Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Assassinations, White House Child Prostitution, Cover-ups, and Terrorism

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Democrats might have been in a position to oppose Bush along a broad front. But 911 and targeted Anthrax attacks changed everything. Just as the FBI put a lid on Bush Sr's alleged involvement in a White House child prostitution ring circa 1990, the government itself most certainly denied the truth of 911 to the American people circa 2001. Suspicious deaths like these are far outside the normal distribution curves; suspicious deaths of establishment critics are statistically high. It is the picture of a world in which Democrats and liberals would be smart never to board a plane.

The Anthrax attacks had the desired result: it shut up the Democratic opposition, most notably, Nancy Pelosi who had once called Bush a 'dangerous man'. Impeachment was off the table. One wonders what improbable series of GOP coincidences are required before Americans will --at last --conclude that something very, very rotten, evil and corrupt has been loosed in America. A short essay cannot possibly document every suspicious detail, every suspension of physics, logic, or common sense. Nevertheless, a broad outline paints a vivid picture. And every picture tells a story. The story can be summed up thus: the cancerous growth of something rotten in America, a growth that paces the rise of the GOP.

911 divided the world up according the GOP ideology --patriots vs terrorists. 911 was so convenient as to be unbelievable! I still don't believe the official story and less now than when the event was fresh. The official version is even more unbelievable now as more is known about how Bush personally ordered evidence destroyed and inquiries quashed with veiled threats of GOP-sponsored terror. Were key Democrats afraid of being involved in a mysterious but highly coincidental plane crash, a plane crash that defies the normal distribution curve, the very laws of statistics and probability? It's the only hypothesis that explains what it otherwise inexplicable!

As many in government are overly eager now to put the Anthrax attacks behind them, it is clear that a genie may be out of the bottle. It's time to let it all hang out. It's time to conduct a real, open and accountable independent investigation into the suspicious, untimely deaths of Sen. Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan, and numerous others who --we are expected to believe --just happened to get on board an ill-fated plane just before a key vote could be cast, an incriminating fact revealed, or an investigation (911 specifically) begun!

It is, of course, too late for this administration to retrieve any credibility. Because this administration is utterly without credibility on every issue from Iraq to Anthrax to 911, an investigation into the convenient death of Paul Wellstone must begin now!

The late Senator's death was no surprise. Indeed, on May 25, 2001 VoxFux predicted that 'a Senator' would die in a aircraft accident.
Within months, one of a selected group of democratic Senators, likely from a state with a Republican Governor, will meet an untimely death. The death will appear to be either a plane “accident” or by “natural causes,” - Whichever is most easily accomplished. The reality will in fact be that the Senator was one of a group of several Senators (Narrowed down into a group of “Selects”) targeted for assassination and was the one who was in the right place at the right time for the most convenient and clean "hit.”

You will see, within in the coming months, for absolutely certainty, the untimely death of at least one Democratic Senator, to "re balance the scale". The private covert intelligence groups behind George Bush Sr. are extraordinarily well funded with petrochemical billions. They are deadly, work completely autonomously, in a terrorist formation identical to a terrorist organization, and are absolutely religiously dedicated to accomplishing their objectives. They will not rest until the Senate is under the control once again of the darkest force ever to seize control of the American Empire - The clandestine industrial / military / intelligence triad who is currently represented by George Bush Jr.

--Democratic Senator to be Assassinated Soon, Assassination teams actively preparing hit
Wellstone opposed the Bush administration's 'War Resolution'. Is this motive for murder? That is best answered with another question: when it is clear that Saddam Hussein neither had WMD nor anything to do with 911, were the rich oil fields of Iraq motive for a war of aggression that has most certainly claimed over one million innocent lives?
If Wellstone's plane was sabotaged, it wouldn't be the first time that a political figure met his end in the friendly skies. A plane carrying Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung's hand-picked successor, Lin Biao, crashed under mysterious circumstances en route to Moscow during 1971. The Chinese later claimed that Lin was defecting to the Soviet Union after a botched coup attempt against Mao; guilty or not, most historians believe that his plane was probably sabotaged. On March 3, 2001, a phosphorus bomb blew up a Thai Airways Boeing 737-400 minutes before the country's new prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, was set to board the jet.

