Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Murdered JFK and Why

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

When the Zapruder film was, at last, released to the public, several news anchors/reporters described what was seen in these words: "back and to the left"! That refers of course to JFKs head which suffered a fatal shot from the Grassy Knoll --not the Texas School Book Depository as the Warren Commission and its counsel, Arlen Specter, would have you believe. If JFKs head moves "back and to the left", then the fatal shot was fired from in "front and to the right". In other words --the Grassy Knoll.

The significance of a shot from the grassy knoll cannot be adequately described. A shot from the knoll implies not merely a conspiracy but an official one --a coup d'etat, an act of high treason at the very highest levels, an act of high treason that --in fact --rendered the government illegitimate.

Always interested in the JFK assassination, I became more so upon meeting a witness to the the murder of our President. That witness was Rosemary Willis, often called the "little girl in the red dress". She is seen in the Zapruder film running along the south side of Elm street as the motorcade passed by. Her father --Phil Willis --was just behind her taking 35mm slides. He may have called to her. Other than the famous Zapruder film, the Willis Photos are among the most important photographs taken that day.

Rosemary Willis asked me to look at her father's slides. We put them on a light table and examined them with a photographer's loupe. One of the slides was of particular interest. It was a stunning photograph of JFK in the Limousine looking slightly to the northwest; the Pergola atop the grassy knoll was the background.

"Do you see anything unusual in the photo?" Rosemary asked me.

When I admitted that I had not, she produced an "old" copy of Look Magazine, opened to the bookmarked center spread photo. I was immediately struck by the presence of a train clearly visible between the upright columns of the Pergola. Rosemary asked me to look again at the slide. Incredibly, the train --visible in the Look 'spread' --was NOT visible in the slides! At this point I was speechless. But for the train, the photos were identical! Why was a train missing in the slide but present in the Magazine spread which was, in fact, a reproduction of that very slide?

Rosemary continued: the FBI, she said, seized her father's photos only after Look Magazine had published them. The FBI kept the pictures for years. When the original slides were at last returned, the train was missing.

Clearly --the train had been removed from the slides while the slides were in the possession of the FBI. Just as clearly --the FBI did not want you to know that a train had been on the very tracks where, earlier, Watergate figures E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis had been arrested and were henceforth referred to as the tramps who whore Gucci loafers. Both figures are notable for their involvement in Watergate and the abortive Bay of Pigs fiasco. Revenge for 'Bay of Pigs' is often cited among the top three or four motives for the murder of JFK. [ For other motives, see: Three Reasons JFK was Murdered ]

The FBI tampered with evidence --a crime! Why? Obviously, the FBI did not want it known that the train had been present behind the grassy knoll just minutes before the President would be murdered. The motives for altering evidence, tampering with evidence, destroying evidence is simply this: guilt! Only the guilty are always threatened by the truth. Only the guilty are motivated to lie about a crime or, in this case, destroy and/or tamper with evidence. In this case, the FBI proved to my satisfaction that it was guilty of the crime in question and/or had participated in some other ways to include a massive cover-up, the criminal obstruction of justice that follows. The only rational conclusion is that the FBI did not wish it known that the train had been there because the train was, in some way, associated with a "frontal shot". With its actions, the FBI made of itself "a crook".

The FBI tampered with evidence!

The removal of the train from the photos is more significant than the train itself. Otherwise --why the cover up? What was it about the presence of a train near Dealy Plaza that the FBI did not want you to know? The only explanation is that the boxcars provided a staging area for a professional team to include a professional assassin behind the picket fence. It is not difficult to imagine that this shooter, having hit his target, simply folded up his XP-100 Fireball [or an equally effective weapon], put it away in a "brief case" and calmly walked away into the area behind the fence, an area that had been secured by E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis et al --the tramps who wore Guccis!

What is the name of this shooter?

