Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips with Netanyahu

by Omyma

Just when you thought the dastardly Neocons were history, out comes their most staunch supporter and, one could even argue, inventor - Israel! Nary a word is said against them, even after the Gaza massacre, since everyone is real scared of that Boogyman of Boogymen, the dreaded Israel PAC.

And one of those who does not feel in the mood for political suicide right now is our Prez, Barack Obama. Quite understandably. One hopes that he would be one of the few people alive who could walk that razor-sharp line between Our Sacred Relationship With the Hallowed Existence of Israel and the Facing the Hideous Reality of What Israel Is Actually Doing.

Most politicians, when it comes to Israel, have no choice but to tiptoe through the tulips. What else can you do? It's practically a political rite of passage to the American Halls of Power to don the yarmuk? and make a pilgrimage to, if not Israel itself, at least a few high-profile bar mitzvahs. Even "liberals" like Hillary Clinton and Obama have to change course - anything smelling of pro-Palestinian rights (am I tagged yet?) has got to be purged from the discourse. It's always about-face for Palestine, gung-ho militarism for Israel. Anything else would mean becoming The Human Pariah.

Now the Israelis, in their push to see just how far they can go, after bulldozing the civilian population of Gaza in cold blood, elected the Supreme Neocon Militant himself, Benjamin Netanyahu. And, true to form, he's upping the ante, claiming if Barack doesn't stop Iran from gaining nukes, he will - the old-fashioned neocon way, namely, a "strategic pre-emptive strike." Oh, that Netanyahu, at it again!


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