Many American politicians--mostly Democrats and liberal Republicans--have died in aviation disasters. Senator John Tower (R-TX) Senator John Heinz (D-PA), Congressman Mickey Leland (D-TX); Ron Brown and Mel Carnahan are among those who have been killed in airplanes since 1989. "Elected officials expose themselves every day to these kinds of risks as they travel across their states or districts," Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) commented, noting the perils of frequently using small aircraft.

Anyone who has traveled on what is euphemistically called "civil aviation" can tell horror stories about sudden drops, lurches and violent thunderstorms. But it's also true that security at the regional airports and small terminals at major airports used for such flights--Wellstone flew out of St. Paul--is more easily penetrable than that at JFK and LAX. It would hardly be impossible to sabotage a plane chartered for an inconvenient politician.

Wherefore the Black Box?

According to aviation consultant Robert Breiling, the plane that carried Senator Wellstone--the King Air A-100 "business turboprop," also known as a Beech King Air--is remarkably safe, with 25 percent fewer fatal accidents than other planes in its class. Warren Morningstar, spokesman for the Airline Owners and Pilots Association, says: "It's a great airplane."

So why did Wellstone's go down? Weather is the lead suspect. Freezing temperatures, which can be severe in Minnesota, came early this year. "This airplane would typically be equipped with de-ice equipment but there are icing conditions that are beyond the measure of any equipment to remove," Morningstar notes.

Local pilots, however, doubt that ice was a problem. "There was little ice. It was normal. We see it all the time," said Don Sipola, a flight instructor with 25 years experience.

"Black boxes"--a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder--are often crucial for discovering the cause of airplane crashes. According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Paul Takemoto, the plane was required to be equipped with both. Contradicting the FAA, Carol Carmody, acting chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board which is investigating the site of the crash, says that the plane apparently carried neither. Were the black boxes lost or were they never aboard? Someone may know, but thus far no one's saying.

--Ted Rall, Assassination by Aviation
Paul Wellstone was the only progressive in the US Senate. Mother Jones magazine once described him as, "The first 1960s radical elected to the US senate." He was also the last. Since defeating incumbent Republican Rudy Boschowitz 12 years ago in a grassroots upset, Wellstone emerged as the strongest, most persistent, most articulate and most vocal Senate opponent of the Bush administration.

In a senate that is one heartbeat away from Republican control, Wellstone was more than just another Democrat. He was often the lone voice standing firm against the status-quo policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans. As such, he earned the special ire of the Bush administration and the Republican Party, who made Wellstone's defeat that party's number one priority this year.


Wellstone now joins the ranks of other American politicians who died in small plane crashes. Another recent victim was Missouri's former Democratic governor, Mel Carnahan, who lost his life in 2000, three weeks before Election Day, during his Senatorial race against John Ashcroft. Carnahan went on to become the first dead man to win a Senatorial race, humiliating and defeating the unpopular Ashcroft posthumously. Ashcroft, despite his unpopularity, went on to be appointed Attorney General by George W. Bush. Investigators determined that Carnahan's plane went down due to "poor visibility."

Carnahan was the second Missouri politician to die in a small plane crash. The first was Democratic Representative Jerry Litton, whose plane crashed the night he won the Democratic nomination for senate in 1976. His Republican opponent ultimately captured the seat from his successor in November.

While an article in the New York Times on Saturday pointed out the danger politicians face due to their heavy air travel schedules, the death of a senator or member of Congress is still relatively rare, with only one other sitting US Senator, liberal Republican John Heinz, dying in a plane crash since World War II. Heinz, who entered office as an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, later emerged as a strong proponent of health care, social services, public transportation and the environment. He also urged reconciliation with Cuba. He died when the landing gear on his small plane failed to function, and a helicopter dispatched to survey the problem crashed into his plane.

One former senator, John Tower, also died in a small plane crash. Tower was best known as the chair of the Tower Commission, which investigated the Reagan/Bush era Iran/Contra scandal.

Another member of a prominent government commission who died in a small plane crash was former Democratic representative and House Majority Leader Hale Boggs. Boggs was best known as one of the seven members of the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The commission found that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone when he killed the president. Boggs, it turns out, had "strong doubts" that Oswald acted alone, but went along with the commission findings. Later, in 1971 and 1972, he went public with his doubts. He was presumed dead after the small plane carrying him and Democratic Representative Nicholas Begich disappeared in 1972.