Does it really matter at this point? The bigger issue is who conceived the crime, who gave the orders, who organized the "operatives" in the field? The FBI participated in the overt cover up of what was most surely a CIA hit upon the elected President of the United States. I cannot imagine the FBI participating in a cover-up of a crime unless it is in some way complicit in the crime itself. A "cover-up" itself a crime but in this case, the cover up implicates those who participated!

The murder of JFK was a coup d'etat! It was most certainly motivated by JFK's refusal to supply air cover for an infamous CIA operation: the "Bay of Pigs" debacle; by his promise to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces"; and by his his threat to big oil, specifically, his promise to rescind the "oil depletion allowance" --a sacred cow to oil men.

Certainly all these issues --big oil, Cuba, CIA atrocities --figure prominently. There were other motives, of course. JFK was a marked man. His murder defines the day on which an American' dream died. It was a day from which this nation has not yet recovered! A day which will live in infamy!

If Oswald had been a mere patsy, as he had said he was, then the murder of JFK was a CIA hit. Set up to take the fall, Oswald, nevertheless, had to die before he could talk or raise more questions that no one on the Warren Commission seemed willing to raise or confront. The Warren Commission, in fact, is remembered for the questions that it either failed or refused to ask!

There are good reasons to suspect one George H.W. Bush of having been in Dealy Plaza that very day. There is a famous photo of him "hanging out" beside the front entrance to the Texas School Book Depository. Having known and interviewed GHWB on numerous occasions, I would testify --in court --that that is, indeed, the senior Bush who was photographed hanging around the front entrance of TSBD on the very day JFK would die. [My first meeting with GHWB was in a conference room at the Midland-Odessa Air Terminal as he was running for Senate against, as I recall, Ralph Yaborough]

Lee Harvey Oswald Had to Die!

On the other hand, there is simply no case against Oswald but that of a propaganda campaign. There was no prosecutable case against him. Any competent defense atty would have won acquittal in any honest court. A competent/honest judge would have thrown out the "magic bullet" for lacking "bona fides". Oswald would have walked. Therefore, he had to die.

CE-399, found on a gurney (possibly the wrong gurney) at Parkland hospital, cannot even be placed at the scene of the crime. A competent lawyer would have challenged it! And he would have won! An honest judge would have not admitted it into evidence. The 'real killers' would not risk that!

It is, indeed, a magic bullet. It is, to this day, in remarkable condition considering that it is said to have created numerous wounds in two men while defying gravity, Newton's laws of physics, specifically, his laws of motion and numerous principles of ballistics. It cannot be proven to have been fired. It cannot even be placed at the scene of the crime! A competent judge would have throw it out of court!

'Back and to the left'

We are often told that JFKs head only 'appears' to be thrust backward from a bullet fired from the front. That's absurd on its face. In fact, JFK's head appears to have been struck from the front and thrust backward! The backward motion of the head upon being struck from the front is consistent with first semester physics. As a kid hoping to be a big league pitcher, I used to practice a fast ball against a picket fence. One day --I "smoked" one right over 'home plate' knocking the slats right out of the fence!

Interestingly --and in accord with Newton's first law of motion --the slats did not fall forward upon being struck; instead, they fell backward upon being hit from the front. There is nothing surprising about that! It is one of the ways the world works. It is only controversial when powerful criminals try to get away with murder and numerous obstructions of justice. It's only controversial when culprits try to rewrite the laws of physics.

As a rambunctious kid, I used to target practice firing a BB gun against tin cans on a post. None of those tin cans fell forward upon being hit from the front! Later, I used to fire .22 and 30 ought 6 rounds at various targets. None ever fell toward me. The same is true of cantaloupes or watermelons. There is NO "jet effect". The same laws of physics are consistent with what honest people will see in the Zapruder film and that is the President's head struck as it was from the right front was forced back and to the left! That's --back and to the left!

Those facts --plus the pristine condition of the so-called 'magic bullet' (CE-399) --are reason enough to discount the Warren Commission summarily. The magic bullet is --we are told --the fatal bullet fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. I doubt that the magic bullet had ever been fired but, if it had, it most certainly never struck anything. Moreover, had Lee Harvey Oswald gone to trial, the charges would have been dismissed.

