Monday, September 08, 2008

How the GOP Turned the US Into a Hideous Police State

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

When laws become unjust, tyrannical and stupid, everyone becomes a terrorist. The GOP national convention is a picture of the continuing GOP police state. Otherwise peaceful demonstrators, exercising free speech guaranteed them by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, were arrested, roughed-up and jailed --accused of being terrorists! Under GOP supported laws, opposition to Bush is a 'terrorist' act. Patriot Act II --unconstitutional on its face --laid the ground work!

Like Hitler's enabling act, Patriot II made opposition to Bush an act of terrorism, giving Bush the 'authority' to define US obligations to the Geneva Convention as he saw fit. Those 'deemed' to be 'enemy combatants are, thus, prohibited from fighting back and, of course, 'fighting back', defending one's country, becomes an act of terrorism.


I have news for Bush: 'deeming' is not 'due process'! Due process --not 'deeming' --is given the full weight of law; it is guaranteed us in the US Constitution. Last time I checked, the U.S. Constitution is still the supreme law of the land! Last time I checked, mere 'presidents' could not, must not rule by decree.

At home, hot dogs, most police departments, self-appointed Bushies, have taken it all to heart in a wave of tasering --often fatal --that is rarely seen even in the US. More worrisome is that peaceful protesters are often arrested and charged with being 'terrorists'. It follows, that if one is deemed a 'terrorist' under the Patriot II, being an American citizen will not prevent your being water boarded. In other words, 'terrorism' is whatever Bush says is 'terrorism' and 'terrorism' is so vaguely defined that it is simply whatever Bush doesn't like.

The rule of law and Due Process mean absolutely nothing to this crooked, corrupt administration or to the GOP. Silence gives consent. John McCain has, therefore, signed off on tyranny! McCain represents Bush's 'third term'; therefore, Bush need not declare a national emergency to assume dictatorial powers. He exercises them already. The wholesale arrests of peaceful demonstrators is but the tip of an ice burg.

This wave of abuse proves that McCain's GOP, the Bush administration specifically, has turned the US into a fascist police state! Whenever you are 'deemed' by the Bush administration to be a 'terrorist', you can kiss the protections of the Constitution, and possibly your ass, good bye. The 'authorities' may deem the following acts as 'acts of terrorism:
  • Destruction of any property, which is deemed punishable by any means of the military tribunal's choosing.
  • Any violent activity whatsoever if it takes place near a designated protected building, such as a charity building
  • A change of the definition of "pillaging" which turns all illegal occupation of property and all theft into terrorism. This makes squatters and petty thieves enemy combatants.
In the wake of Patriot II, journalist Greg Palast has been hounded by Homeland Security, accused of giving terrorists information about 'US critical infrastructure' and film of Exxon's Baton Rouge refinery! This is information that they could have gotten with a google search and goggle earth! It's just an excuse to harass and intimidate a reporter.

There is a fascist chill in America. As I have often stated: Bushco (and that includes McCain/Palin) is a clear and present danger. Bush, his minions and his complicit supporters, are traitors who have betrayed the people of the US even as they work to subvert the Constitution, the Bill of Rights! The very 'rule of law' is replaced by decrees and Bush's signing statements.
(WSWS) -- On Wednesday eight members of the anarchist prof est group the Republican National Convention Welcoming Committee (RNCWC) were charged under provisions of the Minnesota a state version of the Patriot Act with “Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism.” The eight charged are all young, and could face up to seven-and-a-half years in prison under a provision that allows the enhancement of charges related to terrorism by 50 percent. They are: Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald and Max Spector.
--RNC in Twin Cities: Eight prof esters charged with terrorism under Patriot Act
In what appears to be the first use of criminal charges under the 2002 Minnesof a version of the Federal Patriot Act, Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.
Affidavits released by law enforcement which were filed in support of the search warrants used in raids over the weekend, and used to support probable cause for the arrest warrants, are based on paid, confidential informants who infiltrated the RNCWC on behalf of law enforcement. They allege that members of the group sought to kidnap delegates to the RNC, assault police officers with firebombs and explosives, and sabotage age airports in St. Paul. Evidence released to date does not corroborate these allegations with physical evidence or provide any of her evidence for these allegations than the claims of the informants. Based on past abuses of such informants by law enforcement, the National Lawyers Guild is concerned that such police informants have incentives to lie and exaggerate threats of violence and to also act as agent provocateurs in raising and urging support for acts of violence.
--Bruce Nestor, Information Clearing House, RNC 8 Charged as Terrorists Under State Patriot Act
Stupid, asinine and unjust laws make a mockery of our Constitution and the principles of our founding. The Patriot Act is the proto-type of these laws.
The charges represent an abuse of the criminal justice system and seek to intimidate any person organizing large scale public demonstrations potentially involving civil disobedience.
--Bruce Nestor, president of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
A country of hollow, self righteous showmen

Real violence is routinely trivialized by transparent attempts to put political views on 'trial'. This is un-patriotic and un-American. A prominent case involved Joe Previtera of Boston College. He was charged with felonies after he dressed up in a hooded Iraqi prisoner 'dress' as seen in the iconic Abu Ghraib torture photos. We are expected to believe that a man in a dress is a threat to dumb-ass grunts in a recruitment center. It took place in the Tremont St recruitment center in downtown Boston. The man --in fact no threat to anyone --was arrested, jailed; his bond set at $10,000.

