Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tasers, Torture and Terror Tactics: America Becomes a Police State

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Torture and atrocities are not confined to Abu Ghraib. In and out of the nation's 'out-sourced' penal institutions, perverts with badges terrorize the nation. They threaten innocent children, women and the handicapped. Everyone is a target.

Being an innocent bystander, a model citizen, a Rotarian is not enough to keep you safe from rogue cops, tin-horn sheriffs, or other so-called law enforcement personnel. Who let these dogs out? Who uncorked this evil genie? What Nazi mentality makes a lethal enemy of those who had been sworn to "protect and serve" us?

I am pissed off!

My fellow Americans, we have been and are made war upon! The culture of fear, hate, prejudice, perversion and violence unleashed by the evil administration of one George W. Bush is largely to blame. The endemically corrupt GOP has 'stunk up the place'. No one is safe --not in your home, your car, your property! 'Probable cause' is often forgotten, just as often misquoted and misunderstood but, even worse, it is reviled by proto-fascists and certifiable psychopaths who would prefer the U.S. become the police state that they have tried mightily to create and support. This is what it means to live in a police state.

They are just some of the victims of wholesale torture taking place inside the U.S. prison system that we uncovered during a four-month investigation for Channel 4 . It’s terrible to watch some of the videos and realise that you’re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases, you are witnessing young men dying.

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Perhaps because someone uncorked the bottle and unleashed the evil genie, there is renewed interest in the 'scientific' study of evil. Such a renewed study may have its roots in the work of Dr. Gustav Gilbert, the American psychologist who was tasked with interviewing the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. He believed evil to be an "utter lack of empathy". Certainly, this trait, this symptom of pure evil is seen throughout Bush's America. It is always characterized by an unmistakable inability of persons in 'power' to identify in any way with the victims of their abuse.
The term, "ponerology" is an obscure theological term that means the study of evil. Andrzej knew this, and decided to reclaim and rehabilitate this word for scientific use since, as it happens, our science really doesn't have a word for the study of "evil," per se. We need one.

The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

Someone should conduct a study of the evil that Bush has loosed in the US --the evil epidemic of needless and unlawful tasering, the 'deputies' who assaulted and stripped naked an innocent woman who had merely called the department for help, the 'deputies' who brutally threw a paralyzed man from his wheelchair and laughed about it.


Now police are told they can use Taser guns on children

By JASON LEWIS - More by this author » Last updated at 15:27pm on 2nd September 2007

Police have been given the go-ahead to use Taser stun guns against children.

The relaxing of restrictions on the use of the weapons comes despite warnings that they could trigger a heart attack in youngsters.

Until now, Tasers - which emit a 50,000-volt electric shock - have been used only by specialist officers as a "non lethal" alternative to firearms.
American 'law enforcement' may have always been endemically crooked, appealing to incipient psychos in any case. Now, in Bush's America, where every evil impulse is rewarded and somehow passes into a 'mainstream' itself corrupt and rotten, evil is winked at, encouraged by 'those in power', practiced by unqualified sociopaths, sadists, and perverts with badges.

An addendum from the comments section:

ANY policeman/woman, ANY military person, ANY official, who chooses to use a Taser weapon, against ANy other guilty of RAPE, and can be charged with such offences. If the person being Tasered is then taken away by force, the charge is also kidnapping, which is worth $1.6 million dollars per day!!

Get them ALL to contact David_Wynn Miller and show them how!!!

See the update to this article at: Police Atrocities Define the Bush Police State

Michael Parenti Discusses Contrary Notions


Cop ODs on confiscated pot
Tasers, Torture and Terror Tactics: America Becomes a Police State

Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership, Global Issues, Updated: January 02, 2009




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Anonymous said...

ANY policeman/woman, ANY military person, ANY official, who chooses to use a Taser weapon, against ANy other guilty of RAPE, and can be charged with such offences. If the person being Tasered is then taken away by force, the charge is also kidnapping, which is worth $1.6 million dollars per day!!
Get them ALL to contact David_Wynn Miller and show them how!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so strange. Today during lunch break, my friends and I we're talking about the over use of tasers on America's innocent civilians. A few of the people said they have no plans to take family members to America this spring vacation.