--Was Paul Wellstone Murdered, Alternet
Other prominent officials meeting untimely deaths in small plane crashes include Texas Democratic Representative Mickey Leland and Clinton administration Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown. Leland had been a six-term member of Congress, outspoken advocate of sanctions against the apartheid government in South Africa. He was traveling to Ethiopia when he was killed. Brown's plane went down in the Balkans.

Another suspicious case is that of Gen. Torrijos Herrera, the so-called dictator of Panama. The motive may have been his defiance of Ronald Reagan. Torrijos had 'thumbed his nose at the Reagan/Bush regime and threatened to close the Panama Canal. Like many another fatal flight, the Torrijos flight exploded in flight, disappearing from radar. In common with many another death, the flight took place in severe weather, the plane had dropped off radar.

The Torrijos death was most certainly politically motivated. In a pre-trial hearing in Miami, in 1991, Manuel Noriega's attorney, Frank Rubino, was quoted saying: "General Noriega has in his possession documents showing attempts to assassinate General Noriega and Mr. Torrijos by agencies of the United States."

Mel Carnahan was not the only politician from Missouri to meet an untimely end. Jerry Litton was running for the Senate when he and his family were 'plane crashed in August of 1976 enroute to a victory celebration in Kansas City.

In 1978, Dick Obershain had just won Virginia from John Warner. He was 'plane crashed'near Richmond, VA. Who benefited? John Warner who now heads the Senate Armed Service Committee.

In 1980, John Lennon, who had written poignantly of a world free of religious and political ideology, was shot to death by Mark David Chapman. Chapman was improbably connected with/to John Hinckley Sr, the father of the man, accused of shooting Ronald Reagan. Hinckley Sr was president of World Vision, a right wing evangelical association which had employed Lennon's killer --Mark David Chapman. Ominously Hinckley's organization is deeply connected to the CIA and has helped 'the company' in numerous 'projects'. Hinckley's largest contributor is none other than the US Department of State. I smell a rat, murder, and right wing subversion! [See:]

Among the numerous assassinations and strange deaths that have come to characterize American politics, the case of Gary Caradori --a retired state police investigator --is among the most weird and hints at the negative, evil, Satanic underbelly of American political culture. The Nebraska Senate had hired Caradori to investigate a "homosexual prostitution ring" that appeared to be operating right out of the White House. The Washington Times broke the story, reporting “...a homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close ties to Washington’s political elite.”

Perhaps because Gary Caradori is no longer with us, the names of the Bush and Reagan officials involved in this queer ring, said to have also involved child pornography or even worse, will probably never be known. There were recent echoes of this scandal. Recall Jeff Gannon, Bush's gay boy who often posed as a reporter when he was not posing naked for folk like George W. Bush or other perverted, GOP fiends. His cover was blown when his nude photos were publicly circulated.

Before he was murdered, Caradori had been investigating Lawrence E. King Jr., an influential black Republican, a close friend of George H. W. Bush! A director of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, King was suspected of embezzling $40 million. It was during this investigation that the subject of child prostitution came up. The Nebraska Senate found itself questioning child prostitutes who accused King of running a child prostitution ring. One of them reported seeing George H. W. Bush at one of King's 'parties'.

It was then that Schmidt was warned to drop his investigation amid fears that it would reach the highest levels of the GOP. Indeed, various international news organizations reported that the "scandal implicated not only Bush Sr but politicians 'close to the White House'. It was the kiss of death. Gary Caradori and his six year old son were killed as passengers in a small plane that exploded in mid-air. The cause was never discovered. Cardori had told friends that he was afraid that his plane would be sabotaged. It probably was.

Immediately after his death, the FBI seized and sealed all his papers. Watch the Discovery Channel video Conspiracy Of Silence

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kenny said...

Thanks for this important analysis of why our congresspeople don't do what they have been mandated to do.
They are scared - for their lives.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kenny. And this is just the tip of the ice burg. When I have more time I would like to post a complete data base of 'suspicious' political assassinations. Even now it is obvious: it is the LEFT which are TARGETED.

Rarely is a right winger 'air planed' and, when he/she is, it is because he/she 'sold out' the FASCIST bosses on K-Street, Wall St and in DC.

There is something ROTTEN in the country. A revolution is overdue.

Ed Encho said...

Bullseye Cowboy!

Talk about gettin' all the varmints into the corral, this one was dead on. We are really taking it to the bastards now so just keep on fucking pouring it on because they are totally freaking out and going batshit now that they are being exposed.