Bush's police state have turned police into the Praetorian Guard for entrenched power and elite, monied interests. Only the naive believe that the various police forces throughout the nation take seriously their oaths to 'protect and serve'. Any intelligent citizen would wonder how how many 'cop shops' are directly controlled by Bush's 'Homeland Security".
...[it] Seems almost inarguable but it leads to lesser military effectiveness in a myriad of situations, but nowhere more than in anti-insurgency operations where the willingness of American troops to blow away civilians if there is even a miniscule chance that might make troops safer has actually lead to troops being less safe, because it has increased the number of people who have reason to want to kill American troops.
The US has an image of itself as a country of the brave. Perhaps George W. Bush was the perfect President for the US as it now is. A country of hollow, self righteous showmen. I certainly hope not, but --looking at McCain's polling numbers-- it may be so. In which case the US will get what it deserves --and Heaven Help the rest of us.
Certainly, there's a balance between foolhardiness and courage and between safety and responsibility. In US police enforcement that balance has skewed to the point where all a police officer needs to justify the shooting, the electrocution, the punching, the stomping, the battering of the citizens and visitors of this country is to state they were afraid for their safety.
That excuses all. The job of US Police Officers is to keep themselves safe. The citizenry do not matter. There is no longer any pretense that the police forces in the US are here to serve the community. They are in the business of control. They protect the very rich and powerful. We have come full circle to police as enforcers for the rich in a feudal-like system of economic serfs and masters.
-Authoritarian Police Forces we have in the US
The GOP has been taken over by Bush-like neo-nazis, particularly John McCain and his mentally constipated running-mate --Sarah Palin, a Stepford Wife on speed! Merely making plans to blockade traffic or disrupt the GOP is now considered to be 'terrorism'. This is absurd. Authorities say they want to put the defendants views on trial. I submit that it is time we put Bush, McCain, Palin views on trial. And later, war criminals are to be put on trial at the Hague.

It is time that the Bush administration be charged with violations of its own terrorist act. [See: CIA Leak May Violate Patriot Act ] It is time that Bush be charged with violations of US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441 . Those are capital crimes. It is time that Bush be charged for his own violations of Patriot Acts I and II. It is time that we held both Bush and McCain to their own standards. It is time that we expose the GOP to be the fascist, terrorist party in a nation that had been --at one time --free! See: The FBI Has Been Violating Your Liberties in Ways that May Shock You.

In the meantime, America's last growth industry is the surveillance of the domestic population. As home prices were taking a beating and GDP struggled, US government wiretaps remained bullish with 'eavesdropping' boasting an increase of 14 percent over 2006 levels. In 2007, some 4,580 state and federal wiretaps were OKd by judges. That's up from 4,015 in 2006.

State police applications for wiretaps were up 27% in 2007 over 2006. Ninety-four percent targeted cell phones. In 2007 --according stats released by the US Courts' administrator --state judges approved 1,751 criminal wiretap applications without turning any of them down. [See: report (.pdf).] That's about a three fold increase since 1997.
Tyrants Snooping on Americans (TSA) have installed a naked X-ray machine at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia.

"Whole body imaging" machines treat Security Screeners to a peep show featuring passengers' moles, scars, sores, sweat, nipples, and genitals. However, the scanners cannot see through plastic or rubber materials that resemble skin, Peter Siegel, a senior scientist at the California Institute of Technology, told USA Today. "You probably could find very common materials that you could wrap around you that would effectively obscure" weapons or bomb parts.

TSA snoops are already enjoying the naked X-rays at airports in Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, and Albuquerque. The peep show also travels to Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Miami this month.

--Naked X-Rays at More U.S. Airports
As the corrupt establishment abuses both law and its enforcement on behalf of a partisan position, the Taser is increasingly used against innocent citizens to injure, kill, or deprive them of their rights under the US Constitution. To insist upon treatment within the Constitution is often enough to enrage a hot dog who is out to prove he knows how to 'subdue' or use a Taser! What idiot doesn't?

The abuse of tasers has become epidemic, an outrage, a threat to the rule of law, an overt violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and, in many cases, it's use is a felony violation of US Codes, and state laws. It the worst cases, it is simply murder!

The epidemic of taser abuse is characteristic of fascist police states run riof when those sworn to uphold the law become not hing more than thugs and/or murderers.
We have serious concerns about the use of electro-shock devices in law enforcement, both as regards their safety and their pof ential for misuse. Portable and easy to use, with the capacity to inflict severe pain at the push of a button without leaving substantial marks, electro-shock weapons are particularly open to abuse, as our organization has documented in numerous cases around the world.

While in the United States police operate under professional standards,(8) we are concerned that many US police departments are using Tasers to subdue non-compliant or disturbed individuals who do not pose a serious danger to themselves or of hers. As our reports have documented, there are many cases where we believe use of Tasers has contravened international standards which require that police use force only when strictly necessary, in proportion to the threat posed, only for as long as the threat exists and in a manner designed to minimize pain or injury.
We have documented disturbing instances where we believe that Taser use has amounted to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment which is absolutely prohibited under international law. (Emphasis added)The UN Committee against Torture has called on the United States to deploy Tasers only as a non-lethal alternative to using firearms. We are particularly concerned about the capacity of Tasers to be used in close contact situations as a stun weapon – including in situations where individuals appear to be already effectively in custody – and to inflict repeated shocks over a relatively prolonged period. While we believe the drive-stun mode is especially open to abuse, we not e that in dart-mode also there have been instances of alleged abuse, with officers able to inflict repeated shocks once the darts have taken hold.
We are also concerned that Tasers are being widely deployed in the United States before the results of rigorous, independent and comprehensive testing of their safety and pof ential health risks.
--USA, Amnesty International’s concerns about Tasers: Statement to the US Justice Department inquiry into deaths in custody
The manufacture of tasers should be banned by law, their use made a felony, and the moronic hot dogs who get their jollies tasering folk should be locked up for life or, in those cases in which the victims dies, the taser freaks, taser crazy cops, should be charged with capital crimes, tried, found guilty and given a dose of Texas ol' sparky! Tasers have become a symptom of the modern police state --atrocity 'lite'.

A Shot Heard Round the World

It would appear that a 'shot heard round the world' had been fired. Bush/McCain, their minions and kiss up Nazi wannabes have thrown down the gauntlet. Simply --if you object to Bush's treasonous and arbitrary, unauthorized re-write of the US Constitution, you may be charged with terrorism. This administration is not behaving as if it plans to leave office at the end of the term.

Clearly --the Bush/McCain/GOP strategy is the strategy of brownshirts! A first step in this direction was taken in the year 2000 when GOP 'brownshirts' stormed recount rooms in Florida, physically attacking those who were counting the very votes that most certainly would have made Al Gore President of the United States. Had that happened, this nightmare of nearly eight years might have been avoided!

