Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Evidence That Bush Will Cancel Elections & Declare Martial Law

A 'national emergency' will provide Bush the raw power he needs to cancel the elections and hold on to even greater executive power. Over the course of his criminal and illegitimate regime, George W. Bush has assumed powers that in cases of a 'national emergency' make of him an absolute ruler beyond the powers of the Congress or the Courts. It has all been locked up rather neatly and planned well in advance. A 'decider' by self-proclamation, Bush conveniently 'decides' what is and what is not a 'national emergency. He is the sole arbiter.

The 'mechanism' by which Bush consolidates all his power is called Executive Directive 51 [See: White House, National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 ]. Signed into law on May 4, 2007, it specifies the 'procedures' to be taken in the wake of a 'catastrophic emergency' --'any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions'.

The Bush administration is prepared to move upon the slightest pretext. What is called the 'TOPOFF' exercise 'games' a Code Red alert. An "actual terrorist attack" of the type envisaged under TOPOFF 3 leads to a Code Red Alert, creating conditions for the suspension of civilian government.
If we simply go to red ... it basically shuts down the country.

--Tom Ridge, CBS News Interview, December 2003
The 'civilian government' would be closed down, taken over by an Emergency Administration.

Long before Bush had signed the measure, FEMA had begun the construction of a 'gulag archipelago' of FEMA concentration camps that were most certainly built with this outcome in mind. They are complete and await a first train load of domestic victims of Bush's Fourth Reich.

At hearings of a congressional sub-committee in New Orleans, FEMA official Glenn Cannon acknowledged that it had been considering the use of trains to transport large numbers of people to camps and various locations around the United States. The revelation was ominous as this use of trains is associated with Adolph Hitler's hellish Third Reich. The camps and the mass transportation of people to them is a cornerstone in Bush's elaborate and detailed preparations for a declaration of martial law. To every citizen of the US --whether incarcerated in a hellish concentration camp or not --the declaration of martial means but one thing: an absolute dictatorship!

The various scenarios have main points in common: Bush will, upon any pretext, declare a national emergency, cancel the elections, and impose martial law. With martial law comes absolute power, a ruthless crack down on dissent, mass arrests and mass incarcerations. A 'pre-text' is never an obstacle to would-be dictators. With the Reichstag Fire, Hitler proved that 'pretexts' are easily manufactured.

The most likely and most obvious scenario has already been run up the flag pole by GOP's un-official propaganda minister --Rush Limbaugh. What Limbaugh has in mind is a classic Nazi tactic: a riot by agent provocateurs for which 'liberals' and Democrats will be blamed. If the riots are violent, Bush will cite them as the only pretext he will need to declare 'martial law' and, having already placed himself in charge of 'emergency planning', Bush will have completed his coup d'etat. In a state of 'emergency', he will cancel the elections and rule by decree.

One can be certain that if Democrats will not provide Bush the pretext he needs to declare martial law, the GOP will do it themselves and blame the 'left'. A clue to GOP thinking may be found in the history of the GOP convention in New York. Then Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge designated the GOP convention a 'national security special event'. As a result, the security operation was run by the US Secret Service. It took a 'zero tolerance' approach, meaning 'any protest' would be busted up. If Bush's future is on the line, you can count on the GOP to support even more drastic measures.

The 'election' of 2004 was but a harbinger of worse things to come. In a nation that claims to be 'of the people and for the people', a 13-block swath of New York City was closed off to the public. In 2004, the GOP needed only steal key precincts in one or two key states. While the nation escaped an outright declaration of martial law, it did not escape the Bush's continuing assault upon the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers.

In 2004, Democratic politicians issued stern warnings that demonstrators who wished to gather in Central Park avoid confrontations that would facilitate a GOP crack down or feed GOP efforts to 'whip up the right wing base'. Never-the-less, ham-fisted tactics by the Bloomberg administration were seen by many to be the main reasons for protest.