Now when ordinary, everyday Canadians are afraid to visit the United States for fear of their lives, because of your police, then America is no longer the land of the free.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the very timely information, anonymous. It is time that EVERY American become outraged and demand a stop to this crime wave. I also favor BANNING even the manufacture of tasers. The very purpose of a taser is to terrorize the victim.

Anonymous said...

Nice essay on a theme that I have often pondered. Thank you.

As I near sixty it concerns me that the very basic foundations of a just society (which I previously thought were not just understood but tattooed on our consciousness for all time) such as Habeus Corpus, prohibition of coercive force etc are no longer considered sacrosanct in the U.S.

The Bush foreign and domestic policy culture can be traced to the Chicago School of Strauss and Wohlstedder but what allowed it to take root in the lower echelons of society?

Could it be that the "Winning is everything" culture that developed out of rampant capitalism, invaded sports and now pervades U.S. Politics has fostered an "it's OK for me to break the rules because ultimately I'm on the right side" mentality?

When I was a child, we were taught that winning and losing don't count, it's how you play the game that matters. From where I sit, down here in New Zealand, the contrary to this philosophy, the culture of the bully, seems to rule in the U.S.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

America is no longer the land of the free.

And hasn't been since the smirking cretin stole the election, and, later pulled off a 'palace coup d'etat'.

Sad to say, America, the experiment may be over. Stick a fork in Democracy. It's done!

Anonymous said...

None of this will slow or stop, until extreme vigilante action is taken against the perpetrators.

That all that will do it.
Nothing short of that will do any good whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in our prisons and our Police Depts. in this Country is frightening to say the least.

What's the answer, perhaps change in the White House, would or could that make a difference, I for one fear maybe not.

Quite simply day after day this is what you hear on the news more innocent victims by the Police or Law enforcement.

MSNBC has a daily show on our prisons in this Country and they replay our prisons day after day, if that doesn't tell us something nothing will.

This certainly is not the country I grew up in during the fifty's and sixty's. I know I would miss Ca. but I certainly wished, I lived in Europe. I spent nearly three months traveling Europe when I was a young woman, wonderful memories!!

Anonymous said...

what plant you folks from?
this ain't hardly "news".

hate to rain on your existentialist parade, but now that everyone ELSE is getting the nigger/chink/injun treatment I find it amusing [in a despicable way] that only NOW has amerikKka become a police state..

...welcome to the party folks...I guess the race stuff was smokescreen for class issues....sure seemed to be ok when it was other folks kids/lives/families being murdered, raped, abused, humiliated, tortured and enslaved...
enjoy the parade....

land of the brave my folks are about 400 years late....better late than never...i suppose...
only thing worse than totalitarians are those who feign outrage..after the fact....

moderator: have the audacity to allow the statement of contempt to stand....[not likely]

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

What!, are ya new..this has been going on for as long as I've been around

Just because I am outraged now does not mean that I was not outraged earlier. I don't know how long you've been around but I covered the trial of several Houston police officer who stood trial for murder, having beaten up an hispanic young man and throwing him into Buffalo Bayou to drown. They were found guilty and sentenced. The difference now is that the perpetrators increasingly get off scot free!

Anonymous said...

land of the brave my folks are about 400 years late...

Indeed! It is cowardly and criminally insane to suit up in body armor and beat the shit out of innocent folk for whom there is not even probable cause that they have committed a crime. I say: if these so-called "cops" are so intent on beating people up or killing folk, let's round them up and send them to a place where people fight back! Let these miserable perverts go to Iraq!

Anonymous said...

what plant you folks from? this ain't hardly "news".

I didn't say it was new. I just want to see more articles condeming this shit, DEMANDING that the so-called 'cops' be held to account. In some cases, they should be tried for capital crimes.