Found on 'a' gurney at Parkland Hospital, the 'magic bullet' [CE-399] cannot even be placed at the scene of the crime, NOR can it be proven to have ever been IN the alleged murder weapon or, indeed, fired from any weapon whatsoever. A competent judge (had the case gone to trial) woud have dissallowed it. Of course, whomever murdered JFK never intended this 'case' to go to trial in the first place. If you had conspired to assassinate a popular President, would you want the case to go to court?

The Magic Bullet Cannot be Placed at the Scene of the Crime
"The killing shot that spread JFK’s brains all over the trunk of the limo – the pieces of which Jackie tried to crawl out to retrieve – was so obviously from the front of the car, any suggestion that the shot came from behind is ridiculous."

--Mondo Media
The fatal shot came from the front, the grassy knoll. Only those with a vested interest in the official cover story will try to convince you or intimidate you otherwise. Only the guilty lie about a crime. Only the guilty are motivated to do so. The innocent, by contrast, benefit ONLY when the truth is told!
The single bullet theory (or magic bullet theory, as it is commonly called by its critics) was introduced by the Warren Commission in their investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to explain what happened to the bullet which struck Kennedy in the back and exited through his throat. Given the lack of damage to the presidential limousine consistent with it having been struck by a high-velocity bullet and the fact that Texas Governor John Connally was wounded and was seated directly in front of the president, the Commission concluded they were likely struck by the same bullet.

I cite wikipedia only because it summarizes the so-called "Magic Bullet" theory as it survives in the Warren Commission report. The theory itself is an elaborate ex post facto fallacy cooked-up to paper over a bald-faced lie, a lame theory, an official position that is intended to obstruct justice and hide the truth from the American people. Warren Specter, I believe, intended or was, perhaps, recruited to protect the coup d'etat which benefited from this 'high crime', this callous act of bloody treason!

said official about the murder of JFK is untrue. So --as we have asked about 911 --who lies about a crime? Who is most motivated to lie about a crime but those who have committed the crime? At the very least, the authors of the 'Magic Bullet Theory' are guilty of obstruction of justice by virtue of their lies; at worst --they should be tried for their complicity in the murder itself. Lying about a crime in order to protect the guilty is a crime and there is an enormous body of case law about it. Are you reading this Arlen Specter?

If it Does Not Fit

As Lee Harvey Oswald himself said --he was a patsy. There was no case against him. Secondly, the sixth floor is most certainly the worst place from which to try to kill a sitting, legitimate President of the United States. It offers a very small window of opportunity. The distance to target is about three times that of a knoll shooter.

No intelligent sniper, no experienced 'hit man' would have considered trying to murder a President from the sixth floor of the TSBD. There is no hope of escape from the sixth floor. It is said that, upon firing the fatal shot (the magic bullet) LHO ditched the Mannlicher-Carcano behind some boxes and fled down six stories by way of the staircase. Witnesses, however, say he was spotted on the third floor (as I recall) having a soft-drink! Are we to believed that he stopped there to have coke on the way down? If he were suspected, why was he not arrested then and there? Would a sane man, a man of just normal intelligence have risked such a stupid move? No wonder the real criminals would not risk, would not even try to get a conviction against their 'patsy'. Simply --he had to die! Dead men tell no tales.

An experienced hit man would not have considered the sixth floor, knowing that he might get off the fatal shot, rush down some six flights of stairs and into the waiting arms of the 'man'! The 'real killers' thought the TSBD to be a great place to set up a patsy. It worked because people are gullible, the press was under control and the FBI --as we know --would seize and tamper with real evidence. The real killers and their co-conspirators ---Bush Sr, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, et al --had secured the area behind the knoll. It was a simple case of mis-direction.

