Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bushco's Official Conspiracy Theory of 911 is a Lie!

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

It was Conan Doyle who said: "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!" We might have thus arrived at the truth about 11 but --alas --the problem is the mainstream media still lying about 911 and never investigating it.

The fact is this: the official theory is utterly impossible. Doyle would have eliminated it long ago! What remains is simply this: the Bush administration --alone --had 1) method 2) motive, and 3) opportunity! 911 was an inside job.

We might have have been spared this divisive ordeal had the Mainstream Media done its job! Or had it been professional, intelligent or diligent. Alas --investigative journalism in America is DEAD! America media is sick and, dying and not even on life-support.

There is not a shred of admissible evidence to support Bushco's 'official' conspiracy theory of 911.

My friend Dr. David Ray Griffin's peer-reviewed paper proves beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever that Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 is utterly impossible; there is not a shred of admissible or verifiable evidence of any sort to support ANY aspect of it.

There is, rather, an enormous body of established, proven physics that proves that the official conspiracy theory of 911 is utterly impossible; ergo: it did not happen, in fact, could not have happened as we were told. Yet --we are expected to believe and obey. Believe and obey! Believe and obey! The 911 Truth Movement is called 'Truthers'. That's fine with me. By labeling 'us', the opposition has positioned themselves: LIARS!

Here is the truth about 911:
  1. None of the alleged flights would have penetrated the dense steel outer cladding of any tower in NY;
  2. WTC 7 was not even struck by an airliner of any type yet fell at FASTER than free-fall. That is not possible even if the fires had resulted in collapse. Freefall or faster is the fingerprint that gives the game away. Only controlled demolitions evince this mathematically verifiable characteristic!
  3. No wreckage traceable to a 757 of any type, let alone Ft 77, was found at the Pentagon;
  4. The OFFICIAL, certified autopsy report of Pentagon victims was released via an FOIA request to Dr. Olmstead. There were NO Arabs on the list; ergo --no Arabs were on the flight. Had there been Arabs, they would have have showed up on the official autopsy report.
  5. Earlier the Washington Post had reported that Hani Hanjour was not on the flight because he did not have a ticket. Are we to believe he crashed the gate? If so, how? And why is there no record of that event? In any case, the assertion assumes facts '...not in evidence'; it violates Occam's Razor.
  6. False reports to the contrary, NO airliner wreckage of any sort was ever recovered at the PA site. The ditch where the airliner --we are told --managed to bury itself underground, had most certainly been dug using the large BACKHOE that is seen in every published photograph of the PA site. Not 93, but the backhoe dug the ditch. This is called 'common sense'. Another clue: not even large meteorites striking the ground from greater altitudes (outer space) and at much, much greater speeds have ever managed to 'bury' themselves under ground upon impact with Earth! Nor did a mere soft-bodied, aluminum, essentially hollow aircraft that was never designed to be a bunker buster nor a gopher!
  7. No bodies were ever said to have been recovered from PA and, indeed, there were none.
As a veteran reporter/network correspondent/television-radio anchor, I have covered numerous crashes of airliners and fighter jets in varying conditions. In every case, the 'conservation of matter and energy' has applied and was evident. There is always identifiable wreckage and in every case the wreckage identified the type of aircraft and most often the flight itself.

I daresay that no crash in history has been without wreckage! Every crash of fighter jets, airliners and private craft that I have covered personally ---there was wreckage traceable to the flight in question! It takes an inside job like 911 to motivate the destruction of evidence on an industrial scale! It takes an inside job like 911 to inspire a public official to order a cover-up to include the destruction of physical evidence.

In every case but 911, bodies were recovered and identified. The Pentagon is unusual: not only were there no Arabs on the official autopsy report, there were no passengers on it. The only victims of the Pentagon to have been autopsied were employees of the Pentagon. They are now laid to rest at Arlington. The official autopsy report, by the way, is the only admissible scrap of evidence to have survived the Bush cover up and destruction of evidence. The official autopsy report shoots down Bush's official conspiracy theory.

What was Bush trying to hide by ordering this obstruction of justice? In the case of the Pentagon, a single compressor rotor (about 1/3 the size of two such rotors in a 757) would have proven conclusively that it was NOT an airliner but a missile --possibly the U.S. Global Hawk --that crashed into the Pentagon.

What was Bush trying to hide by ordering the immediate destruction of steel and other wreckage from New York? That's obvious: Bush had hoped to hide the physical evidence that thermite/thermate had been used to help melt the steel to the point of collapse. Kerosene fires will not melt steel; otherwise, titanium-steel could not be used inside the engines of jet aircraft of any type.

In every case in which there were fatalities, there were bodies. Would you like to know what the charred bodies left behind by crashed jet fighters look like? It's not pretty and I will spare you. I will say this: no one has ever been raptured while in flight just prior to a crash or at any other time.

There are hundreds of other fatal flaws in the official theory, any one of which sink, shoot down, destroy the official conspiracy theory.

Several facts demolish the Bush theory with respect to the Pentagon:
  1. The Washington Post that reported that Flight 77 was not in the air, had not been scheduled to fly on 911.
  2. None of the wreckage recovered at the Pentagon was ever traced to Flight 77. And contrary to lies, the total weight of recovered wreckage could not possible have equalled that of a 757. Certainly, there is no damage to the Pentagon where 757 wings would have struck. It would have been in those areas that TWO large, TITANIUM/STEEL alloy compressor rotors would have been found. No --they were not vaporized as naive persons have suggested. Titanium/Steel allow is chosen precisely because it will survive the intense, kerosene fire heat inside the airliner jet engines themselves. Bottom line: if a 757 had crashed the Pentagon TWO large engine rotors the diameters of which are about 12 feet (or more) in diameter. Those rotors would have been found.
  3. Only ONE engine rotor was, in fact, recovered. It is about 1/3 the size of each of two much, much larger rotors that would have been recovered had a 757 struck the Pentagon. They were not recoverd because they were never there!
Other anomolies suggest to intelligent people that Bush's official cover story be re-assessed, re-investigated by real investigators and charges brought against those who had:It was Arthur Conan Doyle who said: "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!" It's time to cut to the chase: the official theory is utterly impossible and, for that reason, did not happen unless the laws of physics were conveniently repealed that day. They were not! Bush lied! Americans died in NY, DC, Afghanistan and Iraq et al. By Doyle's reckoning --'what remains' is this: Bush pulled off an inside job! It's the only 'theory' which explains the verifiable facts on the ground at the Pentagon and in rubble left behind by 'free-falling' skyscrapers in New York.

The victims, those now deceased Americans, I am convinced, were victims of the very worst, the most evil regime in U.S. history. It is time to bring this rogue regime to justice even if it should mean the noose for the lot of them! As they might have said out west: HANG 'EM HIGH!