During the Viet Nam era, we called them 'pigs'. There recent behavior confirms that we were right then and we are correct now. This must change. This is NOT just a spate of isolated incidences. This is an emdemic problem that is shot-through the law enforcement establishment.

Unknown said...

Diane B. said...

What is happening in our prisons and our Police Depts. in this Country is frightening to say the least.

I was screaming bloody murder about this in Houston... the prison referred to in the vid is in Brazoria county, just down the road. Texas was probably never an enlightened state but, under Bush, it is irredeemable.

See: GOP Occupied America: Does the GOP "Vision Thing" Include Blackwater Patrolling America's Cities, Innocent People Awaiting Death?


Texas: The Gulag Wasteland Bush Left Behind

will said...

Canadians afraid of visiting Amerikkka for fear of their lives? I'm afraid of visiting Texas for the same reason--indeed don't even want to leave California.

Yep, land of the greed and home of the afraid. Is there anyone outside the US who doesn't feel deep down that severe PUNISHMENT and RESTITUTION is in order for this FOX infested, international rogue state of chickenhawk cowards masked behind badges, hypocrisy and lies? A blessed people that allow the abrogation of 2-1/4 centuries of enlightened judicial reason for the intellectual dishonest sophestry of enemy combatants and military commissions without the rule of law are beneath contempt.

KayInMaine said...

Our nation has gone batshit crazy. Dumping a paralyzed person onto the floor to "frisk him", tasering a woman 7 times like she's cattle, and then there's the case of the woman named Hope (I posted about it on my blog) who called the police for help only to find herself chained the floor of the police station while male officers stripped her naked and then kept her naked in a cell for at least a day so they could look at her! And we wonder why Hope and others are traumatized by our police! The brains of Americans are cracking every day in this country thanks to asshole warmongering jackboot licking officers like these....

Unknown said...

Sorry about the comment moderation. We had an attack of 'trolls' who specialized in vile attacks and mere characterizations. No argument at all, let alone a valid one. No facts, just a teeth gnashing waste of bandwidth.

Thanks for your articulate comments. Indeed, I think there is fear to visit America right now. I have loved this nation but began to realize as early as the Reagan administration that about one third of the population was, indeed, 'bat shit crazy!'.

These were the Reagan worshippers who swooned: "He made us feel good about ourselves". When I heard that from the floor of the GOP National Convention in Houston, 1992, it was as if I were hearing the Nazi youth about Uncle Adolph.

Canada is a lovely place. I hope y'all keep it that way. I recall a beautiful Texas when real cowboys were 'liberal' and just liked to have a good time.

Bush is NOT a Texan and brings dishonor upon the state. He was born in Connecticut, attended (but did not study) Yale, a member of the Skull and Bones, a pervert, homosexual, sadist. A complete waste of human DNA.

Anonymous said...

"I also favor BANNING even the manufacture of tasers. The very purpose of a taser is to terrorize the victim" - Len Hart

So true, although not all cops are off base, many, many certainly are...and the system tends to shield them. Where i live , during the 80's there was a rash of deaths between City of Tampa police (maybe Hillsborough county sheriff also) at any rate, typically the victim was some drunk, or mentally ill / homeless fellow usually just walking down the street. At the time the "force" was applying a relatively new "choke-hold" technique...supposedly designed for rapid take downs of "perceived violent offenders".

Nevertheless, after about ten plus deaths (80% black males ...of course) the choke-hold tactic was reviewed and finally barred from use. My point is tasers are a similar tactic, supposedly implemented to "reduce" catastrophic out comes but apparently have had the opposite effect, and the stats are in. Because there is money to be made, and cops always hate to have their tools reduced, this tactic will be a tough one to get rid of.

Tampa Bay also just made the news with the Hillsborough sheriff Deputy literally "dumping" out of his wheelchair, a paraplegic suspect/perpetrator onto the holding/booking area floor. Bush's America at work, where even a shred of human respect can not be found...but what should we expect? Our Commander in Chief and his Attorney General (top lawmen...correct?) continue to advocate TORTURE and abuse the US Constitution daily, with no repercussion.