The train --which the FBI so carefully removed from Phil Willis' slides --would make a great staging area. Anyone wishing to get to the train and/or hang around in a box car would be harassed! Cops? It would appear that a fix was in! In any case, does anyone believe that a gang to include Bush Sr and E. Howard Hunt is going to allow their plans to be screwed up by a foot patrolman or an underpaid detective? The CIA pros --simply --'secured' the area.

There are NO discernable missing fragments. Where did the other fragments comes from? I suggest they be weighed and an estimate made of how many bullets were fired that day. That just might put the lone gun man 'theory to rest forever!

"Back and to the Left"

As the film depicts, JFK was struck by a bullet fired from the front! His head was driven 'back and to the left'. Some (notably Gerald Posner) have said that a 'jet effect' explains backward motion of the head. That is --at least --a concession that the head moves 'back and to the left'! The flaw in that reasoning is that 'jet effect' was invented for the purpose of 'explaining away' a shot from the front! I know of no other instance in which a jet effect has ever been observed or documented. There is no reason to believe that the laws of biology and physics were alterred radically on Nov 22, 1963 and restored the following day --Nov 23rd!

As lies become more outrageous in support of a 'theory', the more suspicious one becomes of them. I had not yet concluded that the fatal shot came from the knoll until Posner's ludicrous ex post facto fallacy cinched it. Like the 'official conspiracy theory of 911', one is justified in asking: if the official theory were true, then why is it necessary to lie about it? If the Warren Commission were true, why is it necessary to invent psuedo science ex post facto ? Ask yourslef --who is most motivated to lie about crime? Who is most motivated to cover up a crime? Who is most eager to cover up the truth? That's easy! Who lies about a crime?


Early lies about the JFK murder said that two bullets were fired from the direction the TSBD. Those lies were "starkly contradicted" by testimony of doctors and nurses who attempted to save Kennedy’s life at Parkland. Two groups of doctors saw a head wound in the back or back-right of the head as a result of a bullet that came from the front. That conclusion is supported by Zapruder and by the fact that a position in front was --from an assassin's point of view --the very best chance of getting off a fatal shot.

Much has been said of 'method'. But what of 'motive'? There were many motives, three of which I dealt with in a previous article. In summary, however, JFK was a revolutionary. The target of his 'revolution' we now call the 'New World Order' i.e, NEOCONS, militarists with a stake in the Military-Industrial Complex! It was JFK who told us how to beat them: 1) abolish the FED 2) Smash the CIA 3) Rescind the Oil Depletion. I believe that JFK intended to tax them and might have abolished 'corporate person-hood' and other dodges that have, over the years, placed this elite, this corporate class above the law!

Most importantly, Sen. Arlen Specter et al are wrong about frame Z313; STABILIZED FOOTAGE confirms Police Chief Curry who stated flatly -- In 1978-- that the fatal shot came from the front. The Zapruder film confirms him --the head is driven backward by a shot from the front.

Why Was JFK Murdered and who benefited?

George H.W. Bush --who was in Dealy Plaza that very day --benefited from the JFK murder as President of Zapata Corporation, a holding company based in Rochester, New York. Many have alleged that there existed many links between Zapata and the CIA. Certainly, GHWB would become Director of the CIA.

That, in itself, is a significant connection. Among many motives three are major motives and are related in many ways to George H.W. Bush: 1) JFK had threatened to repeal the OIL DEPLETION ALLOWANCE; Big Oil was not happy and one would not have expected the President of Zapata to have been pleased with JFKs plans. 2) JFK tried to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest 3) JFK Threatened to 'smash the CIA into a thousand pieces'. Now --recall that BUSH SR who was, at the time, at the very nexus of the AXIS of CIA-BIG OIL --would later become the Director of the CIA and, eventually, 'President' of the United States.

