpetrated in the light of day and living 'demons' laugh at you and dare you to act?

Addendum: Check out the CIAs ranking of national account balances throughout the world --Rank Order - Current account balance ! The US is at the very bottom of the list with a NEGATIVE balance of $ -731,200,000,000. Switzerland is in fifth position with a positive $72,350,000,000. China tops the list but should not rest easy. China will have to squander that 'comfortable' position if it hopes to keep alive the parasite that it willingly sought out and adopted: THE UNITED STATES. Seen another way, China is, likewise, a parasite, utterly dependent upon the US consumer market. Without that market, China is just another sinking ship, albeit the Titanic!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Indictments Reveal How Dick Cheney Made Money in the Texas Gulag

The Texas GOP have 'corproratized' the execution of accused 'murderers' in the gulag state of Texas. It should not be surprising, then, that Dick Cheney would be indicted for his role in helping to pioneer the 'corporatization' of detainment and executions on industrial, corporate scales. It is surprising that his indictment was in Texas --the gulag state that took Hitler's idea mainstream! The GOP made the warehousing and killing of folk a business proposition as did Hitler's 'final solution' partnered with the likes of I.G. Farben. The GOP-Nazi 'business model' asks 'why just murder someone when you can murder them under corporate cover and make big bucks in the process?' It's the GOP/Nazi way!
Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra spoke to two Texas television stations Wednesday night regarding his investigation of injustice within the prison systems which led to the indictment by a Texas grand jury of Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, along with other officials.

Cheney's stake in the Vanguard Group, which holds interests in the private prison companies that run the detention centers, was cited in the indictment. Cheney is accused of a conflict of interest and "at least misdemeanor assaults" on detainees through his ownership interest. Gonzales is accused of using his position during his time as Attorney General to block an investigation into abuses at the detention centers, located in south Texas.
Democratic state Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. is also named in the indictment, Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra said. Lucio's attorney, Michael R. Cowen, called Guerra a "one-man circus." "In the March 2008 Democratic Primary," he added, "70 percent of the Willacy County voters elected to remove Juan Guerra...Now, with only a few weeks left in his term, Mr. Guerra has again chosen to misuse his position in an attempt to seek revenge on those who he sees as political enemies."
Guerra told KVEO 23, an NBC affiliate in Texas, that "elected officials were embedded into the prison business and that it goes all the way to the top."
--Texas DA reveals evidence against Cheney
Cheney is specifically indicted for conflict of interest in his 85 million dollar interest in Vanguard Group, a narrow charge that does not address the larger issues, the fact that the 'corporatization' of prisons itself should be made a felony. As some bloggers have urged: connect the dots to all those KBR built detention and holding centers that are used for unknown purposes.
This is a good start because at least he and Alberto are being charged Alberto with using his position as Attorney General to block an investigation at facilities in Texas. If this story does nothing else it does establish a Judicial Political connection that undermines the integrity of the entire system in one place where it should be held highest Jail. And just what are these private prisons all about any way? Oh yes privatisation
--The Cheney Indictment
As the Existentialist Cowboy recently reminded a Pew study of trends that had been embraced by Bush's Texas, primarily the rapid out-sourcing of prison construction and management throughout the US. As in Texas, crime rates over the period under study increased. Guilt or innocence is of no concern to corporate robber barons. It is an Orwellian nightmare of waste, graft, and fascism in which no one is held to account. It is time, indeed, to find out what --specifically --were the gulag of 'detention center's built?