Homeland securities finest... Another recent Tampa bay story:One of our sitting sheriffs was just talking about "9/11" (apparently he must have met with Rudy during his recent "campaign swing" through our state...all of west central Florida is wing-nut land) At any rate, the top cop has become "paranoid" about a large sub-station in the heart of Ybor City (part of old down town Tampa) appears he believes it is vulnerable to a terrorist attack (I am not making this up) The sheriff has purposed to "shut down" one of the through-fares in the district, with barricades and "restricted zones" ...these people are fucking CRAZY...(smacks of "police state" mentality)

Mean while, another crazed male American gunman shoots several innocent by standers in a psychotic rage inside a college class room...George Bush's America in full bloom. I think we need much more protection from the crazies and the cops at this point. Let's get smart about this and apply rational foreign policy in our efforts in controlling terrorism, not continue all of this "home guard" boondoggling. Then we can begin to reinvest in America and stop all of this ramped up paranoid fear mongering that seems to have a very negative impact on our population, collectively and individually.

Our current leadership is nothing less then severely deficient when it comes to positive, practical governance, these people have done more harm then can be imagined at this point in time.


Unknown said...

benmerc said...

another crazed male American gunman shoots several innocent by standers in a psychotic rage inside a college class room...George Bush's America in full bloom

What a way to greet the day --with news of another crazy killing. No expert, I will venture a fuzzy thesis. Most of these 'shooters' are most certainly people who feel isolated in some way, perhaps ignored. Perhaps, for them, killing others is their last and desperate social act.

Anonymous said...

does anybody recall why the movie "Fight Club" was put out there? Inspiration. Like "V." Like "The Matrix." For those of you who know what the hell is going on -- dismantle the system. Physically, mentally, completely. It's time. Protests won't work if the stupid pigs are not afraid, and EM weaponry is soon enforced on our own streets. The idea of FEMA is just the start. Wait until the Keyhole satellites (which you may know have been used in google earth) are turned onto us. Oh, wait.

They've already been.

Light and Truth,

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

It's time. Protests won't work if the stupid pigs are not afraid, and EM weaponry is soon enforced on our own streets.

Che said:

People must see clearly the futility of maintaining the fight for social goals within the framework of civil debate. When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law; peace is considered already broken.

That's where we are now. Our government has declared war on the people.

Unknown said...

Guerrilla Warfare By Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Anonymous said...

To hell with testing professional sports players, when in the world are we going to test police officers for steriods. They have the right to kill you. They have weight rooms in police headquarters. Many of these officers are ex-jocks who did'nt make the pros and now they can take the juice with no testing. When will we demand that they be tested for steriods?

Anonymous said...


I am no expert either, but with economic pressures mounting, hostile rhetoric and fear mongering literally on a daily basis sanctioned by our government, it would certainly seem likely that it would have a negative effect on some of the less then balanced of our population base. There was four other school shootings across the country this week alone (reported on MSNBC) it appears this type of stress reaction may be symptomatic to the stress felt by the society on a whole. I see a connection, and this type of behavioral phenomenon I am sure has surfaced and has been documented before, and it does appear at least (from casual observation) to be on the rise.


Unknown said...

Certainly, the bar needs to be raised. Part of the problem is this: the WRONG people are attracted to police work for the WRONG reasons. Perverts and other personality types are attracted by the prospect of bullying other folk and think 'police work' the perfect cover. For too long, it has been.

When I was covering news in Houston, TX, the HPD, hoping to get a favorable story on the physical fitness standards that 'cadets' were required to meet, invited me to take the test required of prospective police officers upon graduating the Academy, before entering the force. I passed the test with flying colors --actually beating some of the recent Academy graduates.

Unknown said...

How do people become so cold, heartless, and cruel? I think pogo said it best: I have seen the enemy and it is us....

gbrother said...