It's always been about the 'price of oil' at the wellhead and the profits that accrue to 'big oil'! Having grown up in Texas, I can vouch for the following very short, illustrative history:
Ross Sterling, the former owner of Humble Oil, was elected governor of Texas and took office on 20th January, 1931. The Texas Railroad Commission, under the control of the large oil producers, attempted to limit the production of oil (prorationing) in the new fields of East Texas. On 31st July, 1931, the federal court in Houston sided with a group of independent oil producers and ruled that the Texas Railroad Commission had no right to impose prorationing.

Large oil companies in Texas such as Humble Oil were in favour of prorationing and Sterling came under great pressure to intervene. On 16th August, 1931, Sterling declared martial law in Rusk, Upshur, Gregg and Smith counties. In his proclamation Sterling declared that the independent oil producers in these counties were "in a state of insurrection" and that the "reckless and illegal exploitation of (oil) must be stopped until such time as the said resources may be properly conserved and developed under the protection of the civil authorities".Sterling now ordered the commander of the Texas National Guard, Jacob F. Wolters, to "without delay shut down each and every producing crude oil well and/or producing well of natural gas". Wolters who was the chief lobbyist of several major oil companies in Texas, readily agreed to this action. Wolters used more than a thousand troops to make sure that the oil wells in East Texas ceased production. The Texas Railroad Commission was now in firm control of the world's most prolific oil fields. It now controlled the supply of the oil in the United States. As a result, the price of oil began to increase.
--Texas Oil Industry and the Assassination of JFK
Humble later became "Exxon". It is not only prices but profits that are of considerable if not irrational concern. Big oil had been, in effect, guaranteed huge profits by another bit of accounting legerdemain: the oil depletion allowance. The 'oil depletion allowance' is like depreciation but more abstract. Depreciation is often visible. Machines wear out, the loss of utility is real. From an accounting standpoint, the 'oil depletion allowance' is just a whopping write off, literally a pay off for the oil you won't find later! Now --how would like to be paid NOW for the money you WON'T make LATER when the business you're in NOW is no longer profitable?

Sweet deal --perhaps even better than the 'sweet deal' the FED got. I can think of no other industry that has managed to so effectively shake down the government. I can think of few businesses in which you are paid upfront the money you will not earn at some point in the future. If there should be such a scheme, I would like to sign up for it right now!

By 1962, JFK had sealed his fate. He had decided to take on the Texas oil industry. He persuaded Congress to 'remove the distinction between repatriated profits and profits reinvested abroad'. The law applied to all industries but affected the oil industry particularly. Texas oil fat cats watched earnings from foreign investments fall by one half --or from 30 per cent to 15 per cent.

As President, LBJ, abandoned plans to abolish the oil industry's sacred cow, the cow it regularly milked. The oil depletion allowance was not disallowed until the Presidency of Jimmy Carter still reviled in Texas though he is among the nation's best Presidents in terms of GDP growth and job creation. One would never suspect it --given the campaign of lies that he still inspires. At that, Carter is among the fortunate; it is only his 'record' that has been assassinated.

Moreover, I knew Bush SR and would testify under oath that the pic of a man in front of the TSBD just prior to the fatal shooting of JFK is --in fact --Bush sr. I know that slouch, that unmistakable hairline and jaw. It's him. I believe Bush Sr was in a position to supervise the 'hit'; in the field. The tramps had secured the area behind the picket fence for an 'egress'. One of those tramps was E. Howard Hunt; another was Frank Sturgis.

In our lifetimes, the best and brightest have been snuffed before our very eyes by the cowardly, unseen, shadowy exercise of pure evil and rotten ambition. The most prominent victims are John F. Kennedy who was, at the time, President of the United States, Robert Kennedy, a former U.S. Attorney General and candidate for his party's Presidential nomination, Dr,. Martin Luther Kr whose 'dream' while liberating to right thinking persons was, in fact, a gauntlet thrown down in front of those who dare to enslave us. Those benefiting most from JFKs murder are most certainly guilty of it. It's a question of motive, method and opportunity. The American right wing had all three. An analysis of the motives reveal a pattern, a constituency supporting murder as a means of achieving 'regime change'.