I guess that the guy who runs Information Clearinghouse is being threatened by thugs now as the goon squad is getting restless as they come to collect their quid quo pro for help in pulling off 9/11 by having the U.S. attack Iran.

Beautiful to bring up the Franklin Cover Up too....the sexual blackmail and pedophilia that is used to control these pigs needs to be exposed now while there is still time.

You The Man!

Just my two cents


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the amazing links! Your website is outstanding. The fact that VoxFux knew about the anthrax attacks on Sen. Daschle and Leahy five months before they happened is astonishing. Keep up the great work!

The Conservative Deflator


Anonymous said...

Many thoughts come in sight from shiny bright sparkles of your effusive production, Len. Props. Big up.

Word up. Y'know, it's not talked about much, but there's a meta-view of (the meta-view of) the internet. It is NOT 70 million jabberwocks in an Ziggarat of Babel, each alone, no ones together ... none forming body politick. That's kind of the massmind media depiction -- "The internet's an unfathomable incomprehensible humungous cacophony, and math is yucky, don't go there." Some depiction. NOT.

What it amounts to, in fact, doing the math, boils down to a distilled 50 or 500 or 5000 key internet players, movers and shakers, individual-person by individual-person candidates to be the heart implanted in body politick. The size of the steering group of internet influentials -- 'Who can believe someone is driving that thing, the internets?' -- between 50 or 500 or 5000, depends on what magnification you choose on your meta-scope to examine the meta-view (of the meta-view).

There are all the anecdotes of a zillion different things on the web. If each were one vote, they couldn't elect anything. Then there are collections of anecdotes centered around an individual personal name. And my own anecdote of bumping into the same names up-and-down my 'blog roll'. There's some 'internet snapshot' website, somewhere, with a graph of the data of blog-to-blog links and clusters.

That's the meta-view snapshot. The meta-view of the meta-view watches the snapshots over time, animation cels of a movie, and sees various clusters animate a dynamic, develop a 'personality,' cohere an integrity about it(self), establishing an integral beam of the information structure and, presto! -- put some mass in the driver's seat. Your work is getting you t' being one of those drivers, Len, or pilots.

Your composition this time came into my room and flyed me to the moon. Don't try to fly to the sun, just orbit in the gravitas. cf. Story.

Details (missing) in your article seemed like you hadn't seen Ruppert's material at From The Wilderness .COM
FromTheWilderness.COM/free/ww3/110102_wellstone.html about Wellstone

That link is Mike's first report, 6 days after the crash. Also at the website, (but I'm not linking) is a later report, and a third; starting after Mike went out in the field and visited the crash site, and interviewed locals, and snooped up some afterburners he's got in his rolodex.

As ever, Wayne Madsen had nuggets of news in the case. Even more in Tilman's case. Check Madsen's archives. I can't ... yet.

Anyway, the grand over-scheme of your article has cross-hairs locked on the most corrupt, and corrupting, target on the planet: Poppy B. You're right on.

Any one assassination by plane, or all of the air assassinations as an m.o., connects to Poppy B.

Or you can get into the renowned sexual depredations and public-officials perverts -- such as who screened Guckert into Dub-boy's residence? -- and all of it connects back to B.

Or you can get into the oil motive, or into the secret society sagas, or into the war crimes category, or just flat-out government corruption causes celebre ... and all of it, each and every point of fright, always connects back to the B.-ster. Going on over 60 years, now, since he got Section'ed Out of the military dole, 1946, after the H-bombs stopped Japan and ended plausible overseas flyboy adventures ... when Georgie didn't want to get out. He had Dub-boy's mouth to feed, starting that summer. And so, from inception, he's grown into The Agency ever since, even more designing and pernicicous than as much as Hoover grew into The Bureau. (Which, btw, lost its chartering precept, after J. Edgar left the building, '74, taken over and subsumed by The Agency. Assimilating everything.)

Your neighbor down the street, for example. What was the statistic that came to light among E. Germans after the wall fell to 're-unification' -- something like 1 out of 6 had been Stasi-paid for neighborhood gossip and news, and licentious tidbits paid better? Got 6 neighbors around your place ...?

And all of it, whichever way you approach it, started in the last 60 years and connects with Poppy B., the personified military-industrial complex.

At this magnification of meta-view, the counterpoint to MIC-ickness is STE-rike. The Other, equal, governing branch of socio-political sway, that IKE warned us about, and worse for We, the Peeps, than the MIC.