The GOP is NOT a Political Party --it's a crime syndicate, possibly a criminal cult! 

The GOP is a hate-filled pseudo party characterized by its thinly veiled bigotry, provincialism and eitism. There are lessons to be found in our recent past. The Civil Rights movement was an incipient revolution. Martin Luther King's 'dream' was a revolutionary manifesto. He was murdered! John F. Kennedy pledged "New Frontiers". Because JFK promised to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and abolish the oil depletion allowance, and, in other less dramatic ways, subvert the ruthless, selfish power of a tiny, un-elected elite, he was gunned down in the streets of Dallas, arguably the most conservative and reactionary city in America. I know who killed JFK! He was killed by those who later covered up their crimes as Bush covered the crime of 911. Only the guilty are motivated to cover up a crime. Only the guilty are motivated to lie about their crimes. Only the guilty will commit obstruction of justice and other crimes whose only purpose is the protection of the guilty. Only the guilty are so motivated.

Those who murdered JFK worked assiduously to propagate the mindless 'Warren Commission Report', a report whom no one of even modest intelligence believes. Innocent people have no crimes to cover up. The guilty, by contrast, always do. We know who JFKs killers were. It is because this crime is still covered up and the nation has not yet come to grips with the ugly beast that was unleashed that we are stuck with the likes of Bush, McCain, Palin and similar evil and repugnant ilk!
Where's the sense - where's the profit in all the artificial fear, all the hate and all the aggression? Recently they've begun to destroy the very instruments of dialogue and discussion. In their haste to attack Iraq, they destroyed the Atlantic Alliance, did major damage to the United Nations, and managed to severely wound the NATO alliance. How can they hope to triumph against such a background of belligerence and destruction? What's left to crush or threaten once we've finished declaring ourselves to be the Supreme Rulers of the World?
It turns out that most of the above has only been a side-show, an 'introductory video' of what will happen to the United States and to all its citizens if we should fail to comply with every command on the Bushwhacker's hit list of rights to be taken, property to be stolen, or dreams to be denied. It seems there is a plan beneath all this after all.
This little nightmare called FEMA - The Federal Emergency Management Agency - was brought to us by Richard Nixon. And over the years each consecutive president has contributed to its continuing health and viability - until we got to '41,' bullyboy's daddy. GWH Bush saw to it that this weapon against the people was armed and ready - the only thing not in place was a sufficient excuse to implement it.

What exactly is FEMA, in terms of its powers, once it is activated?
"EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President - Congress cannot review the action for six months."
A complete explanation is here:
Then came the events of 9-11. Here was the beginning of the real possibility to make the transition from a science fiction fantasy to living reality.
To facilitate the onset of civil unrest in the United States, a number of actions by the executive branch of government have been undertaken with the complicity and collusion of both the Congress and the courts under the direction of a loosely defined coalition of the eager that involves both the USA and a faction of extremists within the government of Israel. All of this is being financed by you and me through the monetary choices we have allowed this government to make since the ascension of the Bush Crime Family to their executive posts in Washington D.C.
--The Fema Plan to Kill America
Our strategy in response is this: we will put the Bush/McCain 'dictatorship' on trial! We will organize to challenge in court every unlawful arrest! We will organize to file class action lawsuits seeking millions against all corporations that have materially supported and, in other ways, facilitated this police state and its attentdent atrocities upon the American people and the world!

We will organize to boycott the MSM and its sponsors. We will shop and buy green! We will peacefully obstruct and oppose! We will throw a spanner into the works and gum up the evil machine. When millions are so motivated, the underpinnings of this dictatorship of less than one percent of the nation will collapse. The whole rotten edifice will come crashing down! We will wage revolution and win!

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Anonymous said...

If you're old enough to remember the stories coming out of the news back in the 1960's and 1970's, you'll recall the horror stories coming out of what was then the former USSR.

Stories that would play on the nightly news about communist goon squads, busting down people's doors, Russians being dragged of out bed in the middle of the night to some god-forsaken black site prison and how any form of dissent was immediately jumped on and the protesters beaten and or shot, and rounded up to be sent to jail.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the USSR back then and the USSA now?

Cops in St. Paul were busting down people's doors at night, sometimes without a search warrant, dragging people off to unknown locations.

The kids being arrested were beaten, threatened with violence and arrested on trumped up charges.

Kids in the street were tear-gassed, had flash bang devices and stun grenades tossed at them, all for the crime of wanting to protest as is their right accorded to them in the US Constitution.

Please, please, someone explain to me the difference?

Unknown said...

Greg Bacon said...

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the USSR back then and the USSA now?

I think you hit the nail on the head. As I used to say: if my rights are to be violated what difference does it make to me whether it is done by Bush or by Hitler?

If I am to be spied on and surveilled wherever I go, what difference does it make to me whether it is done by Bush or by Stalin!

The US is finished UNLESS it can PURGE the nation of the GOP plague.

tiago said...

I believe the GOP had a lot of help subverting our Constitution from so called ‘Democrats’. Two of those ‘Democrats’ are from my home state; Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. I’ve come to believe there is little or no difference between the two parties any more. A crook is a crook whatever you call them.
My main concern is Blanche Lincoln. She is the Senator from my District. I’ve e-mailed her numerous times and get back such inane form letters that all I accomplished was a rise in my blood pressure.
Concerning the passage of both Patriot Acts; ‘The police need these additional powers to fight terrorism here in the United States.’
Concerning Bush signing statements; ‘Like you, I believe it is imperative that the President of the United States play by the rules. As the leader of our country, he must live up to the ideals and values that we, as a nation, hold so dear. And, as a member of Congress, it is my duty to provide a check on the executive branch to ensure that the President is performing his duties in line with his constitutional responsibilities.’
Concerning the aggression against Iraq; ‘More than four years ago, Congress gave the President authority to order U.S. military forces into Iraq. Since that time, our troops have performed their mission with incredible bravery, precision and skill in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Because of their sacrifice, we have seen a popularly elected government replace a ruthless dictator. And we have seen a democratic Constitution – approved by the Iraqi people – replace authoritarian rule.’
These are just three examples. All are an insult to my intelligence. The last particularly so; There were no free elections in Iraq at any time since the US invasion and the Constitution was written by the neo-cons and foisted off on the Iraqis.