Ten percent of doctors, lawyers, preachers,teachers,politicians,copsand members of any other vocation you can think of are bad, inept or both. Unfortunately,their actions are often used to misjudge and mislabel the remaining ninety percent. Police officers have one of the toughest jobs in the world and often find themselves stuck in many no win situations. If they attempt to disperse a crowd they are accused of violating citizen's rights. If they don't disperse the crowd they are referred to as lazy, incompetent, government employees who refuse to perform their sworn duties. Imagine yourself trying to remove a crowd of several hundred people who have already judged you as the enemy and have decided that they are not going to obey your lawful orders. How would you handle the situation and what would you tell your bosses?

Anonymous said...

Really look around everybody the END TIMES are really here .Be careful on whose side you chose to be on.

ottobock said...

This is happening everywhere there was normally a free society, well, relatively speaking, anyway. Australia and the UK are both walk in step with us AmeriKans and the UK even more so. This is a global transformation meant to be ushered in within the next couple of years. The ruling elite know as we reach galactic center we will be harder to control, hence the war on Terra or basically the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Who is David_Wynn Miller and how do you contact him?

Anonymous said...

annon sez: "End Times"

You bet, for that rat infested graft ridden incompetent Republican party, they have had their chance and proved they can not lead, and have hit the end of the rope...And, when the Democrats get back in, if they do not get this mess cleaned up, then they will be out also. Why is it that all the rest of this nation must maintain competence and productivity, or strive to do so... yet the very leadership we choose to represent us, and pay so very well, seems to think they are immune poor performance?

gbrother- I agree, being a police officer is a tough and many times thankless job...but it does not give one the authority to re-interpret the US Constitution...I also think not only should police officers be screened better for psychological anomalies, I also believe they should be schooled in the constitution, and what the Bill of Rights really stands for, beyond MIRANDA and the like. Supposedly our civil freedoms are the watermark of this society, and were once the envy of the globe, not so much these days.


Anonymous said...

len hart - we are not a democracy and never have been.

We are a Republic. At least we were.

Democracy is mob rule.

Anonymous said...

I have read that 3" .00 Buckshot will pierce any police armor. I'm not telling anyone to go around shooting people, but this is good information for self defense purposes. I have also been told that a .44 magnum will pierce police armor. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but even if it doesn't pierce armor it would have to hurt like hell.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

len hart - we are not a democracy and never have been. We are a Republic. At least we were. Democracy is mob rule.

Close enough for govt work! 'Republic' is defined as 'representative Democracy'. But that is NOT the issue. However you decide to count the votes the issue is this: under our Constitution, a direct descendant of Magna Carta, the 'people' are 'sovereign'. Simplistically, that means the GOVT works for us. The Barons forced King John to sign it in 1215 and it established that principle for the English speaking Democracies thereafter. Magna Carta influenced the common law upon which US jurisprudence is almost entirely based. Magna Carta is likewise behind our own Bill of Rights, penned by James Madison who wrote the first draft of the US Constitution and the final draft following debates. Magan Cara is simply one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy.

The principle of 'popular sovereignty' is NOT just a slogan. Its the frickin' law. Here's what the Constitution says about it:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

In other words, 'we' created the government. It belongs to us. Not the other way 'round. The early commentaries on the Constitution by Joseph Story expounded upon this view and subsequent SCOTUS decisions (more than I have bothered to count) have, rather, re-inforced that view.

Bush works for us! We can and should fire his sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

...just in case no one is paying attention, please read AND COMPREHEND the following....

On the Northern Illinois University campus, Stephen P. Kazmierczak, 27, was considered a gentle, hard-working student, who was honored two years ago with a dean's award for his sociology work. [doh!]

"I knew Steve both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student. I have had him in my home. I knew him as a warm,[!] sensitive,[!] very bright student," said Professor Kristen Myers in an e-mail. "I never would believe that he could do this. I know that when these horrible things happen, everyone searches for roots to explain it. Here, I'm afraid I don't have any."

NIU President John G. Peters said Kazmierczak, who was accused of killing five people Thursday before taking his own life, had "a very good academic record, no record of trouble," while studying at the university.