The Scientific-Technical Elites . Which Poppy B. is NOT connected to the developments of. That "vision thing." Which might be the last hope for bringing influence to impact the B., and MIC, 800-lb cultural ape -- blindsided off balance.

One form of a revolution, where STE disfigures the MIC, is the Peak Oil / Climate Crisis / One Earthlings, organic and interdependent, nexus of 'talking point' issues. Science says: "no oil." Political society says: "MIC, what gives?," ('What's the deal with four-dollar gas?'), and that's the tipping point where MIC has lost the faith-imaged consent of the governed. The ones who see the chimera soonest are youngsters who haven't had their head in the highlife hi-beams as long, as have 'careerists.'

So that's one form of the fall of Ol' 41. Science flunks him out. All we do is wait for a surge of STE. If Poppy B. could hold a sincere conviction, and stood up somewhere in Creationism, that's one misstep where he'd lose the thrall of the worshipful, and come out a societal laughingstock by the time Science got done with him. But B., and the MIC, are congenitally amoral; (which is Putin's observation giving him to prognosticate A US collapse for lack of strong Spirit encultured; the diagnosis by Chinese says ditto).

But another way to fall the tall tale, and something we can do to add punch, is to organize a shared vision, write our own Program for a New Us-the-Peeps Century - PNUPC.

There are about 3 voting blocs of Us, each polling over 60 percent public agreement.

-- Re-infrastructurers, (with subgroups in PeakOil, Climate Crisis, Internet-over-media, Localization, misc etc); and this is the absolute dictim for change.

-- Impeachers. This is political change.

-- Nine-Eleven truthers. This is cultural change.

What we can do is pick one to push through first, such that it brings the other two along.

If we go with the Oil/Food/Water/Health/anti-war crusade, Impeachment and Truth reconciliation are left out.

If we go with Impeachment, (it's a two-fer that also cleans Congress), that clears the way for Re-infrastructuring, but Truth reconciliation is left out.

If we go with Nine-Eleven truth, that coalitions Impeachment at the same time, and also collaborates with Re-infrastructuring our way out of PeakOil/etc since the furtherance of Oily MIC badness was B.'s motive in Nine-Eleven Op terrorizing.

The Nine-Eleven motive is mostly overlooked. But finding the motive is what convincingly fingers the culprit. And it's not money, although uncountable numbers are getting rich. And the motive was not passion or patriotism.

The motive for staging Nine-Eleven was to further the survival (extent) of Oil-livelihoods, MIC-economics, capitalism's Myth of Scarcity competition, and so on, with MIC emphasis on 'Military' ... being B.'s m.o. as he couldn't live without it.

So when we start joining everyone writing/marching/campaigning for Nine-Eleven truth, in order to get Impeachment and get Re-infrastructuring going, then what does that Nine-Eleven truth lead with, that everyone can agree in?

Conveniently: Science has the lead. (Science is what convicted O.J. in the public's mind, despite sports celebrity-lovers' reluctance -- the proof was in the DNA.)

This time, Nine-Eleven proof is in Action-and-Reaction physics. Which everyone already understands -- Action energy equals opposite Reaction energy. And STE has to support it, since it's Science, despite media imagery-lovers' reluctance. Science don't get no media now, so it's got nothing to lose in ending the USA-imagery era. Imagery does do good things for the Technology Elites, but they at least listen to reason.

And reason says, since the MIC is going on to annhilate more than half of all the Earthlings, the Tech-Elites are headed for manual labor, unless they get with the majority undoing the MIC desecration.

Alliance by alliance, in dozens of different accommodations, everyone can focus agreement on Nine-Eleven truth 're-culturization' as the one means to the most ends for the mostest majority. Besides, Earthlings are predisposed to know truth and understand life that way.

Nine-Eleven truth purpose, perfectly aligns with your article here, for instance, because it reveals Poppy B. is the mastermind mortal behind it. His earlier murders and perversions and corruptions -- and anti-social malignancy -- just adds supporting evidence, that him and his MIC ilk reached their cause's inevitable and ultimate inhuman depravity on one day, in one place, we all saw.

It helps convince minds to put a face on the cultural infamy, and Poppy as Poster-boy of Nine-Eleven everything, puts the post-war decades in perspective, with storyline and narrative and plot.