SadButTrue said...

Greg Bacon: I've been thinking the same thing myself for some time. Bringing tyranny to America under the guise of fighting tyranny is a process that has been going on for a long time. It will go down in history as the biggest bait and switch of all time.

Anonymous said...

You said "......The US is finished UNLESS it can PURGE the nation of the GOP plague.........".

It seems, according to the polls, that Mr and Mrs America are about to elect another Republican to succeed George Bush. So they obviously like the GOP.

The fact is that Mr and Mrs America voted George Bush into office not just once, but twice, and with a bigger plurality the second time around.

So the likes of Mr and Mrs America won't likely vote for Barack Obama this November, in the way they were never likely to vote for John Kerry and Al Gore. Mr and Mrs America, it seems, have never gone for candidates who are, like, THOUGHTFUL.

So they'll get the president they deserve - John McCain, who uncannily read their psyches, and picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sarah will turn out to have been a brilliant choice.

Unknown said...

Christopher said...

You said "......The US is finished UNLESS it can PURGE the nation of the GOP plague.........".

It seems, according to the polls, that Mr and Mrs America are about to elect another Republican to succeed George Bush. So they obviously like the GOP.

Welcome back, Chris.

I hope the polls are wrong. In terms of my 'hopes' for America, those 'hopes' are, in fact, my last hopes.

McCain --Bush's third term --will finish off Democracy. This may be difficult to believe --but McCain is an even bigger liar than Bush and as much a threat.

I am always open to miracles.

Anonymous said...

We didn't win the cold war; they just transferred their operations to the USA. Remember 1980 and the USSR was in Afghanistan? Well, guess who's in Afghanistan now. The same filth that was running the USSR(bolshevik Jews) are now running the US after their false-flag coup on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Comment for "How the GOP Turned the US Into a Hideous Police State"

Dear Mr. Len Hart,

As I read through your chilling summation of what's presently transpiring in the real America that most Americans still do not get to see and hear, I feel no sense of gloat or satisfaction; only intense frustration at what this beautiful country has been so very very predictably turned into. It is incoherent to blame it upon the GOP alone. The GOP/RNC represents the same ruling interests as the DEM/DNC. They have the same common financiers and power-wielders, policy-planners and think-tankers - surely you know all this already. Both presidential platforms represent the same "imperial mobilization" agendas. They differ only cosmetically at best, and perhaps a bit in temporal tactics if at all.

None of what you detail is at all a surprise - it was predicted the day FBI visited my home in search of some "terrorist", an experience I detail in the first part of my book; and the basis of whatever you have described by scouring all those current newspaper and eyewitness reports, is in the second part of my book. This was in 2003, on the eve of Iraq's invasion. At that time, maximum weekend protest size in America by any reasonable estimate, was less than half a million - and then it was back to work in pursuit of the "American dream". Today, the protests are far smaller, any mass mobilization non-existent. Whence your optimism: "When millions are so motivated, the underpinnings of this dictatorship of less than one percent of the nation will collapse."? That is like Etienne de La Boetie platitudinously observing in his famous discourse on Voluntary Servitude in 1552 A.D.: "Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces." Yet, not much has happened. Tyrants abound in all times as people allow them in all times. The Ten Commandments were surely enough to end all injustices in the world 3000 years ago! Yet we still have the 'ubermenschen' who remain "beyond good and evil". Platitudes are no match for devilish political science. It is only astute political science that can counter, with any efficacy, Machiavelli and Orwell, Brzezinski and Kissinger, Huxley and the opiate of the "American Dream".

Here are a few excerpts from my 2003 book which might sound like "I told you so five years ago". However that's not the purpose. Rehearsing these passages here is only meant to reflect the idea that "self-interest" is a major motivation for anyone, including the "United We Stand" Americans who have principally enabled the "imperial mobilization" of their nation. It was an intimate understanding of that basic principle which led to the creation of the false-flag pretexts (911, wmd, "imminent threat to domestic well-being", another 911, ...) that could bring forth that desired enabling response from the public. And unless "self-interest" is impacted, there will only be silence, acquiescence, and complacency from a peoples who are too far removed from the mayhem overseas to care. The economic depression, bankruptcies, and high cost of living is slowly tickling that "self-interest", but not fast enough to get a people mobilized. I humbly suspect that the biggest mobilizer for the American masses may be the North American Union. Until the crises which finally enables its construction, there will be no efficacy in dissent. Prepare for that crises, for only then, will the large mass of patriotic Americans standing at the brink of losing their beloved country to some bizarre union, have their patriotic self-interest sufficiently awakened to prevent it. That would be the time at which a precariously balanced game of domestic mobilization for dissent can possibly succeed in order to protect America from its real hijackers - if ever at all. Some ideas from chapter-7 in my book may still be useful towards that end.

Excerpt from "Prisoners of the Cave" 2003

From Part-I

"I felt that just the fact that they had knocked on my door and no one else's in the neighborhood, was racial profiling and a presumption of guilt on their part, and a very intimidating moment for me because now I was going to have psychological problems about door knocks and door bells. And I also worried that my questioning them about their right to do so might lead them to think that I was trying to hide something. So I explained out loud to them that while I had nothing to hide, there was no reason for them to be suspicious at my wanting to assert my rights. I was living in a country which did accord me such rights, which is why I was living here and not elsewhere in the first place. I lectured them that it was unfair that they had their periscopes drawn on the Muslim community, that despite this "war on terrorism", innocent until proven guilty was a fundamental edict of this nation and cannot be wiped away by the Patriot Act 1, intrusive and obnoxious though it may be. And I even cautioned them, just in case they were not aware - few people are, of the looming Patriot Act 2 which is far more insidious and dangerous proposal for all US citizens and would impact them and their children and grandchildren far more than it would impact me, since I am not a citizen. I told them the story of the proverbial frog which can easily jump out of instant hot water and escape, but not from the reassuring warmth of gradually heated luke-warm water whose temperature is raised slowly to a boiling point, one civil liberty at a time, until there is no escape, only Fascism. They just stared at me, perhaps confounded by my spontaneous burst of outspokenness. Perhaps they had not expected such a reception, perhaps they were usually accustomed to the acquiescence of people they had been visiting up to that time, and had not thought about any of these issues as they carried out their normal course of duties. Like it used to be in Germany!"