There were fears the election of 2004 would be canceled. For all the good they did, they might as well have been.
It's only reasonable to assume that as the prospects for a Democratic victory in November brighten, the countervailing prospects for a manipulation of the electoral process grow simultaneously more ominous. So?. . . What do we do?

I think the answer is obvious, frankly, and organic. I propose a general strike, to begin immediately concurrent with the announcement of any cancellation, postponement and/or abridgment of the Presidential Elections scheduled for November 2, 2004; such strike to terminate when, and only when, elections are successfully completed and fairly counted.

If you work, simply don't go in. If you're a student, simply don't go to school. If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, simply stay-at-home with your kids. Don't shop, don't drive, don't eat at restaurants. Don't do anything, except subsist. Unless another person's life is in your immediate professional hands, cease doing what you normally do until such time as the powers-that-be come to their senses and remember that whatever power they claim necessarily derives from the people.

--What to do if the election is cancelled or postponed, AudieMcCall
Keep in mind that the passage above was written before the elections of 2004. We know now that Bush stole 2004, as, in fact, he stole the White House with a felonious, riotous assault in Florida organized and paid for by the Bush for President campaign.

There is a greater chance that Bush will simply cancel the elections this time around. Bush doesn't have the luxury of stealing the election; his name will not be on the ballot. The US is caught in the circular logic by which the GOP/right wing justifies a panoply of atrocities. Having left the nation no peaceful means by which it might express the popular will, Bush will cite 'violence' as justification for even more extreme measures. This is the death cycle of Democracy.

Bush will need a 'riot' in order to declare martial law and will require martial law to justify his crackdowns on dissent and 'civil disturbance'. The right wing's relationship to dissent mirrors that of Bush's relationship to 'terrorism'. Bush, in fact, is nothing without terrorism and his policies can be shown to be the cause of it. Thus --he will and does manufacture it! [See: Terrorism is always worse under GOP regimes.]

Meanwhile, Bush pushes forward on a broad front --conducting 'martial law exercises', conveniently putting himself in charge of 'emergency planning'. Kellogg/Brown and Root has built a 'gulag archipelago' of concentration camps across America as Rush Limbaugh calls for 'riots' at the Democratic Convention.

The GOP, adrift since the end of the McCarthy era, nevertheless managed to hold on to power due to the timely assassinations of key Democratic leaders --primarily those named Kennedy, those of color, those who opposed a crooked establishment. LBJs decision not to seek a second term brought the 'Great Society' to an end. Jimmy Carter was effectively nullified with troubles in Iran and a GOP focus group word which stuck: 'stagflation'. In fact, Carter's economic record was better than ANY GOP President since World War II. The GOPs hold on power defies science and statistics. It is best explained by a few well-chosen words. 'Crookery' and 'thuggery' are among them.

By the time Bush Jr sought the White House, it was clear that the GOP needed an external threat equal to that of 'communism'. Wars on porn, drugs and Murphy Brown paled compared to the hysteria that could be fanned with something like 'communism'. The convenience and timing of 911 defies statistics. It remains yet another highly improbable 'catalyzing event' that had been wistfully desired by NEOCONS in the Project for the New American Century paper entitlted 'Rebuilding America's Defenses'.
Homeland security is one piece of a broader strategy [which] brings the battle to the enemy... But while one key to defense is offense, it is not the entirety of our security picture. For we also need a “defense in depth” as part of the strategic whole. That means even as we pursue terrorists overseas, we work at home to prevent infiltration by terrorists and their weapons; to protect our people and places if infiltration occurs; and to respond and recover if an attack is carried out. This is embodied in our strategy of building multiple barriers to terrorist attacks.

[Transcript of complete March 2005 speech of Secr. See:Michael Chertoff]
Thus, Bush will cite an 'external threat' as the pretext to assume the powers he needs and will use to wage war --not on terrorists --but upon dissent here at home. There is a word for this: tyranny!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Partner,

Another well thought out, righ to the point post, thanks.

