Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"This would be a whole lot easier if this was a dictatorship…just as long as I’m the dictator!" —George W. Bush

As the world is distracted with wars and rumors of wars yet to come, Bush, who peddles those wars while exploiting the very fear of war, works quietly behind the scenes to consolidate his dictatorship.

The following video of Sen. Diane Feinstein on the floor of the U.S. Senate blows the whistle on yet another Bushco power grab -the latest chapter in Bush's Hitler-like attack on the independence of the American judiciary.

Watch this video and tremble -fear for the future of Democracy, Due Process of Law, freedom itself:

When the end nears, depend on Bush to defy the Supreme Court of the United States in a critical case, a divisive case in which the stakes are very high. As Bush said of his jihad against a mythic "Axis of Evil", this case is of the form either/or. It will make or break his would-be dictatorship in a scenario best left to the game Risk. Bush is willing to wager the farm that his weak-kneed opposition will make the wrong choice.

The American people, the Congress and the courts must prove him wrong -just as he has been wrong about everything else. The American republic is in play in a cynical Bush/GOP game.

The stakes are very high. If Bush wins, the people lose. America will no longer have the legal recourse of removal; impeachment will be a dead issue. If impeached, Bush will not leave the office. Having subverted every protection afforded the people by our founders, Bush and company seem determined to leave us no choice but slavery under a dictatorship or a popular uprising. Bush will leave us no choice but revolution. It's his modus operandi.

…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the
Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

—Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence

Nixon was called an “imperial President”. Interestingly, the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon were concerned with his abuse of the IRS, obstruction of justice in connection with the Watergate Scandal, and his various abuses of agencies to include the CIA.

When the final us v them showdown occurs, I wonder: will the Congress stand up for the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, American Democracy, Due Process of Law?

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned the game "Risk" - this excerpt is enlightening:


Or maybe he was thinking of the board game "Risk"?

That wouldn't surprise "some of his old classmates at Yale, who remember Junior as the riskiest Risk player of them all, known for dropping by the rooms of friends, especially when they were trying to study for exams, for extended bouts of 'The Game of Global Domination.'

"Junior was known as an extremely aggressive player in the venerable Parker Brothers board game, a brutal contest that requires bluster and bluffing as you invade countries, all the while betraying alliances. Notably, it’s almost impossible to win Risk and conquer the world if you start the game in the Middle East, because you’re surrounded by enemies.

"His gamesmanship extended to sports — he loved going into overtime and demanding that points be played over because he wasn’t quite ready....

"W.’s best friend when he was a teenager in Houston, Doug Hannah, told (writer Gail) Sheehy: 'If you were playing basketball and you were playing to 11 and he was down, you went to 15.'

"Even if it was clear who was winning, W. wanted to go further to see what would happen. It was a technique that worked well in Tallahassee in 2000, but not so well in Tikrit."



Anonymous said...

My guess len is that, if this senario plays out like you say, the congress would rollover(for the dictator)like the mangy mutt it has become.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein is so upset she can hardly talk.

Kel-Bell said...


Unknown said...

Feinstein appeared to be breathing just fine...but, if she wasn't, she can be forgiven. Six years of Bush's shameless, cynical power grab upon the worst of motives is enough to leave anyone breathless. I am unaffected, however, because I have practiced yoga almost my whole life. I can also be heard at the back of an auditorium without a mic. At the moment I advocate yelling "Down with the dictator wannabe!" Everyone will know who I'm talking about.

Indeed, Alex, Congress must step up to the plate. Bush is isolated politically and his approval rating is in the toilet. Nixon at the good sense to spend a night talking to portraits followed by his welcome resignation.

Bush will have to be hauled out by federal marshall's executing a valid court order to vacate and fumigate the premises. Even then, I fear Bush will defy the courts. If the military should support him, would that not signal the very end of the American republic, the experiment with Democracy, the Bill of Rights, indeed, freedom itself.

Vierotchka said...

An update:

Bipartisan Senate Measure Confronts Bush Over Iraq. One Small Step for Sanity.

SadButTrue said...

I like the Jefferson quote, Len. Right back at you with this from John F. Kennedy;

"A Government that makes peaceful revolution impossible, makes armed revolution inevitable."