" My attorney later told me that the first FBI agent called him up in response to his letter, and much after this second visit by Homeland security, identified himself as an FBI agent, and told him that it was a purely “voluntary” questioning they wanted to do of me. When my attorney informed him that I was quite keen on clearing up any misunderstandings they might have but that I would like my attorney to be present, the FBI agent said he did not see any point in interviewing me if an attorney was to be present, and just hung up!

In other words, if I have legal representation, they leave me alone! They only want to interrogate me if I don't have legal representation! And they don't even inform me that it is voluntary when they first come to visit and instead tell me that my name had loosely matched some terrorist they were hunting down! So much for the State's Security apparatus upholding the public's civil rights in good faith! My knowing and insisting on my rights because of the brochure that NLG had handed out was instrumental in defeating their design of interrogating me without legal representation - or so it appears for the moment. Only for the moment however, as they can always interrogate one at airports, especially on arrival from overseas. In the guise of making immigration checks, they are regularly putting Muslims through a barrage of unjustified questioning and there are no lawyers present then."

" Wake up sleeping and complacent America!

It may have started with the Muslims, but it will not end there. You might be next. Fascism usually starts against a minority group, because it is easier to tolerate since it is only happening to those “damn Arabs” - not to us - how did our oil get under their sand anyway? But the laws that are getting on the books in the persecution of the minority, tend to stay there for a long time. If not you, then your children will surely pay the price. Are the Bill of Rights so trivial that you can stay silent? If not for reasons of compassion for another, then at least for the logic of self preservation, do not let this injustice prevail.

It will be of no compensation when several Ph.D. theses will be written by the succeeding generations about why and how their parents' generation could remain so silent, as a once democratic country with such lofty ideals, slowly descended into a Fascist state within, and the world's most barbaric imperial power outside. All the warning signs are plain to see, their designs even documented by the imperial perpetuators themselves, if only one can read. The images of reality pleadingly tell the truth - if only one is allowed to see them.

If we, all of us, do not arm ourselves with knowledge and critical thinking now, and don't exercise our Constitutional rights in publicly challenging the injustices done in our name, it might indeed be too late by the time we do finally wake up, when they would dare knock on anyone's front door, not just the Muslims. And no rights left to legally protest! Countless would have paid the price for our privilege of writing remorseful theses, soul searching books, sorrowful poetry, and sheepish apologies, in the future - yet again."

From Part II, Chapter-5,

"Why are Muslims under attack?

Let's return to the favorite question of this essay, the 'why', and ask, why is this happening to the Muslims in the US at this time, and why now? The malevolence for Islam in the hearts of the bigoted fanatics is nothing new. Then why all of a sudden is it finding this virulent expression? Doesn't the US already have its hands full with battles of conquest overseas? Commonsense would dictate that they should not take on domestic problems at the same time. Furthermore, ZB's framework has nothing to do with religion, it is all about resource, economic, and political hegemony. So why target the entire 6 - 8 million Muslims living peacefully in this country and make them objects of FBI investigations, map out their mosques, interview their members, monitor their communications and their finances, take down their credit card numbers, examine their wallets upon exit and ingress into the country, and who knows what else they are doing? Perhaps the government is thinking, that surely the Muslims have the motive, aren't we bombing their people, they will react and do something criminal and terroristic, and we have to protect the good people of the United States?

First of all, there is an adequate statistical sampling of terrorists and criminals in every ethnic group in America, including the majority, their most infamous one being Tim McVeigh. What about Alqaeeda, maybe some of them are really hiding in the mosque? If they were, the government would know exactly who they are and what their phone number and SS numbers is, because remember they trained them. The testimony provided by an ex. US official of the US embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia is quite telling. I heard him on Pacifica, describing how he was a visa officer and he would get these strange type of people applying for US visas in Saudi Arabia, from all different parts of the Arab world. Upon being asked the usual questions why they wanted to visit America, they would say strange things like: to attend a technical conference, and upon further inquiry have no clue about that subject area. So he would reject their visa application. Having rejected one too many visas, he was called up before his superiors and told to give out the visas regardless! So he issued the same people US visas the next time they visited, after already having rejected them the first time as dubious customers! Later he figured out these were the CIA operatives recruited from around the world and trained in the US for various "freedom fighting" activities. Their identities, mug shots, finger prints, dental profiles, DNA profiles, urine samples etc. are probably all on record with the government. It was reported that the CIA/FBI even had an informant working within the inner circles of the hijackers of 9/11 for what that's worth. Suffice it to say, the government is not really looking for terrorists in the mosques any more than they are looking for them in synagogues, or churches, or temples.

Stifling activist dissent is the real reason

Okay, what is the answer? Muslims of America make a very convenient fifth column to be vigilant against, to be investigated and dug out of their mosques, requiring new laws for surveillance and new powers for security agencies. To successfully deploy this, any and all confluence of interests are being employed, including the hatred and arrogance of the ultra right-wing Christian fanatics who seek Armageddon to get closer to Jesus.

How convenient! Muzzling the dissent of the very vocal minority of brave activists, and the likes of Daniel Ellsberg that might rise up to challenge the oppression and destruction of innocent people around the world in the process of executing this American global conquest, would require some draconian measures. Why? In order to curb their civil rights and create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation so that they would not be vocal in their protests, lest they are able to successfully mobilize and dethrone the emperor! Well the persecution of the "fictitious fifth columnist" is conveniently giving the perpetuators of world conquest the much needed despotic laws to control and contain any sort of public outrage.