University officials and former teachers said Kazmierczak had established himself as an authority on prison systems[DOH!], having co-authored a manuscript on self-injury in prison[DOH!] and religion's role in the formation of early prisons in the United States.[DOH WTF!!!???] Both papers were written under the guidance of Jim Thomas, a professor emeritus at NIU and a nationally renowned criminal-justice expert.[DOH!]

Thomas first became acquainted with Kazmierczak when the student took an introductory sociology course, taught in Cole Hall--where Thursday's shooting took place. [DOH!...ssaayyy?...]

"In this large class he stood out. So I tried to use him as an unpaid assistant," [doh!] Thomas said. "He stood out because he was hard-working, he was bright, he would come up and talk about ideas behind what I'd taught." [no doubt]

Thomas said he was left dumbfounded when news of the gunman's identity trickled out around campus Thursday. [...dumbfounded and flabbergasted]

"When I heard yesterday that it was a student in corrections and social justice, former grad student [DOH! DOH! DOH!], I thought, 'Oh, my God, that's Steve. That has to be Steve,' " he said. "It's nuts, nuts, totally nuts. He was the most gentle, even guy." [TIL THE Mceducation system got his ass]

One former classmate called Kazmierczak "probably the best student in the class."
The classmate, who asked not to be identified, said Kazmierczak routinely followed the news and often talked about what was on "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."
"It surprises me that he would have had a gun," the classmate said.

Thomas said Kazmierczak left the university after the Spring 2007 semester to transfer to the University of Illinois.

At the time, NIU colleagues were troubled because Kazmierczak failed two classes and received an incomplete in another course. Thomas, however, believed Kazmierczak failed the classes because he already had shifted his focus to U. of I.

Thomas said the only negative feelings he ever got from Kazmierczak were about NIU scaling back its [criminology program. "So, he felt like his academic needs weren't being met," Thomas said.

After he left DeKalb, Kazmierczak worked briefly as a guard at an Indiana prison [no shittin?!] about 80 miles from Urbana-Champaign.

Doug Garrison, a spokesman for the Indiana Department of Corrections, said Kazmierczak worked at the Rockville Correctional Facility in western Indiana Sept. 24 to Oct. 9, 2007. Then, he abruptly left. [uh oh....sounds like...trouble]

"He just did not come back to work," Garrison said. "He called up one day and said he was not coming back." [gee....I wonder why...]

Garrison said he did not know why Kazmierczak quit. [!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Garrison declined to discuss any aspect of Kazmierczak's job application. [uh huh...]

Thomas said most of his communication with Kazmierczak in the last several months was via e-mail. When the professor asked him why he quit his job at the prison, he said, "He never really responded." [gee prof...I'm not cut out for sodomizing helpless just don't feel right...know what I mean?..."]

While in Champaign, Kazmierczak lived with his former girlfriend on the city's west side, several miles from campus. Thomas said the couple was no longer romantically involved but had continued to share an apartment. [SERIOUS UH-OH]

Authorities in DeKalb confirmed Friday that Kazmierczak had recently stopped taking medication. Thomas said Kazmierczak had confided in him that he had served in the military and received a discharge for psychological reasons.
"He only discussed that with me in passing," Thomas said. "He seemed as normal as you or I."
["seemed"?..."normal?" who?....lolololol]
Kazmierczak grew up in Elk Grove Village, but records show his parents moved to Florida shortly before his mother's death in 2004.

Kazmierczak graduated Elk Grove High School in 1998 with a B average, spokeswoman Venetia Miles said. While at the school, he participated in band, the Japanese language program and a public service class.

The public service class teaches students about government, and students take part in a community project during the year. Miles did not know what project Kazmierczak worked on, or during which of his four years at the school he took the class.

Miles said most of the teachers and counselors at the school during Kazmierczak's time there have left or retired. She said most teachers and staff still at the school only have vague recollections of him.

Kazmierczak's father, Robert Kazmierczak, gave a brief comment outside his home in Lakeland, about 50 miles southwest of Orlando. "Please leave me alone," he said. "I have no statement to make. This is a very hard time. I'm a diabetic."

He then broke down crying and went back inside.