As the GOP "Enronized" the great state of Texas, an assembly line criminal justice system, in cahoots with a medieval, privatized prison system, proved to be an oxymoron. It was "criminal" but hardly "justice". Despite the GOPs "worst" efforts, crime in Texas, always a topic of much discussion and study, has gotten worse. Texas is big on capital punishment, but even the industrialized application of the death penalty cannot kill off the criminals as fast as they procreate and multiply. The GOP may be seeking a "final solution". year's end 1999, there were 706,600 Texans in prison, jail, parole or probation on any given day. In a state with 14 million adults, this meant that 5% of adult Texans, or 1 out of every 20, are under some form of criminal justice supervision. The scale of what is happening in Texas is so huge, it is difficult to contrast the size of its criminal justice systems to the other states' systems it dwarfs:
  • There are more Texans under criminal justice control than the entire populations of some states, including Vermont, Wyoming and Alaska.
  • According to Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates, one quarter of the nation's parole and probationers are in Texas. California and Texas, together, comprise half the nation's parolees and probationers.
  • The number of people incarcerated in Texas (in prison or jail) reached 207,526 in mid-year 1999. Only California, with 10 million more citizens, has more people in both prison and jail.
  • Texas has a rate of 1,035 people behind bars for every 100,000 in the population, the second highest incarceration rate in the nation (second only to Louisiana). If Texas was a nation separate from the United States, it would have the world's highest incarceration rate--significantly higher than the United States (682), and Russia (685) which has 1 million prisoners, the world's third biggest prison system. Texas' incarceration rate is also higher than China (115), which has the world's second largest prison population (1.4 million prisoners).
  • If the US shared the incarceration rate of Texas, there would be nearly three million Americans behind bars (2,822,300)--instead of our current 2 million prisoners.
  • The Texas prison population tripled since 1990, and rose 61.5% in the last five years of this decade alone. In 1994, there were 92, 669 prisoners in Texas. This number had increased to 149,684 by mid-year 1999.
  • The Texas correctional system has grown so large that in July 2000, corrections officials ran out of six digit numbers to assign inmates, and officially created prisoner number 1,000,000.--An Analysis of Incarceration and Crime Trends in The Lone Star State
Texas is called the gulag state for good reasons. Certainly, justice in Texas is applied inequitably. Minorities --primarily black and Hispanic --are disproportionately represented in the Texas gulag system but under represented in the State legislature, the various city councils, and the state judicial system.

Black people represent only 12% of the Texas population but comprise 44% of the total incarcerated population. Whites make up about 58% of Texas' total population, but only 30% of the prison and jail population.
  • While one out of every 20 Texas adults is under some form of criminal justice control, one out of 3 young black men (29% of the black male population between 21 and 29) are in prison, jail, parole or probation on any given day.
  • One out of every four adult black men in Texas is under some form of criminal justice supervision.
  • Blacks in Texas are incarcerated at a rate seven times greater than whites. While there are 555 whites behind bars for every 100,000 in the Texas population, there are an astonishing 3862 African Americans behind bars for every 100,000 in the state. This is nearly 63% higher than the national incarceration rate for blacks of 2366 per 100,000.
  • If Texas' black incarceration rate was applied to the United States, the number of blacks behind bars on a national level would increase by half a million. There are currently an estimated 824,900 African Americans in prison and jail in the US The new figure, 1,346,370, would increase the number of African Americans incarcerated in the US by 63%.
Do you see the pattern? I allege that Bush deliberately SABOTAGED education IN Texas with budget cuts and other GOP idiocy SO THAT his corporate buddies could make a killing in the prison business!

The corporatization of the nation's prisons is called 'the Prison Industrial Complex. As we have seen, crime increases as education declines. Corporate prisons are, therefore, among the fastest growing industries in America. One should not be surprised to find among the corporate prison owners GOP robber barons in search of big bucks, a gravy train pay back for their loyal support of the GOP.

The Prison-Industrial complex consists of prison construction, staffing, operation. There is something in it for everyone lacking a conscience. Because profitability is directly related to the number of inmates, there is, then, no motive to improve education. Education costs money and corporations haven't yet found a away to exploit it. There are no good reasons for the explosive growth of a new industry --that of warehousing folk.

It should be clear to everyone by now --the 'war on terrorism' was a bloody fraud! There were NO 19 'Arab Hijackers', in fact, many were interviewed by the BBC after 911. There was absolutely no wreckage, no crash, no 757 of any type whatsoever in the infamous field in PA where only a tiny ditch and a backhoe was photographed. There was but ONE --not TWO --aircraft engines found on the otherwise pristine Pentagon lawn and NTSB released flight data indicates that Flight 77 was some 273 ABOVE the Pentagon at the time of the alleged crashed! In New York, there is clear and obvious evidence that thermate/thermite had been used to 'assist' the fall of the Twin Towers. 911 was a fraud perpetrated upon the American people was the so-called 'Anthrax Attacks' in which the government's own Anthrax was used to murder US citizens in an act of high treason!

I alleged that the GOP leadership conspired with George W. Bush and high officials in his administration to commit murder and wage war upon the people of the United States. This case must be made in addition to the murder case that has been put forward by former LA prosecutor Vince Bugliosi. The time has come to convene a Federal Grand Jury to pick up where the Texas panel has begun. It is time to bring these charges ---high treason, mass murder, war crimes and racketeering --against George W. Bush, the leadership of the GOP and high ranking members of the Bush administration, the GOP leadership in Congress et al! Start building a scaffold!

A related story of police brutality becoming common place in the police state that 'Amerika' has become.