These oppressive laws via the USA Patriot Act 1 passed by Congress in the wake of 9/11 without any debate, and now its even more oppressive successor Patriot Act 2 waiting in the wings for an opportune time, and the concomitant erosion of civil liberties, is really intended for the rest of the US population, and not so much for any "fictitious danger" from the "fictitious fifth columnists".

It is a preemptive strike at domestic dissent, consistent with the doctrine of preemptive strike at imperial targets abroad. Both are part of the same foreign policy agenda, as per ZB's “Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”*7

Test this hypothesis yourself. How much danger are the Muslims to the state in the prosecution of their global hegemonic plans, and how much danger are the activists? In fact, any terrorism done by any Muslim in the US would play right into the hands of the state, now wouldn't it? But a Daniel Ellsberg or two leaking out privileged information from the “inside” like the infamous “Pentagon Papers”, that can provide concrete evidence of lying and deceit of the kind impeachments are made of, difficult to wriggle out from, can put a quick stop to the grandiose expansion plans of the state, now couldn't it? Or a mass mobilizations against the war as witnessed during Vietnam might awaken the real sleeping giant, the good hearted but dormant public, mightn't it? Richard Nixon, October 15, 1969, inside the White House, talking to Henry Kissinger, while a million people protesting outside the White House, briefly contemplates dropping an atomic bomb on Vietnam, but allows sanity to prevail because of his fear of what the million marchers might do to him.*8"

Zahir Ebrahim

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Zahir Ebrahim! More power to you. I think the visa officer you refer to may be Michael Springman (also here).

You are right about the CIA liasing with al Qaeda operatives. Ali Mohammed (also here) was an al Qaeda insider. For over ten years he trained Islamic jihadists for all the main attacks inside the US – the first WTC bombing, 9/11, the attacks in Somalia and Kenya. He trained most of al Qaeda’s top leadership – including Bin Laden and Zawahiri. But that’s not the whole story. Mohammed was a former officer in the Egyptian army’s military intelligence unit who in the 1980s cross-trained with the US Green Berets. Around 1984 he apparently became a CIA agent while an agent of Al Qaeda. He moved to the US in 1985 and obtained citizenship. He then joined the US Army and served as a drill sergeant until 1989 - simultaneously offering clandestine military and demolition training to some of the perpetrators of the 1993 WTC bombing. He was al Qaeda’s spy within the US military. Mohammed was arrested in 1998, but released from prison on the direct orders of US attorney general Gonzalez. Why the special treatment? Ali Mohammed is a walking 9/11 Commission, the story you’ll never hear.

There is also author Peter Lance's fascinating account of FBI links to the early jihadist attackers: the Lincoln Tunnel bombing and the 1993 attack on the WTC. (Also here).

Lance relates how in 1989 a crack FBI team was surveilling Islamic terrorists from an MAK (al Qaeda precursor) centre in Brooklyn. On four separate weekends they photographed them do automatic weapons training on Long Island.Three of the guys photographed went on to bomb the World Trade Center. One (Nosair) went on to kill Rabbi Kahane, two went on to plot with the Blind Sheikh (Omar Abdel Rahman) to blow up tunnels around Manhattan - which included the FBI office at 2600 Federal Plaza - and the leader of the group, Ali Mohammed, went on to train Bin Laden's bodyguards in Afghanistan and did the surveillance work for the African Embassy bombings in 1998. They were part of a veritable who's who of Egyptian islamic terrorists present in the US in 1989 who later played senior roles in al Qaeda activities.

Two of the guys photographed and surveilled by the FBI were Mahmud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh who took part in the 1993 WTC attack.

According to Lance this FBI surveillance was mysteriously shut down in 1989.

The next story Lance relates is about the assassination in New York on 5 Nov 1990 of US orthodox rabbi and radical Israeli terrorist, Meir Kahaneby, carried out by one of the MAK group, El Sayyid Nosair (later convicted of the 1993 WTC bombing). That night the NYPD and the FBI raided Nosair's house and found 47 boxes of evidence which included: 1400 rounds of ammunition, top secret manuals from the U.S. Special Forces Warfare school in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, maps of the World Trade Center, pictures of the World Trade Center, bomb recipes and the untranslated sermons and writings describing the Blind Sheikh's sermons which said that they wanted to hit the edifices of capitalism -- "the high world buildings."

The NYPD detective in charge, Joseph Borelli, determined that this was a "lone gunman" shooting. They also arrested in the house Mahmud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh - the two guys photgraphed by the FBI team in 1989 using automatic weapons, who just happened to be the getaway car drivers for Nosair when he did the hit!

Since the police had decided it was a "lone gunman" shooting, they released them without charge!

That was in 1990!

Anonymous said...

@Zahir Ebrahim,

Your comment is without a doubt the most intelligent I've read on this Existentialist Cowboys Blog!

Thank You.

It's also the reason why I like this blog so much, Len Hart stirs up, with an incredible amount of information, the few (seeing and reading the amount of comments compared to several other blogs) who seem open and honest and thoughtfull enough to participate in, what seems to me, a humanitary-historical discussion, only to be compared with " The Age Of Voltaire "!(book by Will and Ariël Durant)

Len Hart truly states that the GOP has become/is a criminal/political conspiracy, wich has without a doubt something/a-lot to do with his own feelings and experiences about the grand betrayal of the GOP/Neo-Cons as an Republican Institution. Scott Ritter, Gore Vidal and Ron Paul seem to me to be in the same state of mind when it comes to the real " REPUBLICAN VALUES " wich 'once upon a time in the West' were created by, it now seems, giants of U.S. representative and democratic state-building and responsebility in the 18th and 19th century.

The one thing I doubt in Len Harts vision about the U.S. political system (a blind spot maybe?) is his portrayal of the GOP as the only great evil in U.S. politics. While the Dems, Clinton and now Obama were/are in fact persisting on a like-wise Global-Dominance, and Democrat Leader Pelosi resisting/blocking any/all arguments to impeach the Maffioso murderous criminal Bush bunch that rules the U.S. policies abroad and at home today.