I travel abroad, in fact, live abroad part-time, and I do not apologize for being an American.

I simply tell them our country has been taken over through voter fraud by the Republicans, with suspected assistance by the Democrats, and that we are no longer a republic, but rather a military dictatorship, with Bush as a figurehead.

Bush couldn't think this up by himself in a million years, my friend.

9/11/01 was a military-led, coordinated attack on the People.

It'll take the People to overthrow the yoke, and the longer we wait, the more blood that will be shed, I fear.


Unknown said...

Howdy pard, good to see you back here on the El Rancho Grande. Indeed, most Europeans understood where Bush was coming from long before most Americans. Instead of disdain, one gets sympathy from Europeans. Thanks to the 'intertubes' or 'the nets' people can now talk to people, bypassing government bullshit. That fact must be of considerable consternation to governments in general.

"It'll take the People to overthrow the yoke, and the longer we wait, the more blood that will be shed, I fear."

I wish you were wrong. Surely, a counter coup --of the type described by Luttwak --seems all but impossible given the make up of the US government. That kind of coup will require some steely nerves and some high level backing in the Pentagon. I just don't see those guys risking the gravy train they are on to do what is right. Americans have been sold out by almost EVERY governmental institution --the White House, the Supreme Court, the Congress, the military, and most certainly the various agencies which suckle at the teat. The real power in Washington resides among the lobbyists. They have the money and have used to to 'buy' the government.

kelley b. said...

I think those prisons are real, alright, and might be utilized, but here's my take: they don't want to do it, and from all appearances they won't have to do it.

Why not? Because the elections this year seem to be very well managed. Even if they win, neither Clinton nor Obama show any sign of ending the endless war on Terra.

Neither seem to be inclined to challenge the corporate takeover of the States.

An overt dictatorship is not good for business. People talk. It hinders the image overseas. Like Poppy, the rest of the Company prefers to wear the mask of the genial Family Organization. A happy customer will spend far more of their money than a fearful one.

So it wouldn't surprise me if overt martial law was never declared. But it also wouldn't surprise me if the temperature of the water tended to increase for us free thinking amphibians in the pot as RealID and corporate monitoring of every aspect of our lives increased. It's so much easier to weed out the malcontents individually, so the numbers aren't noticed.

The knife is a much better cutting tool than the fist.

Unknown said...

kelley b. said...

Because the elections this year seem to be very well managed. Even if they win, neither Clinton nor Obama show any sign of ending the endless war on Terra.

That is certainly one alternative. But it overlooks Bush's psychological profile. Bush is a psychopath who 'gets off' inflicting pain. Having gone to so much trouble to put into effect the infrastructure of a totalitarian state, I find it increasingly hard to believe that they would turn that very infrastructure over to a Democratic challenger --even one that had been bought. I speak with some experience on that point. I knew Tom DeLay, his money men, and even one of his early rivals. These guys and gals epitomize HATE!

An overt dictatorship is not good for business. People talk.

I.G. Farben, Krupp, Thyseen, and their Bush family trading partners thought dictatorship very good for business. Prescott Bush was charged with treason for his part in trying to overthrow FDR and installing a fascist dictatorship that GWB is just an executive order away from putting into effect.

But it also wouldn't surprise me if the temperature of the water tended to increase for us free thinking amphibians in the pot as RealID and corporate monitoring of every aspect of our lives increased.

That strategy seems to have worked already. Already --Bush need only 'deem' someone a terrorist and he/she can be dropped into a corporate prison. The dictatorship is already here. The concentration camps are just one of several odious outcomes that stem from it.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard that Planet X is in our galaxy and is causing unusual weather disturbances and Sun Activity? According to John Moore (Survivalist Expert) We need to prepare for worldwide coastal flooding,Volcanic activity, Pole shift weather changes, and Meteorite damage from the Planets tail. He claims the US Government is already preparing for this event by moving key personnel to underground shelters. This event is supposed to happen before 2012.I am amazed that no one else is talking about this. Martial Law will be in force if this event occurs since our whole economy will shut down and those who survive will do anything just to survive. Don't you think this is worth investigating? -Kevin

Unknown said...

