Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fatal Holes Destroy Bush's Lies about 911

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, put into his character's mouth the following:
When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!
--'Sherlock Holmes' (created by A. Conan Doyle)
We can eliminate the Bush administration's "official conspiracy theory" of 911! There is no evidence of any kind --admissible or no --that will confirm any part of it. It can be shown to be utterly impossible! Ergo: it did not happen!

History is often re-written after-the fact! A 'cover-story', however, is a pre-emptive strike. The 'first' story to be rolled out is often entrenched by the time fatal flaws are discovered. This is the case with 911! 911 was never properly investigated. Bush and major players in his administration as well as various elements of the Military-Industrial Complex found common ground: all were and remain heavily invested in Bush's 'official' conspiracy theory of 911!

In at least one case, a single fatal hole demolishes the entire stack of cards! Alas --there are numerous fatal holes, anyone one of which collapse the entire 'rotten edifice'! For example, American Airlines itself was/is the source for my blog article of about 2 years ago in which it was revealed that Flight 11 did not fly nor had been scheduled to fly on 911. Flight 11 is crucial to Bush's conspiracy theory!

The TIP off was a Wikipedia article which had been revised to reflect a truth about Flight 11, that it had not been scheduled to fly on 911. If, indeed, 11 did not fly, the Bush conspiracy theory of some 19 Arab hijackers is dead in the water. 

I wanted confirmation that it was --indeed --American Airlines that had made the change.I confirmed this with a WHOIS look-up of the IP address making the change. It was --indeed --American Airlines! AA itself had been the source of the Wiki change that now said that Flight 11 had not been scheduled to fly on 911. In fact, the flight had been mothballed for some 6 months as I recall. There is no information that it had ever been pressed into service at any time and most certainly not at the 11th hour. There is simply no evidence that supports the Bush theory with respect to any of the alleged flights whatsoever.

There are other holes in the Bush conspiracy theory. Any ONE of them destroys the whole rotten edifice as Bush's theory relies on all of them being true. All are essential if Bush is to be believed:
  1. No airliner wreckage or parts traceable to any airliner were ever recovered at the Pentagon.
  2. NO Arabs were on the official autopsy report nor is there any confirmation that any arabs were ever buried at any place and any time. 
  3. Only Pentagon employees were buried at Arlington National cemetery; there is NO record that any passengers were buried.
  4. BBC reported that Hani Hanjour could not have gotten on board because he did not have a ticket! Are we to believe a 90 pound weakling crashed the gate?
  5. Official BTS records indicate that the cockpit door was never opened during the flight! Assuming Hani got on board (see above) how did he manage to walk through a closed door?
As Orwell taught us --history is re-written daily these days. The best that we can do is point out the utter impossibility of the Bush 'official conspiracy theory of 911'. Bush lied! It has been my experience covering high profile murder trials, big city crime and politics that only the guilty and/or complicit are sufficiently motivated to actually lie about a crime. Bush, most of his administration in fact, lied!

Our only consolation is that the
fatal holes in the theory are so large that not even BIG BRO can plug them up. The people themselves could help the cause of truth by honing some elementary skills to include the refusal to swallow utter junk that violates basic principles of physics, junk that ...
  • is internally inconsistent
  • is blatantly inconsistent with its own timelines
  • is blatantly inconsistent from one version to the next.
The best example of the last entry is Don Rumseld who referred to (his words) "....the MISSILE that struck this (Pentagon) building." That's called a Freudian slip. Rumsfeld knew that no airliner had struck the Pentagon. He slipped up and told the truth. I believe that the offending missile was the U.S. Global Hawk --but the precise type of missile does not matter at this point! We may never know because Bush ordered the complete and utter destruction of all material evidence relating to the crimes of 911! What matters now is that the Bush theory can be utterly debunked.

The weakest link is Hani Hanjour! The Washington Post said that Hanjour could not have gotten on board! He did not have a ticket! Moreover, the National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB| released flight data which indicated that the cabin door (Flt 77) was NEVER opened during flight!! So --HOW could Hani Hanjour have gained entrance to the cockpit? Are we to believe Hani Hanjour walked through closed cabin door?
  • The ONLY OFFICIAL SCRAP of evidence to have survived the Bush cover up is the AUTOPSY REPORT released to Dr. Olmstead via an FOIA request. There are NO ARABS on the list. Ergo: there is no reason to believe that there were any Arabs on board! 
  • there is no record of any passenger being autopsied and, in the process, identified;
  • while Pentagon employees were buried at Arlington Cemetery, there is NO record of a single burial for any passenger. Where were/are their remains?
Almost forgotten these days, is the BBC story that early on inspired my suspicions. The BBC interviewed several hijackers after Bush had said that they perished in the 911 attacks. If hijackers --specifically those said to have piloted or were on board the flights at issue --were interviewed alive after 911, then Bush lied! If Bush lied, the official theory cannot be believed nor supported in any way whatsoever.

As Arthur Conan Doyle wrote: "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth!" What remains are two facts: 1) Bush lied to hide the truth; 2) 911 was a govt/Bush admin inside job!