By now we all know what Obama's/Biden's intensions are in the Middle East, and for that matter the Caspian/Caucasus region, whoever gets elected as president in November, for the World at large it'll mean more of the same U.S. TERROR, with over 700 military basis around the Globe to spread it from. My personal (only) hope as an European is, that The U.S. of A shall meet such a economical collapse that Israël/AIPAC loses its U.S. money/military subsidies and with it its megalomane/racist/gripe, wich cripples all proper humane solutions towards peace. I'm not sure about China or Russia, but seeïng/knowing theyr geo-political agenda, they're in no position to escalate the U.S. Foreign Policy Insanity wich they know to be a prospect for a total degradation and a probable end to humanity.

Europe was and is today utterly and totally useless in geo-political-matters, its face-less non-moral-non-committant stance is purely financial/economic driven, Sarkozy may seem some leader now in the Georgian/Russian conflict, but in my book of (European/World)leaders he's next to Italy's Maffia-Berlusconi, not even to speak about The Dutch (I'm Dutch) government right now, wich is merely abusing the separation of church and state under the fundamentalist christian Prime Minister Peter Balkenende, who could'nt connect with ordinairy people if his life depended on it.

Keep up the good work and thank you all for your personal insights in a very troubled World.

Jacob Roodenburg.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your very welcome post. I apologize for the comment moderation --but, of late, I am just not in the mood to tolerate the spam, personal attacks and 'sponsored' propaganda disseminated by trolls. Hope you understand.

You wrote:

It's also the reason why I like this blog so much, Len Hart stirs up, with an incredible amount of information, the few (seeing and reading the amount of comments compared to several other blogs) who seem open and honest and thoughtful enough to participate in, what seems to me, a humanitary-historical discussion, only to be compared with " The Age Of Voltaire "!(book by Will and Ariël Durant)

I have, in the past, paid homage to Voltaire --his Chateau in Ferney, France and his Geneva residence which is now a scholar's museum. Visits are by appointment only. Inside, I was allowed to 'peruse' Voltaire's original letters in his own hand.

I would also like to thank Zahir Ebrahim for the great post. When I am less pressed for time, I will hope to post the reply that it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cowboy,

I do not know where in heaven or hell or on Earth you get the energy from, but I do know you matter a great deal when it comes to 'giving' this World today (since we're on the internet) a whole lot of information!(wich I descretely check-out of-course!)

I realy do hope, and you prommessed such, that you would go-into further in-to the psycho(ana)logical aspects, wich you in your earliar post on Jung gave way to be more public.

Maybe the above mention is in some-way cryptic, but you know what I mean.

I hope you do wel dear Cowboy and that you know where to graze the herd when the rain falls, it is, to beautifull to ignore!

And please, please, take care of yourselves!



And PS. There's no problem whatsoever from me, understanding your way of preventing all kind of "reversal-creativity" in the form of ignorance!

But on the other side, it would/could be usefull to readers of your blog to experiënce the depraveness of morons, and the freedom of speach.

Have a good day sir.


Unknown said...

Jacob sez...

But on the other side, it would/could be usefull to readers of your blog to experiënce the depraveness of morons, and the freedom of speach.

Indeed! I enjoy a good debate. Tragically, some issues can no longer be debated rationally. The best example is '911' which has been made sacrosanct seemingly by decree. Indeed, by law, if Bush does not like what you say about '911' you may be merely 'deemed' to be a terrorist and, by decree, you are one.

That has not kept me from slamming the official conspiracy theory whenever I get a chance. But it has polarized the exchange such that real debate about it is not possible.

A simple example is the issue of 'burden of proof'. In a rational society, the 'burden of proof' may be summed up thus: those who assert must prove. Bush 'asserted' a 'theory' for which he has provided no evidence, let alone proof. Yet --I am called a traitor for daring to point out that there is NOT A SHRED of evidence in support of any proposition put forward by Bush at any time. Indeed, the story has even morphed over time.

There is NO EVIDENCE to believe that al Qaeda --if it exists at all --had anything to do with 911.

Al Qaeda, literally, means 'the base', a creation of the US CIA in Afghanistan during that nation's war with the old Soviet Union. It has no other existence beyond that. Many of the 'images' of bin Laden are faked; others are of various people. The most infamous 'bin Laden', the bin laden of the tape released following the 911 attacks, is clearly NOT bin Laden, or at least not the tall, slim and almost emaciated bin Laden of earlier images.

Bin Laden is the creation and brain child of the CIA, MI6, MI5 and possibly Mossad. It's all bullshit and lies.

There is NO EVIDENCE than any of the said hijackers every board any of the said planes on 911. It was not only the BBC, but The Telegraph and other media who interviewed many of the hijackers after they were 'said' to have died on 911.

In short, 911 is an absurd cover story for which there is not a shred of hard or circumstantial evidence at all.

'911' is a form of induced mass psychosis. And there is simply no point is trying to debate with a lunatic or those who deliberately choose to remain ignorant.

Anonymous said...


Source url:

A followup comment to Project Humanbeingsfirst's response above by someone noted the following helpful citations:

" I think the visa officer you refer to may be Michael Springman.

You are right about the CIA liasing with al Qaeda operatives. Ali Mohammed (also here) was an al Qaeda insider. For over ten years he trained Islamic jihadists for all the main attacks inside the US

There is also author Peter Lance's fascinating account of FBI links to the early jihadist attackers: the Lincoln Tunnel bombing and the 1993 attack on the WTC. "

While the above citations attempt to explain away the facts of collusion between the State's intelligence apparatus and their manufactured terrorists as either “blowback”, “incompetence”, or “double-triple cross”, etceteras, the real fact of the matter is that due to sophisticated compartmentalization of covert-ops with clever red herrings planted to manage “plausible deniability” across the board, many governmental agencies and different groups within the same agency are deliberately provided different views and different micro marching orders under which they each operate. This creates a fantastic, independently functioning – with well defined responsibilities and interfaces which effectively limit one's charter and operational purview – cohesive distributed system under a common framework and common overarching agenda. As a systems architect well versed in managing complexity, this is how I would compartmentalize the structure of any step-wise “imperial mobilization” planning and execution when deception is required to be the primary modus operandi. The evidence of recent “imperial” history suggests that this is also how a State does it – as also captured in the pithy statement of a former Director of the CIA: “Deception is the state of mind, and the mind of the State”!