Also, One Small Step for Sanity, Rurikid? Hmmmm...I know of no provision that could call for Bush's removal as President on psychiatric grounds, but isn't there something in the UCMJ that allows for his removal as Commander in Chief? I think officers in the US military can be subjected to competency hearings and relieved of duty on a mental health basis, can't they? Hopefully this is not just wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Thank You for putting this information out online. I saw the San Fran headline about it, and knew there was much more to the story, but did not get that yet from the newspapers.

Mischief afoot, we won't probably know all of it for a long time.

Anonymous said...

the bush stock is down...

Vierotchka said...
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Anonymous said...

KarlaElisa said...

"...color me slow on the uptake here...this provision in the Patriot Act allows him to replace US attorneys for no reason."

That is correct. Bush screws us all. But it is but one pernicious assault on the rule of law among many to be found in the Patriot Act. Obviously -The Patriot Act, some 342 pages in length, was written, crafted, plotted long before 911. Equally obvious -Congress, for the most part, failed to read the fine print. It was hurried through the Congress when the nation believed that it had been attacked, when it was believed that Bush didn't had not had prior knowledge, when it was believed that Bush was only kidding when he talked about how much easier it would be for him if he were dictator.

Fuzzflash said...

"...There is much to discuss and we must not rest till we are free from the folly of these warmongering fools."

Some observations on that point. Clearly -Bush has made of the world a much more dangerous place, giving cause to terrorists and the raison d'etre for every nation that would aspire to nuclear power. On that point, it has been learned lately that Iran was willing to make significant concessions but was rebuffed by Dick Cheney. The excuse: we don't talk to terrorists and rogue nations. Rogue nations and terrorists, however, are whatever we say thay are. Finally, Bush has stretched the military to the breaking point -or beyond. In doing so, he exposes an endemic American weakness. Does that make you sleep better at night?

anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Thank You for putting this information out online.

You are most welcome. Come back anytime. Comments are not only welcome, they are encouraged even if I cannot alwas reply to every one.

odanny said...

What the hell is Diane Feinstein talking about? Who was her audience, and was there anyone awake at the end of that long winded blabfest? Could you imagine listening to that for an entire class, non stop, and expect yourself to stay awake? So yes, education has failed many of us, due to lack of effort at times, but it really failed Dubya, who slept through not only class (Yale dont fail the Skull and Bones) but also slept through Vietnam!

Sure as shit, he grabbed his coke spoon and said "Fuck it, I'm covered, I'm in the Guard. And I aint gotta show up cause my father said I could work for him!"

So he sleeps through the landmark events in his young life, and now, as an idiot adult, has decided it's time to do something bold and starts a war his buddies with all the government experience told him to.

The Emperor got hisself (and the rest of us) into a mess his Daddy can't clean up. And Len, he is your homeboy, damn man, I'm sorry for that!

Anonymous said...

odanny wrote

"he grabbed his coke spoon and said "Fuck it, I'm covered, I'm in the Guard. And I aint gotta show up cause my father said I could work for him!"

I think that sums up his juvenile thought processes. Wouldn't it be nice if we got an adult President one day?

"...And Len, he is your homeboy, damn man, I'm sorry for that!"

But I am not from Connecticut.

Junior is no Texan. He's a carpetbagger.

About Feinstein. She was on target. Bush is trying to replace prosecutors with yes men. Hitler did the same thing and for the same reasons. Dictatorship. I suggest William Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". Despite recent scholarship, Shirer's account is still an essential read.

Anonymous said...

This is what they get for:

1) Allowing Bush to be appointed with no demand for a recount in Florida
2) Jumping on the jingo bandwagon after the Saudi attack on NYC and DC.

What did they expect??? Fairness from fascists?

Anonymous said...

29 May 2007
The video has been removed.
"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

The game has already started people and we don't know the rules.

Unknown said...

2012 said...

The game has already started people and we don't know the rules.

Someone must have reposted it...try it again. Hopefully, more will see it before it is taken down ...again.

I will find another and repost it.

My position is this: Diane Feinstein works for US. The public pays her salary. What she says on the floor of the Senate BELONGS to the people of the United States. The Senate belongs to the People of the US. The building belongs to the people of the US.

I don't care if C-Span used their equipment to video tape it. Before Ronald Reagan GAVE AWAY the media, the media belonged to the people.

I think its time we took it back!


Anonymous said...

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