With him were several deputy sheriffs from the Polk County sheriff's office. Sheriff Grady Judd said his agency had been asked to interview Kazmierczak's father at the request of DeKalb County investigators, but said his agency would release no details.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the intricacies and ironies of the wonderfully gilded, revered ivory towers of American academia...


And Mark,

You can have my share of double aut...knock your self out. If it gets down to that, I will hope to have had the insight to be long gone. I have worked many years plying the message of progressive change, and violence was never part of the discussion for myself.

Bob said...

You can see them beating and terrorizing people every week on COPS. You can hear the fascist media praising them every evening on the 6 o'clock "news."

You can read that men like Kazmierczak are starting their own terrorist wars against the establishment.

Speaking to them nicely won't stop them. They are at war with the people. They live to keep us under control.

Do you see a police car parked in your neighborhood while some pig is off duty? You can't speak sense to them when they gang up but you might find one without his armor at his/her home.

The Gestapo is already taking hundreds of thousands of Americans off to hell eveyr year. How many is too many?

Catch more of The World According to Bob at

Unknown said...

Seems u've aquired a new audience of devil's advocates, Len.

Unknown said...

Isn't that why they make the 'BIG BUCKS'?

Unknown said...

Mob rule; what a concept. It conjures up pixs of mafia dons and backwoods big distillerers...THE CONSTITUTION; USE IT OR LOSE IT.

Anonymous said...

Like I said in a previous post, we saw it coming and turned a blind eye to it. Now, it's too late to correct the situation except by force by the citizens. A revolution is coming, again, and the first ones to feel it will be the so-called public servant -- the police. I do not advocate violence but it now appears that there is no other option open to us. If my history serves me right, this is exactly what happened during WW2 and how Nazi Germany nearly took over the world. Only this time, instead of Hitler, we have Bush.

I'm using anonymous only because I don't want to be visited in the middle of the night by a SWAT team

Anonymous said...

It’s terrible to watch some of the videos and realize that you’re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases, you are witnessing young men dying.

PepperSprayKing - Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Home Protection, Mace, Child Safety, Personal Alarms, Voice Changers, Safety Lights, Diversion Safes, Hand held Metal Detectors, Tasers, Instructional Fighting DVDs

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

you know what's really disturbing? the first video was deleted. who took it down? the CIA or something?
I am so rapidly losing faith in my country, and I want to be from somewhere else.
If all of this comes back to bite us in the butt, how is that fair? If the whole world hates American's now, that just sucks because the everyday person didn't do anything. it's the big bankers. jp morgan chase, and the like, working behind the scenes, while we're all too distracted by our iPods and our flat screen hdtvs.
what the fuck america? what the fuck.

Anonymous said...

Americans need to stop looking for fault and vengance, we have been programmed to see everything in Black & White, Evil & Good, Us and Them! Listen to the crazy-talk on TV and Radio, It's an endless gordian knot, a deviceive drumb beat that weakens the structure of our Democracy.

We MUST see ourselves & every American citizen, as FAMILY!

A family has strength, stability, courage and longevity, what makes a family, or country, strong and stable are the Family Values of cooperation, love, respect, Compassion, charity, goodwill, grace, honesty, responsibility, honor, dignity, Fairness, truth, and Justice.

To be successful we need to share our Labor and Rewards in a fair and equiable way!

The future of America's Democracy Depends on us working togather against all enemies foreign and domestic!

We need our laws to be enforced evenly, with no special treatment, Selective Enforcement is poison to the trust and faith a Democracy requires!

Anonymous said...

Tazers like pepper spray are little more than torture divices, they allow police to assult those they are sworn to Protect & Serve.

Tragicaly we see a Gun can be mistaken for a Tazer in times of high stress and confusion and then we have a tragic situation!

Instead of working smart we see police working hard, and often Looking for an excuse to assult the public, man or woman, even children with malice and forethought as in this video of police laughing about shooting a woman in the face with a rubber bullet, These are not nerf bullets they can blind even kill!

Authoritarianism - Woman Shot In Face By Police