The covert-ops of 911, a deliberate and precision “inside job”, masterfully planned, superbly orchestrated, and devilishly camouflaged for various well-intentioned patsies chartered to perform only their limited and routine “daily jobs”, just like the visa officer ordered to issue visas without being told anything else, is how very large and complex political science driven operations in the modernity du jour are managed. The fact that the visa officer was compromised when he was ordered by his bosses against his “routine judgment”, and then lived to narrate it quite prominently, is an anomaly in the same way as Daniel Ellsberg living beyond the “Pentagon Papers” is an anomaly. Was this so as a planned red herring designed to be spun by a well-intentioned patsy honestly telling his tell all-tale? After all, look at the impact: the visa officer, like Pacifica's Democracy Now, did contribute to all the gratuitous theories of 911, from “incompetence” to “blowback”, except the very fundamental and truthful one – “inside job”! To my recollection of years of listening to Democracy Now until I stopped, I have not heard Amy Goodman entertain the only scientific as well as forensically tenable explanation, that 911 was an inside job!

This is why, in order to understand modernity, especially for un co-opted journalists, historians, scholars, and any conscionable people trying to make sense of contemporaneously unfolding 'future-history', one has to be quite sophisticated and quite well-read in political science (deception based social control), military science (when 'hardwar' is involved as in perpetual war favored by neo-conservatives and other unilateral terror advocates), economics (when 'softwar' is involved as in neo-liberalism and exercising hegemony through the debt trap), and in the history of covert and black-ops which are subsequently typically blamed upon patsies, dupes, and the 'lone gun-man' when successful, or comes unraveled. To the extent that those erudite pundits in the Western hemisphere who ought to know better but remarkably don't, and fortuitously for 'empire', mainly end up perpetuating the 'dialectics of deception', well – please see Project Humanbeingsfirst's report “Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science”. The hallmark of such scholarship is to retain the one or more basic core-lies as axiomatic, while spinning all possible and plausible alternatives in order to cater to any and all proclivities of the masses, from the simpleton to the sophisticated.

In order to ameliorate these matters, in Project Humanbeingsfirst's view, all credentialled journalists must minimally acquire graduate degrees in political science and political history, just as all credentialled medical doctors must minimally have an MD in order for each to demonstrate minimal competence in their respective chosen profession before being permitted to practice on their respective trusting patients! That competence by itself is not a sufficient condition, but surely an axiomatically necessary one, for the 'freedom of the press' to mean anything useful. See Chapter 7 of “Prisoners of the Cave” for other necessary conditions, and Chapters 4 and 6 for related matters that need to be effectively countered, in order to create a useful 'fourth pillar of democracy' in a genuine Republic.

The following books shed further light on these complex contemporary matters from the devilish political science perspective: Daniele Ganser's NATO's Secret Army, Edward Luttwak's Coup d'État, Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror, and John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Secret History of the American Empire.

Which scholar and journalist in the entire Western world has employed lessons of history to unravel current affairs? Look for those who have retained the core-lie of 911 being an invasion from abroad, to eliminate the vast majority – and that includes my own teacher and mentor, “arguably the most important intellectual alive”, Noam Chomsky!

See Chapter 2 and 5 of “Prisoners of the Cave” for a discussion of this inexplicable failure to employ history and political science by world famous gadflies, Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk. The latter with even a Ph.D. in political science. And who of course does not know the 1001 books the former has so prolifically penned about the 'rogue state'! Neither demonstrates that they are at all aware that deception exists as a manifest component of rational political science and all history of “imperial mobilization” of which they have themselves written much about, that governments lie, and that bigger the lie, harder it is to disbelieve by a gullible public. They both willingly, and trivially, accepted, and continue to accept, the Pentagon's version of whodunit. Neither asked how the hell could it have realistically been done by the officially identified patsies, and both went off on their respective rehash of “why” Bin Laden dunit! With no prominent intellectual daring to challenge it as such, each has participated, according to their measure, in prolonging the death and agony of the victims who fell, and continue to fall, to the merciless “shock and awe” due to the enabling false-flag operation of 911. This includes the victims of “all the evil that followed”, the blame for which also manifestly accrues to the first “shock and awe”, and to all those silent and complicit bystanders who did not attempt to challenge the enabling core-lie upon which it was all based, and especially to those who reinforced it in the guise of dissent!

The laws on the books in the United States, as in the European Union, are now constructed such that in the near future, if the State so desires, challenging the narrative of any 'official history', will land one in jail. The pretext will be 'it is a hate-crime because it hurts the feelings of the bereaved families of the victims buried under the rubble of 911'.

Another un-glamourous “I told you so” moment of 'future-history' now being trivially foretold. The GOP/DEMS will equally participate in bringing this 'Hideous Police State' to fruition with the active support of the 'left' and the 'right', the rabble and the righteous – and then, all will, once again, act 'surprised'! See a more detailed analysis of this combined role, with full willingness of both Houses of the Congress, and the intellectuals, in Project Humanbeingsfirst's report: “Impeachment alone does not solve the problem!”.

Project Humanbeingsfirst humbly salutes those ordinary plebeians (without meaning to be self-serving), who without any fancy titles or credentials, and those tiny handful of un co-opted intellectuals and un-embedded journalists and academics, all of whom have together endeavored to forensically see past the 'puppet shows' from the very beginning. Despite never having learnt how to astutely use political science to affect change, nor how to get off a treadmill, such 'Socrates', may yet, one day, still prevail provided they finally learn the art of efficacy.

Please see the source url under Postscript in order to access all the embedded links in this response.

Thank you.
Zahir Ebrahim

Anonymous said...