JFK tried to strip the power of the FED, abolish the Oil Depletion Allowance, and 'smash the CIA into a thousand pieces'. No President since has dared piss off so many powerful and ruthless people.

JFK tried to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest

The move would have bypassed the Fed by restoring to the government the power and authority to issue currency. Executive Order 11110 gave the US government the ability to create its own money --backed by silver! It just might have put the FED out of business.

Some background and basic economics: to pay it's bills, the US government borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Federal Reserve Notes are not backed up by anything. 'Silver certificates' issued under the authority of JFKs order would have been backed up by government owned silver. The government would no longer borrow from the FED to pay its obligations. It would have done so with 'silver certificates' issued by the government itself.

Like any commodity, Federal Reserve notes are subject to the laws of supply and demand. The demand for Federal Reserve notes might have collapsed altogether and the FED itself might have been forced out of business.

Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level. It would have would have made it possible for the government to repay its debt without having to borrow worthless 'notes' from the Fed and having to repay them later at interest.

Executive Order 11110 was never repealed. One wonders why no other President ever bothered to utilize it. Could it have had anything to do with the fact that JFKs order made him very, very unpopular throughout the banking establishment? In fact, JFK was brutally murdered in Dallas just five months after issuing the order. No more silver certificates were issued. The FED's gravy train was still intact.

The 'scheme' preferred by the Fed allows the Fed to create money which it loans to the government at interest.
The private Federal Reserve owners don’t have a trillion dollars to lend the Government, nor do they need it. All they do is create it, via a bookkeeping entry, and write a check to the U.S. Government as the loan in exchange for the U.S. Bonds. The U.S. Government banks at the Federal Reserve Bank so cashing this check is very easy.

It's a scheme, possibly a scam. Certainly --no hard currency is exchanged. Government agents are never seen walking out of the FED offices --under armed guard --carrying bullion, coins, or, indeed, anything of real value. The Fed makes an 'entry' in the books! The government makes an entry in its books! And you thought you had to work hard to make money!
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

--variously attributed to Thomas Jefferson [editor note: if it is confirmed that he did not say it, it is, in the opinion of the author of this article, true! And, if he did not say it, someone should have! h/t Warren Aide-Riley]
JFK Threatened to 'smash the CIA into a thousand pieces'

The CIA had conspired with 'cuban exiles' in Florida to assist in the invasion of Cuba. Both entities acted without authorization from the government, without a declaration of war from Congress which alone has the power to declare war --or so says that 'goddamned piece of paper', the US constitution.

Certainly, because of Cuba, the CIA was more motivated to murder JFK than was Lee Harvey Oswald. The CIA saw Kennedy as a threat to "national security" and, from the CIA/Cuban exile perspective, he proved it when he refused to order air support during the Bay of Pigs invasion. The axis of CIA/Cuban exiles never forgave JFK this 'act of betrayal'.

It is at this time in our history that the name George Bush comes up. It was in 1959 --the year that Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba--that George Bush set up Zapata Offshore in a Houston headquarters.
George must have been a frequent visitor to New Orleans. Because of his family's estate on Jupiter Island, he would also have been a frequent visitor to the Hobe Sound area. And then, there were Zapata Offshore drilling operations in the Florida Strait. On all of these activities, the official "red Studebaker" biographical material and the Zapata Offshore annual reports are extremely cryptic.