An astronomer named Harrington died in 1993. He never found Planet X. Don't sweat it. Someone is yanking your chain. It was all hypothetical.

On the other hand, National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51 is on the White House web site.

Now Bush wouldn't lie to us....would he?

Unknown said...

Speaking of Bush lies:Ex-aide Scott McClellan says Bush misled the U.S. on war

More admissible evidence that Bush lied to commit a war of naked aggression in which thousands have died as a direct result. By federal law, EACH such death is one count in the war crimes indictment that should be forthcoming against GWB!!!

Nazis were hanged for less at Nuremberg.

King Charles I of England was executed on January 1st 1649. His crime was his claim that he had a 'divine right' to rule. Bush has similarly claimed that God talks to him but his body count is much, much higher than that of Charles who most certainly did not perpetrate a FRAUD upon the English people in order to wage a war of aggression.

Linda-Sama said...

brilliant, len! I want to see you rebut this guy:


Linda-Sama said...

by the way, I linked this story today at Ageless Hippie Chick....


Unknown said...

Linda, thanks for the link. BTW --this idiot is 'light work'. Following are excerpts from his typical GOP article (in italics) followed by my refutation.

I count myself as one of the 81 percent who believes America is headed in the wrong direction, and that is precisely why I am voting Republican.

Typical! I've often described the GOP mentality and strategy as a slogan: 'just keep on doing whatever makes you sick'. If a doctor told you that, you would call him an idiot and find another doctor. It might me a matter of life or death.

Yet --the GOP applies that kind of thinking to economics (trickle down theory is the best example) and, most recently, the war against the people of Iraq. This guy makes GOP sense with GOP logic. For example, the GOP gives us George W. Bush --the very worst and most criminal president in US history, perhaps the worst 'ruler' in world history save Nero and Caligula, and he wants to go back to the well. There is a perfectly good word to describe this. INSANITY!

But if "headed in the wrong direction" really does mean for most Americans that voting Democrat will put our country on the right track, it is hard not to conclude that America has begun the decline that has ended all great civilizations.

More proof that the writer has a terminal brain fart! The GOP agenda IS the 'wrong road'. To blame Democrats for a GOP platform and strategy is stupid, it's a lie, and it is typical GOP thinking.

If Democrats had put the country in the wrong direction, they would be rightly blamed for it. But when an incompetent simpleton served up as a latter-day Fuhrer by the GOP assumes the powers of a dictator and, in doing so, puts the nation of the wrong road, we are expected to believe the utter nonsense that it was the Democrats who did it.

My beef with the Democrats is not that they put the nation on the wrong road but that they were notsuffienciently aggressive to STOP the GOP from doing so.

For if the Democratic Party -- given how far left it has become -- comes to control Congress and the presidency, America's values will soon stray so far from what they have been since its founding that it is difficult to imagine ever being able to undo the change.

The American Democratic party is hardly left! Moreover, in the wake of the 'right's' across the board failure to fight real terrorism (Google: Terrorism is always worse under GOP regimes) then a turn to the left is the only rational response, the only prudent alternative.

Clearly --the GOP has gone to the wrong doctor, the one who told them: "keep on doing whatever it is that makes the nation sick"! You can depend upon the GOP to do precisely that.

This guy is almost too easy. Thanks for the link. I may make an full article around additional refutations to his nonsense. It's been too long since I've sliced up a GOPPER! It feels gooooooood!

Unknown said...

Here's a link to my response on the Human Events website:

Dennis Prager: If On the Wrong Track, Why Go Left?

I may follow up with a more detailed article here.

Linda-Sama said...

love it! if you do another post about him, I'll link it on AHC...