Writing and marching and campaigning need not be appealing to Congress, nor to Judicials, nor to the arbiters of power or money. Only make the case to the court of public opinion; go 'over the heads' of Congress, et al., and spell it out straight to the people: Poppy B. Public Enemy No. 1. 'You got a problem? It's his fault.'

Florida 2000? Nine-Eleven scorched Earth? Anthrax hysteric anxiety? Why, Poppy B. put his boy up to it. We're in Iraq because Poppy B. botched it the first time. Absolutely every event you look into, there's Poppy's face staring at you. (Len, you probably saw the photo of him in the scene of the JFK murder in Dallas. Feel how strong that is, to say the man who set up Nine-Eleven, earlier took part in the JFK case -- and here's the photos of him, with this caption paragraph on the back.)

Putting Nine-Eleven truth first in line, puts all the other crimes and pieces in place. The false Nine-Eleven Legend is the cornerstone of the whole edifice. Notice the dispute and (troll) resistance is maximum for that subject only. You put this article out indicting the Poppy's repute, and not a single paid troll came to argue. Same for Impeachment talk, and economic collapse talk, and out of Iraq talk, or any other talk, no trolls appear until the subject is Nine-Eleven.

Sheesh, I'm spent. Just sayin' ... I was glad to see you finger the Big Enchilada. It doesn't take much of this sort of thing -- 50, 500, 5000 influentials all honking the same horn together, and the walls will come tumblin' down.

George W.Bailey said...

Once again, a good article Len!

I guess they learned from the Kennedy assassination, right? Don't do it in broad daylight. Make it look like an an accident. The trouble is, the killers can never know enough about the victim's personal life to make it flawless and hence, leave clues behind. Such as in the death of Dorothy Killgallen, where she was found OD'd in the wrong bedroom, wearing the wrong bed clothes, with a book she had read two weeks earlier lying by her side. And the same trends are visible in the death of Sen. Wellstone and many others.

Unknown said...

Meremark said...

...all of the air assassinations as an m.o., connects to Poppy B. probably saw the photo of him in the scene of the JFK murder in Dallas.

Indeed, I did. As I recall, the big oil barons of Texas held a meeting 'out at the ranch' of Clint Murchison the night before their 'trigger men' would do the dirty deed.

The Warren Commission was several volumes of bullshit designed to shock and awe and leave in its wake a state of confusion. People need to learn how to exclude the superfluous and irrelevant bullshit! Even the so-called 'magic bullet' is a red herring. Eventually, it will be explained but as the 'magic bullet' DID NOT wound JFK fatally, it need not be explained initially. It's FLACK!

The FATAL WOUND resulted from a SINGLE shot from the front as the Zapruder film clearly shows. There is NO REASONABLE DOUBT about this best evidence of a conspiracy.

The so called 'magic bullet' was found on the WRONG gurney and had not even been fired EVER!

That bears repeating: the bullet that is said to have created some six or seven wounds in a circuitous path that defies physics, logic, common sense and credulity, was, in fact NEVER FIRED AT ALL!

Here's a picture of the 'magic bullet' --so called because it did all that damage without ever having been fired at all.

The PRISTINE 'Magic Bullet'

The ONLY fatal shot that was fired that day came from the grassy knoll. The trigger man's confession is consistent with EVERY verifiable fact and, because it is, it discredits a mountain of bullshit called the Warren Commission. Recently, it has been learned, that even Gerald Ford didn't believe the Warren Commission report.

George Bailey said...

I guess they learned from the Kennedy assassination, right? Don't do it in broad daylight. Make it look like an an accident. The trouble is, the killers can never know enough about the victim's personal life to make it flawless and hence, leave clues behind.

Actually, the CIA is not nearly as good as they think they are. If left to their own devices, they would have all been rounded up and executed for capital crimes a long time ago. Rather, than have partnered well. The CIA has been called a modern "Praetorian Guard" but that is a flattering assessment. They are just thugs in suits and not every good ones. Without the political power of someone like Bush Sr. protecting their expose flanks, it might have all been over a long time ago. Instead, the nation is delibertately betrayed, deceived, and led astray. The word for this is INSTITUTIONALIZED HIGH TREASON!

With some adequate funding, a THOROUGH inquiry, and the support of a smart, shrewd Federal Judge and Federal Grand Jury as well as the 'muscle' to defend against FELONY CRIMES of reprisal, a revolution might be effected with the apparatus of Federal Law.

Unknown said...

I thought they were busy defunding the police and fire departments...