According to Joseph McBride of The Nation, "a source with close connections to the intelligence community confirms that Bush started working for the agency in 1960 or 1961, using his oil business as a cover for clandestine activities." 1 By the time of the Kennedy assassination, we have an official FBI document which refers to "Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency," and despite official disclaimers there is every reason to think that this is indeed the man in the White House today. The mystery of George Bush as a possible covert operator hinges on four points, each one of which represents one of the great political and espionage scandals of postwar American history. These four cardinal points are:
  1. The abortive Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, launched on April 16-17, 1961, prepared with the assistance of the CIA's "Miami Station" (also known under the code name JM/WAVE). After the failure of the amphibious landings of Brigade 2506, Miami station, under the leadership of Theodore Shackley, became the focus for Operation Mongoose, a series of covert operations directed against Castro, Cuba, and possibly other targets.
  2. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and the coverup of those responsible for this crime.
  3. The Watergate scandal, beginning with an April, 1971 visit to Miami, Florida by E. Howard Hunt on the tenth anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion to recruit operatives for the White House Special Investigations Unit (the "Plumbers" and later Watergate burglars) from among Cuban-American Bay of Pigs veterans.
  4. The Iran-contra affair, which became a public scandal during October-November 1986, several of whose central figures, such as Felix Rodriguez, were also veterans of the Bay of Pigs.
George Bush's role in both Watergate and the October surprise/Iran-contra complex will be treated in detail at later points in this book. Right now it is important to see that thirty years of covert operations, in many respects, form a single continuous whole. This is especially true in regard to the dramatis personae. Georgie Anne Geyer points to the obvious in a recent book: " entire new Cuban cadre now emerged from the Bay of Pigs.

The names Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker, Rolando Martinez, Felix Rodriguez and Eugenio Martinez would, in the next quarter century, pop up, often decisively, over and over again in the most dangerous American foreign policy crises.

There were Cubans flying missions for the CIA in the Congo and even for the Portuguese in Africa; Cubans were the burglars of Watergate; Cubans played key roles in Nicaragua, in Irangate, in the American move into the Persian Gulf." 2 Felix Rodriguez tells us that he was infiltrated into Cuba with the other members of the "Grey Team" in conjunction with the Bay of Pigs landings; this is the same man we will find directing the contra supply effort in central American during the 1980's, working under the direct supervision of Don Gregg and George Bush. 3 Theodore Shackley, the JM/WAVE station chief, will later show up in Bush's 1979-80 presidential campaign....This FBI document identifying George Bush as a CIA agent in November, 1963 was first published by Joseph McBride in The Nation in July, 1988, just before Bush received the Republican nomination for president. McBride's source observed: "I know [Bush] was involved in the Caribbean. I know he was involved in the suppression of things after the Kennedy assassination. There was a very definite worry that some Cuban groups were going to move against Castro and attempt to blame it on the CIA."

--Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography --- by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, CHAPTER VIII-b - THE BAY OF PIGS AND THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION
I recently quoted Albert Speer's summation of the Third Reich which, for so long, he served admirably with the best fascist architecture Reichsmarks could buy! Speer summed up the Third Reich. He said that it had been built upon hollow, meaningless platitudes. The same can be said of the GOP in America:
George Bush's inaugural address of January 21, 1989, was on the whole an eminently colorless and forgettable oration. The speech was for the most part a rehash of the tired demagogy of Bush's election campaign, with the ritual references to "a thousand points of light" and the hollow pledge that when it came to the drug inundation which Bush had supposedly been fighting for most of the decade...Bush's performance during the Panama crisis was especially ominous because of the president's clearly emerging mental imbalance.

Several outbursts during the Noriega press conferences had resembled genuine public fits. Racist and sexual obsessions were reaching critical mass in Bush's subconscious. These gross phenomena did not receive the attention they would have merited from journalists, television commentators, and pundits, who rather preferred studiously to ignore them. It was during these waning days of 1989 that Bush's mental disintegration became unmistakeable, foreshadowing the greater furors yet to come.

-- Chapter XXIII, The End of History
How will we remember the 'presidency' since the murder of JFK? I will remember these years for what was not accomplished because JFK was murdered --the dreams that are still unfulfilled, the hopes that were dashed! I will remember an era of GOP dominance distinguished by its celebration of mediocrity. I will remember a GOP that rewarded crookery and made of evil a banality. It took a horrible war and millions of deaths to crush the Third Reich! What will it take to crush the oppressive GOP dominion of some fifty years? Please tell me! We have work to do.

Zapruder Film Stablized: The fatal shot came from the Grassy Knoll