Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Short List of Bush's Lies About 911

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

It was Conan Doyle who said:
When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!"
Let's put Doyle's dictum to a real world test. Let's see if the Bush conspiracy theory of 911 passes muster. It doesn't! In fact, Bush's every lie shoots down his so-called 'official conspiracy theory' of 911, i.e, a conspiracy of some 19 Arab Hijackers. In the case of 911, there are but two possibilities and one of them --the 'official' conspiracy theory is, simply, a bald-faced lie.

Following is a short list of holes in the Bush conspiracy theory. Any one of them exposes the Bush administration to be --at the very least --complicit liars after the fact. Worse --Bush's overt lies have obstructed justice and facilitated the felony destruction of evidence relative to 911. Only those guilty of a crime are motivated to lie about it! Bush, indeed his administration, lied about 911!

Bush lied!

If Bush lied about 911, his sole motivation for lying is called GUILT! Let's consider in turn a short list of Bush's lies about 911!
  1. None of the alleged terrorists can be proven to have boarded any flight let alone those that were said to have been hijacked. CHECK the official BTS records ---NONE of the flights can be verified. I found official and admissible records from AA to the effect that Flight 77 (for one) did not fly on 911. So ---if it did not fly, then how did it manage to crash into the Pentagon?
  2. No Pentagon wreckage was ever traced to any airliner, let alone Flt 77. At the Pentagon, NO airliner wreckage of any kind was ever recovered or traced to any airliner of any sort! How was it able to crash into the Pentagon without leaving behind a SCRAP of wreckage? The ONLY traceable scrap was a SINGLE engine rotor (airliners have 2 engines, thus, 2 rotors)!
  3. The only obvious wreckage was a single engine rotor but it is about 1/3 the size of TWO much larger rotors that would have been left behind had Flt 77 struck the Pentagon. This wreckage was NOT found at the Pentagon simply because 77 never struck the Pentagon.
  4. The ONLY engine rotor that was found at the Pentagon would most certainly have been traced to a U.S. GLOBAL HAWK, a payload carrying missile that can be flown completely by remote control. Google it!
  5. The official autopsy of Pentagon victims was released via an FOIA request to Dr. Olmstead. There were no Arab names on the list.
  6. Hani Hanjour is said by Bushco to have piloted Fl 77! But, according to the Washington Post, Hani Hanjour did not have a ticket! How did he get on board? He didn't! And that is consistent with the fact that there are NO Arab names on the official autopsy report released via an FOIA request.
  7. Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 “Hijack”. Was Hanjour so skinny that he was able to slide under the door and into the cockpit? Had he hoped to take David Copperfield's place?
  8. Pilots for 911 Truth filed an FOIA request and received data that the NTSB claimed was that of Flight 77! The data indicated that Flt 77 was some 200 feet ABOVE the Pentagon at the time it is said to have crashed into the Pentagon. Certainly, even Flight 77 cannot be in two places at the same time.
  9. American Airlines is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 911.
  10. No wreckage traceable to any airliner was ever recovered in New York.
  11. With respect to New York --airliner fuselages are made of aluminum; both the dense inner core and the outer cladding of the towers was hard steel. As a result, NONE of the alleged airliners could have penetrated either the dense outer cladding or the equally dense inner core.
  12. Neither the core nor the cladding would have melted or weakened by a puny kerosene fire. (Jet fuel is just kerosene) I daresay you would be hard pressed to melt a tin can with a kerosene fire. Try it!
  13. A smoking gun is the confirmed presence of thermite without which the tower would not have collapsed. And --no --the source of the thermite was not the airliners which were 'said' to have crashed into the towers. The towers were, in fact, prepped in advance as is evidenced by the verifiable 'free fall' perfectly matching that of known controlled demolitions.
  14. The fall of the towers look like controlled demolitions because that is what they were in fact!
  15. WTC 7 is one of several smoking guns! It fell at 'free fall'; speed though it had never been struck by any airliner. It must have been prepped in advance. There is simply no other credible explanation.
In law --those who assert MUST PROVE! Bush asserted but PROVED NOTHING! Having no arguments or evidence in his support, Bush THREATENED US. He 'warned' us not to subscribe to outrageous 'conspiracy theories' with one breath and with the very next breath he proposed his own conspiracy theory. It was, in fact, the most outrageous, the stupidest conspiracy theory of them all.

On the topic of 911, Americans will persist in indulging a blind spot, a blind spot that defies intelligence, logic and sanity. Clue: the dictum in both law and debate is this: THOSE WHO ASSERT MUST PROVE! Bush asserted, put forward a 'conspiracy theory' while denouncing conspiracy theories. Bush threatened but offered neither proof nor evidence to support his pack of treasonous lies! And even worse, he literally blackmailed the nation into believing his load of treasonous lies, bunkum and bullshit.


Bush exploited the failure of American education. For example, some 'message boards" have comments like this: "...uh...dude, then who flew the planes into the towars?" The quick response: where's the proof that airliners were flown into skyscrapers? Explaining that is Bush's problem --not mine! It's his cover story, it's his lie, it's his bullshit.

FACT: NO AIRLINER is capable of penetrating the hard steel outer cladding of towers 1 and 2.

Ergo --BUSH HAS TO COME UP WITH A BETTER COVER STORY ---not me! I am merely pointing out HOLES in his THEORY that are so large, you can run a locomotive through them.